17th Scorpion Cuirassiers (Clan Goliath Scorpion)

Clan Goliath Scorpion.jpg
Seventeenth Scorpion Cuirassiers
Disbanded 3072 (destroyed)
Nickname The Golden Horde
Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Parent Command Delta Galaxy


Like all Delta Galaxy units, the Seventeenth Scorpion Cuirassiers uses a mix of Elementals and Assault 'Mechs to defend its garrison. They favor designs that are fast and heavy, like the Cauldron-Born and Executioner. The Cluster is considered to be the lead unit of Delta Galaxy.[1]

They were stationed on Dagda in 3060[2], a position they retained in 3067[3]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

The Goliath Scorpions launched an attack on Brim in 3072, foregoing any attempt at issuing a batchall and instead simply dropping two of Delta Galaxy's Clusters directly onto one of the three remaining Snow Raven enclaves, which consisted of a city and a Sylph manufacturing factory. The warriors who landed were shocked to discover that the enclave wasn't in fact being protected by Snow Raven warriors, but rather a large Society force.[4]

The Society force demanded a proper batchall, but their demands were ignored by Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour and the resulting intense firefight spilled over into a nearby large terraforming research zone. During the battle several of the sealed tanks within the terraforming research area were pierced by stray shots, resulting in a devastating explosion that wiped out half the defending Society forces and the majority of the Goliath Scorpion forces on the ground, including the Seventeenth Cuirassiers.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 17th Scorpion Cuirassiers
Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour 3061 - 3067[1][3]


The unit used Blitzkrieg tactics.[1]

Composition History[edit]


17th Scorpion Cuirassiers (5 Trinaries/Veteran/Fanatical)[1][3]

  • CO: Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour

Game Rules[edit]

The Seventeenth Scorpion Cuirassiers can use Overrun Combat and also reduce the targeting modifier for secondary targets by 1 point. If there are two branches of service on the field (Mechs, Infantry, AeroSpace, etc.) they get a 1 point Initiative bonus.[5]


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