18th Warren Cluster (Clan Burrock)

Clan Burrock.png
Eighteenth Warren Cluster
Formed c. 3073
Disbanded 3074[1]
Affiliation Clan Burrock
Parent Command Zeta Galaxy


The Eighteenth Warren Cluster was formed sometime after 3072 with the rebirth of Clan Burrock.

The cluster appears to have been assigned to Zeta Galaxy and it moved to Nouveaux Paris in early 3074. The waystation had been captured from Clan Hell's Horses in 3072 by a Society cell.The Horses sent Eta Galaxy to investigate. When the Horses entered the system they found it guarded by a Burrock warship and were immediately attacked upon attempting a landing by at least two clusters. The Horses took considerable damage and the loss of one of their DropShips during a night attack forced them to withdraw.[2]

As the Horses were withdrawing Clan Star Adders Alpha and Beta Galaxies arrived and made a combat drop on top of the Burrock defenders. The Eighteenth Warren Cluster attempted to ambush the Eighty-fifth Adder Cavaliers close to a large copper quarry, but were themselves caught in the open.

The Cavaliers pinned the Burrocks in place as a Binary of aerospace fighters from the Tenth Armored Cavalry bombed their exposed positions along the roadway leading to the quarry; the Eighteenth died to a warrior.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 18th Warren Cluster



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