1990 Update Flyer

1990 Update Flyer
Product information
Type Promotional booklet/flyer
Pages 8
Publication information
Publisher FASA
First published 1990
MSRP (free)
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline ca. 3050
Series Update flyers
Followed by 1991 Update Flyer

Colloquially known as the 1990 Update Flyer, this booklet does not appear to have a proper title. It was released by FASA as a free advertisement handout to promote the BattleTech universe in 1990.

It is 8 pages including the front and back cover.


  • BattleTech, a single paragraph overview of the universe.
  • The Inner Sphere, a three paragraph overview of the Successor States circa 3050.
  • The Star League, a six paragraph history of the Terran Alliance, and the rise and fall of the Star League.
  • The Exodus, an eight paragraph overview of Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus and the First, Second, and Third Succession Wars.
  • The Clans, a five paragraph overview of what little is known of the Clans circa 3050 and the varied Inner Sphere responses.
  • MechWarriors, a three paragraph overview of the neofeudal role of MechWarriors in the Successor States.
  • Mercenaries, a four paragraph overview of the role of mercenaries in the Succession Wars.
  • NEWSWORLD, an interview with NAIS Systems Engineer Dr. Marie Lucas, who explains the basics of BattleMech construction and key systems, as published in the March 3038 issue of NEWSWORLD.
  • The Clan Invaders, an overview of what is known of the Clans, including:
    • Organization, a one paragraph overview of the Clans' Point and Star formations for BattleMechs and infantry.
    • Combat Equipment, a three paragraph overview of Clan technology, including Toad battlesuits, superior armor and fire control systems, and lighter, smaller, and more efficient equipment.
    • Tactics, a nine paragraph overview of Clan combat doctrine, including the batchall, bidding, avoidance of physical attacks, armored infantry, tendency to fight at a numerical disadvantage, one-on-one fighting style, and recommendations that Inner Sphere forces try to use numerical superiority and ambush tactics.
  • Products, the final section advertising some BattleTech products complementary to the Clan Invasion era:


  • This was the first of FASA's Update flyers for BattleTech.