17th Jaguar Regulars (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
Seventeenth Jaguar Regulars
Disbanded 3059 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Psi Galaxy


The 17th Jaguar Regulars was a second line Cluster of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Post Tukayyid[edit]

The Cluster was stationed on Byesville in 3054, [1]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Operation Bird Dog[edit]

  • Byesville - As part of this clandestine campaign a company sized unit from the 1st Amphigean Light Assault Group Regiment dropped onto the planet in May 3059. The Seventeenth were still dealing with this threat when the main assault of Wave Two hit the planet. [2]

Wave Two[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

  • Garstedt - When the attack came they offered only token resistance before retreating off planet.[4] Leaving Trinary Echo to fight a delaying action in the Thuringen Mountains in August in order to buy time for both Clusters to retreat. Holding the Nurnburg Canyon for four hours against an entire regiment of Inner Sphere troops, they were only dislodged when a light company from the Ryuken-go was able to circle behind them. Only two Clan warriors survived this epic battle.[5][6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 17th Jaguar Regulars

Other Officers[edit]


Considering the action on Garstedt defensive actions appear to be a speciality.

Composition History[edit]


Alpha Assault Star (5 OmniMechs and 2 Elemental Points)
Gamma Battle Star (5 OmniMechs and 2 Elemental Points)


A Player may place a 'Mech on overwatch rather than moving it. The 'Mech may fire at any point later in the turn, even during the Movement Phase. A unit on overwatch may attack any unit within LOS and appropriate firing arcs, but may not torso twist. The overwatch attack is resolved immediately, with damage taking effect before the next moves (or the current unit continues its movement). Use the distance the target has moved up to the point of the attack to calculate the to-hit modifier for target movement. Overwatch fire also suffers a +2 initiative bonus.[7]


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