1993 Update Flyer

1993 Update Flyer
Product information
Type Promotional booklet/flyer
Primary writing Scott Jenkins
Pages 8
Cover Artwork Les Dorscheid
Steve Venters (back)
Publication information
Publisher FASA
First published 1993
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline ca. 3055
Preceded by 1992 Update Flyer

Colloquially known as the 1993 Update Flyer, this booklet does not appear to have a proper title. It was released by FASA as a free advertisement handout to promote the BattleTech universe in 1993.

It is eight pages including the front and back cover.


The Explorer Corps Campaign Set that was advertised here as a boxed set was never published in this form. The project was instead reduced to what became the Explorer Corps sourcebook. In a similar vein, the summary given for (The) Far Country is markedly different from the actual content of the novel that was ultimately published under this name.



  • The illustration for the cover was reused from the Luthien (scenario pack).
  • In typical FASA fashion the two new 'Mechs featured were thinly veiled references to another intellectual property (the Looney Tunes characters of The Road Runner and The Tasmanian Devil). Both 'Mechs are fully canonical now owing to being published in other canonical products, but in both cases the exact version presented in the Update Flyer as reports by ComStar ROM field operatives behind Clan lines in the Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone turned out to be misreports or canon rumors.
    • The Roadrunner was revisited in Experimental Technical Readout: Republic, Volume 1, with corrected stats that included a slightly lower ground speed than reported in the Update Flyer. It was revealed that its Clan designation was Emerald Harrier.
    • The Devil was included as a variant of the 20-ton Howler (Baboon), the Howler 3, in Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade, with significantly different stats compared to the 30-ton version originally published in the Update Flyer. Recognition Guide: ilClan, vol. 8 later revealed that the Howler 3 variant was designed to mimic the original 30-ton Devil - itself a derivation of the 20-ton Howler - that followed the 1993 Update Flyer's specifications.