17th Rasalhague Regulars

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Rasalhague regulars.png
Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3028)
Nickname Veterans of Tamar
Parent Formation Rasalhague Regulars
Formed Between 2765-2786
Disbanded 3034

The Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars was part of the Draconis Combine defending mainline regiments assigned to the Rasalhague Military District. Formerly a heavy unit that attacked its enemies head-on, the regiment's defeat on Tamar in 3016 led to its restructure as a light BattleMech unit serving in a reconnaissance and hit-and-run role. During the Ronin War the Seventeenth sided with the rebels and was destroyed on Kempten.


First and Second Succession Wars[edit]

The Seventeenth was raised as a light 'Mech unit sometime between 2765 and the First Succession War's outbreak in 2786.[1] By the end of that conflict it had been reduced to slightly less than half-strength.[2] Though it was reinforced prior to the Second Succession War, the Seventeenth was nearly destroyed by that conflict, as it had been reduced to less than a fifth of its authorized strength when the war ended.[3]

Third Succession War[edit]

By the latter years of the Third Succession War the Seventeenth was a heavy regiment that was known for frontal assaults. This changed in 3016 when the Seventeenth assaulted Tamar at the behest of Duke Hassid Ricol. The unsuccessful attempt to capture the Tamar Pact's regional capital left the regiment so devastated that the unit was rebuilt with light 'Mechs and forced to change its tactics to match.[4]

In 3025 the unit was stationed on Kirchbach.[5]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The Seventeenth was stationed on Kirchbach when the system was invaded by the Lyran Commonwealth during Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the major Lyran Commonwealth offensive of the Fourth Succession War,[6] following the order issued by Archon Katrina Steiner on the 21st of October to exploit the successes of the first wave of the Operation.[7] Kirchbach was a Prefecture capital, making it an important administrative hub within the Rasalhague Military District. Stationed on Kirchbach alongside the Seventeenth were the remaining elements of the Fifth Amphigean Light Assault Group and Helmut's Hermits, the latter two commands having retreated from worlds invaded in the first wave. Commanding the Lyran task force assigned to the invasion of Kirchbach was General Troka; aware of the significant DCMS forces on the planet Troka requested permission to deploy the Tyr assault-weight regiment assembled in secret from members of the Tyr resistance movement and those with ties to the former Rasalhague Principality in addition to the Fourth Donegal Guards, Third Lyran Regulars and the mercenary command Winfield's Brigade.[6][8]

The Tyr regiment routed the Seventeenth in a battle near the city of Östersund; the appearance of the regiment prompted a popular revolt among the population, who were still predominantly of Scandinavian heritage. The population engaged in riots and strikes, while members of the Tyr underground movement launched sabotage attacks that helped fuel an environment so hostile to the DCMS forces that they were left feeling as if they were fighting in an enemy realm.[6][9] With the Seventeenth damaged and the Fifth Amphigean LAG and Helmut's Hermits still weak from their earlier battles the DCMS was forced to recall its forces from Kirchbach. General Kelly Benzinger, the commanding officer of the Seventeenth, committed suicide on Kirchbach.[6]

Ronin War[edit]

The Seventeenth sided with the rebels during the Ronin War, mounting attacks upon the newborn Republic worlds of Goito and Radstadt[10] and crippling the latter planet's oil production. Arriving next on Kempten in early August, the Seventeenth saved the beleaguered First Sun Zhang Cadre from being wiped out by the Second Kavalleri. After forcing the KungsArmé regiment to retreat with heavy losses, the Seventeenth absorbed the Cadre's survivors and was in the process of making good its damage when elements of the Second Sword of Light appeared in the system. Knowing they faced a hopeless fight the Seventeenth surrendered, with over half of its number committing seppuku and the rest eventually being executed for treason.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 17th Rasalhague Regulars
General Kelly Benzinger 3025 - 3028[6]
Tai-sa Boris Yukinov 3034[11]


Prion to 3017 the Seventeenth Rasalhague was a heavy unit that utilized frontal attacks. Following its mauling on Tamar it became a fast-moving unit that alternated its tactics between hit and run strikes and mobbing the enemy through sheer numbers.[4]

Composition History[edit]


Seventeenth Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[12]

- At this point in time the Seventeenth was based on Mualang and was supported by three armor regiments and five infantry regiments.[12]


Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[2]

- At this point in time the Seventeenth was a light-weight regiment stationed on Mualang and was operating at full strength.[2]


Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[2]

- At this point in time the Seventeenth was a light-weight regiment stationed on Mualang and had been reduced to just under half-strength.[2]


Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars (Veteran/Fanatical)[3]

- At this point in time the Seventeenth was a medium-weight regiment stationed on Mualang and had been rebuilt to 87% strength.[3]


Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[3]

- At this point in time the Seventeenth had grown into a heavy-weight regiment stationed on Heiligendreuz but had been reduced to 16% strength.[3]


Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars (Regular/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: General Kelly Benzinger
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Kirchbach. [5] The Seventeenth's light-weight 'Mechs make it ideal for performing reconnaissance.


Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars (Veteran/Questionable)[10]

  • CO: Tai-sa Boris Yukinov




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