17th Provisional Garrison Cluster (Clan Nova Cat)

Clan Nova Cat (old).jpg
Seventeenth Provisional Garrison Cluster
Disbanded 3060 (destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Parent Command Kappa Galaxy


One of several Clusters within the Clan Nova Cat Kappa Galaxy, the Seventeenth Provisional Garrison Cluster was stationed on the planet Hoard in the Clan Homeworlds in May 3060 when a number of other Clans began launching attacks on Nova Cat holdings across the Homeworlds. The attacks were in response to the Abjurement of the Nova Cats following their decision to join the Second Star League, and were in defiance of the brief period allocated by the Clan Council in which the Nova Cats were supposed to be able to withdraw to the Inner Sphere unmolested.[1]

Galaxy Commander Tirill Nostra was on Hoard along with the Fourth, Seventeenth and Forty-ninth Provisional Garrison Clusters when forces from a number of Clans began launching attacks on the Nova Cats, beginning with attacks by forces from Clan Star Adder on the 6th of May. The Eleventh Armored Cavalry Squadron and the 417th Adder Sentinels began the attack, followed by forces from Clan Ice Hellion and then, two days later, forces from Clan Wolf. Forces from Clan Hell's Horses arrived at the same time as those from Clan Wolf, but didn't attack until the 13th. By the time Kappa Galaxy learned of what had happened the Fourth had taken heavy damage, the Seventeenth had nearly been destroyed and the Forty-ninth had been wiped out.[1]

Nostra continued to have Kappa Galaxy defend against the various Clan forces so that as many of the Nova Cat civilian castes on Hoard could escape to the Aegis-class heavy cruiser NCS Chronicle, which was attached to Kappa Galaxy at the time, and which would subsequently ferry those who escaped back to the Nova Cat holdings in the Inner Sphere. On the 13th the Star Adder York-class destroyer CSA Star Fire attacked the Chronicle above Hoard, only to be destroyed by the heavier WarShip; even as the Star Fire was being destroyed, the Hell's Horses Twelfth Mechanized Cavalry Cluster joined the attack on Kappa, the first time Hell's Horses had attacked since landing on Hoard.[1] Ultimately the Fourth fell on Hoard to this avalanche of attacks from multiple Clans.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 17th Provisional Garrison Cluster
Galaxy Commander Tirill Nostra 3060[1]



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