19th Army (Star League)

19th Army (SLDF) 2765.jpg
19th Army
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command Star League Defense Force

The Star League Defense Forces 19th Army was assigned to operations within the Taurian Concordat Region of the Periphery Military Region.[1]


The 19th Army had been operating on a footing close to an actual war footing for some years prior to the Periphery Uprising due to the Concordat's tendency to be a hotbed for trouble within the Periphery. Consistently facing an ongoing low-level insurrection and an antagonistic civil population[2], the 19th were better prepared than many for the explosion of violence that heralded the beginning of the Uprising; the 19th chose to withdraw from some conflict zones while contesting others, and the presence of General Aleksandr Kerensky in the 19th's midst kept morale high, even though the 19th had taken substantial losses by mid 2767. Of the twenty-one Divisions and thirty Independent Regiments that formed the 19th on paper, by the time of the 2767 ceasefire ten Divisions and eleven Regiments had been destroyed or disbanded, leaving the 19th operating at just fifty-four percent of its original combat strength.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 19th Army
General Cristian Greene 2765[3][2]


Different per Unit.





  • 4 BattleMech Divisions[1]
  • 7 Infantry Divisions[1]
  • 19 Independent Regiments[1]

By mid-2767 the 19th Army was operating at 54% of full combat strength.[3]


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