18th Division (Word of Blake)

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18th Division (Word of Blake).jpg
18th Division - Bloody Revelation IV-delta
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname Bloody Revelation
Parent Formation Word of Blake Militia
Formed later 3060s
Disbanded 3074

Unit Brief[edit]

The Eighteenth Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit that emerged at beginning of the Jihad War. They were known for operating in the Lyran space during the early portion of the Jihad.


First Appearances[edit]

The unit's first unconfirmed appearance came in early 3068, reportedly part of Operation SHOWTIME on Solaris VII. The unit's first confirmed sighting was when it participated in an assault on the Lyran world of Glengarry in December. It struck the world with a minimum of three Level III formations, inflicting heavy damage against Gray Death Technologies. From that planet they launched a series of raids of neighboring worlds.


In 3070, the Division was sent to Donegal as part of Blake's operation named, Operation: STEEL HAMMER. The Word of Blake occupation of Lyran key economic and industrial worlds. The Division relieved the 2nd Division from it garrison duties. The 18th's Precentor found that world was plagued with riots and low-level resistance to their occupation. Precentor Regan, 18th's CO, resorted to heavy handling Lyran POWs and send word to Precentor-Martial he needed support. By 3072, 50th Shadow Division arrived to assist the Bloody Revelations in their duty to garrison the Lyran district capital. However, weeks later February Allied coalition (Clan Wolf, ComStar, Lyran troops) landed on the planet, lead by ComStar's Victor Steiner-Davion. 18th Division's partner formation, the 50th went headlong into the ComStar and Clan Wolf forces, ignoring the Lyran elements of the coalition force. The Lyran inflicted heavy damage against the 18th Division in course of the battle, turning the tide of battle to coalition. This forced 50th Division fall back to aide the 18th Division, during this fighting withdraw, Precentor Regan is killed, (rumor having it being done by the 50th's Executive Officer, Precentor Sabnock.) After retreating from the planet, two tactical nuclear devices were detonated in industrial areas. The 18th Division was reduced to raiding force for period of time.[1]

Invasion of Skye 3074[edit]

In 3074, the 18th remerged at full strength when it participated in the invasion of Skye alongside the 3rd Division. The assault ended in failure and inflicted significate damage to the 18th. Intelligence agencies lost track of the Bloody Revelation after the campaign for sky, with many believing the Division had been disbanded due to the losses taken;[2] this assumption was largely correct, as the remnants of the 18th were folded into the 3rd Division.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 18th Division
Precentor Ernst Regan 3068 - 3072[4]


The unit is specializes in usage of SRM armed units (vehicles, Battle Armor, and Aerospace Fighters.) that employ inferno rounds.[5]

Composition History[edit]

  • Unknown - Reportedly a minimum of 4 Level III formations.

The unit is noted to have large quantity of Gray Death Standard and Scout type Battle Armor.[6]



Game Rules[edit]

The 18th gets half its units from the Mercenary Random Assignment Table, instead of the Word of Blake's. If it utilizes battle armor, a minimum number must include Gray Death Battle Armor.[7]


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