19th Striker Regiment

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19th Striker Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 2771)
Nickname n/a
Parent Formation 3rd Regimental Combat Team
Formed unknown

The Nineteenth Striker Regiment was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


In 2764 the Nineteenth was part of the 3rd Regimental Combat Team within XI Corps, one of several Corps that made up the SLDF Sixteenth Army. The Nineteenth was assigned to District 3 of the Draconis Combine Military Region, but was moved to an undisclosed area of the Periphery in 2765, to take part in the SLDF response to the Periphery Uprising.[1]

As part of the Third Region of the Draconis Combine Military Region, the Nineteenth Striker was a unit that was frequently called on to end pirate raiding. As such, they became known for their battlefield diplomacy. They were able to convince multiple pirates and raiders to surrender to them rather than the DCMS. As a result the number of actual pirate raids (as opposed to state-sponsored raiding masquerading as pirates) dropped to nearly nothing in 2765.[2]

Hegemony Campaign[edit]

Following the death of the First Lord the 3rd RCT saw extensive action in the Periphery. However, once the unit learned of Stefan Amaris's treachery, the unit decided to act against the Usurper. Colonel Ezra Bradley, the RCT's Commanding Officer, realized that direct assault against Amaris would not be possible, so he adopted a policy of raiding some of the weaker worlds near Terra to disrupt the Usurper's defenses. The plans worked until the 19th Striker Regiment assaulted Talitha. Unbeknownst to the Third, a traitor had relayed information to Amaris's forces and the regiment met three heavy Republican regiments after it dropped onto the city of Amity. The 19th Striker regiment was completely destroyed in the ensuing battle. The Light Horse was able to avenge the loss of the 19th Striker with a series of vicious battles that eventually resulted in their participation in the liberation of Terra itself.[3] [4]

There are rumors that a member of the Internal Security Force tipped off the Amaris forces about the Nineteenth's raid.[5] The accuracy of these rumors is unknown.


In 3061 the Eridani Light Horse created the 19th Cavalry Regiment to honor the members of the Nineteenth Striker Regiment.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 6th Striker Regiment



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