19th Division (Word of Blake)

19th Division (Word of Blake) logo.png
19th Division (IV-omicron)
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Righteous Judgment
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Nineteenth Division was a veteran "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit that was kept under wraps until it was revealed a year after the Jihad war broke out. The unit was known for operations in both the Capellan Confederation and later Draconis Combine Theaters during later 3060s and early 3070s.


New Dallas[edit]

In July 3068 a Level III of the Nineteenth Division was dispatched to New Dallas to prevent the Devil's Brigade from leaving the world. New Dallas was a prominent Terran Hegemony system, and the Devil's Brigade had been hired by Chandrasekhar Kurita to investigate the ruined world. The mercenaries found several important documents and memory cores, and the Nineteenth was assigned to destroy them. Despite fighting the mercenaries and harassing them for several days, the mercenaries ultimately left New Dallas with a Memory Core.[1]

Capellan Theater[edit]

The 19th Division first appeared in combat in support of the Capellan Confederation's military counterassault operation called Operation THUNDERSTRIKE in 3069. The unit took the world of Algot in blitzkrieg assault using its Aerospace assets in concert with deployment of chemical weapons. The Aerospace forces firebombed AFFS barracks while the chemical weapons were used against civilian population centers. This was to crush resistance made by Algot Militia decisively due to the Division's limited numbers on world. Only three Level III formations were reported to being used in the attack that secured the planet.[2]

Two months later, two Level III formations assaulted the world of Yangtze. The small force quickly achieved victory, however resistance to their presence was almost immediate. The unit with no reinforcements available used extreme methods to put down the resistance. The WoB force struck several dams near large populated areas and flooded the regions. Some of the unrest was put down as well as local infrastructure crippled.

Both worlds became too rebellious for either invasion force to handle. By 3071, both invasion forces withdrew from those worlds.[3]

Draconis Theater[edit]

The Division was assigned to begin harassing the Draconis Combine, through a series of supply depot raids. The unit hit approximately 15 worlds over the course of three years, from Ashio and Shinonoi to Matsuida and An Ting. The unit narrowing its targets to supply and fuel deports, they avoiding combat with local defenders. These raids cost the Combine large amounts of ryu for repairs. The Combine forces were frustrated with the Division's activities and were not able to hunt them down.[4]

The Division used Dieron as its home base during the raids, but only kept two Level IIs on world at any time. To fool intelligence agencies, these Level IIs were rotated through a series of locations on the world. In 3076 the entire division returned to Dieron, using the supplies and war prizes they captured in their raids to build their forces. The 19th Division also oversaw most of the defense of Dieron when the Ghost Bears and Combine attacked. During their defense the Division destroyed eighty percent of the Luthien Armor Works facility on Dieron with buried nuclear warheads,[5] but even this wouldn't prevent the 19th from being destroyed on Dieron in 3078.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 19th Division
Precentor XI Rachel Eager 3076[7]

Other Officers[edit]

In 3068, Demi-Precentor Abraham Beutel led a Level III of the Nineteenth on New Dallas.[8]


The unit specializes in quick strikes and raiding. The unit deploys light combined-arms force which are mixed down to the Level II formations. Typically, two light or medium WoB design BattleMechs are used, while three units are typically salvaged DCMS light or medium size vehicles, and one unit is either battle armor or a light aerospace fighter.[9][8]




Game Rules[edit]

The vehicles of the 19th enjoy improved gunnery and piloting skills when facing DCMS or AFFS affiliated unit. All non-BattleMech related equipment is rolled from the Draconis Combine Random-Rolling Table.[10]


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