194th Crusader (Clan Widowmaker)

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194th Crusader Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 2834)
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy
Disbanded 2834


The 194th Crusader Cluster was one of the first Clusters formed by Clan Widowmaker. It was named in honor of the Star League's 194th Mechanized Infantry Division, the unit in which saKhan Mariel Sanders had served. The 194th was home to the best and most brutal warriors Clan Widowmaker had. They were known for following orders to the letter out of fear of Star Colonel Tamara Vickers.[1]

During the Trial of Refusal against the Absorption vote on 7th October 2834, Wolf Khan Jerome Winson faced Khan Cal Jorgensson of the Widowmakers in a Trial of Grievance. Winson was close to claiming victory when a Star from the 194th Crusader Cluster committed a dishonorable act by crossing into the Circle of Equals. Nicholas Kerensky and the Grand Council joined in the battle to protect Winson, but Jorgensson fired on the ilKhan and killed him.[2] The 194th were scattered in the aftermath of the duel.[3]

The Cluster did not want to face the Wolves in a straight fight and went to ground in the frozen forests of the Deltiri Taiga region of Ironhold. The 341st Wolf Assault Cluster marched through a blizzard to engage them, but due to the conditions stumbled onto the 194th positions. The Wolves suffered heavy casualties when the 194th ambushed them. The 194th gave as good as they received, but as the weather grew worse both sides were forced to withdraw. The 194th managed only to escape with some of their supply vehicles, but were forced to leave behind their field repair gantries.[4]

By the 9th October the 194th had managed to join with remnants of the Fourth Fang Cluster and attempted to capture the HPG station at Ironhold City to get a message off planet. This station was in the hands of Clan Jade Falcon and as the Wolves’ 328th Assault Cluster and 341st Assault Cluster attacked the Widowmakers they were both attacked by the Eighty-ninth Falcon Strikers. The Wolves broke into two columns one pushing the Falcons away while the other dealt with the Widowmakers. The Widowmakers failed to get the message off as the HPG lost power minutes before it was sent. The Falcon and the Wolves then both attacked the Widowmaker force leaving only one survivor, Star Colonel Tamara Vickers.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 194th Crusader Cluster
Star Colonel Tamara Vickers 2834[1]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]


194th Crusader Cluster (Elite)[1]

Game Rules[edit]

When Star Colonel Vickers is active on the battlefield, MechWarriors of the 194th to ignore the first point of pilot damage they suffer (although ammo explosions still inflict the full two points).

Warriors ignore the requirements for Forced Withdrawal and will fight on.[1]


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