1st Andurien Rangers

First Andurien Rangers
Formed 3079
Nickname The Eagles
Affiliation Duchy of Andurien
Parent Command Andurien Rangers

The First Andurien Rangers were formed in 3079 from the remains of the First Free Worlds Legionnaires.[1]


After launching an unauthorized strike against the Capellan Confederation the First Free Worlds Legionnaires returned home in time to witness the dissolution of the Free Worlds League. These troops then pledged their loyalty to the Duchy of Andurien and were redesignated the First Andurien Rangers. The newly created unit raided Principia and later drove the Second Oriente Hussars off of Andurien, the world they garrisoned in the early 3080s.[1]

The First Rangers historically have disliked the Capellan Confederation, to the point of hatred. By 3085, however, the unit's troops realized that they couldn't afford to fight a war and adopted a more conciliatory approach, but the troops still grumbled about the cease fire.[2]

In 3145 the First Rangers possessed a lot of lighter 'Mechs, making them well suited for reconnaissance.[3] Due to their hatred of the Capellan Confederation, they were stationed on Deschenes[4], which was as far from the Confederation as they could get.[3]

During the Victoria War the First Andurien Rangers took Betelgeuse and Sigma Mare from the Capellan Confederation in 3104.[5] This was a hollow victory however, as shortly thereafter they were forced off of Betelgeuse and Sigma Mare by Warrior House Imarra.[6] During the fight for Sigma Mare, the Rangers lost two DropShips of troops.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Andurien Rangers
Colonel Martin Honnifer 3085[2]
Colonel Romona March 3145[4]


The First Andurien Rangers try to retain the tactics they used as the First Free Worlds Legionnaires. They make extensive use of VTOLs and light BattleMechs to strike at a foe and then withdraw, bleeding an opponent to death.[2]

Composition History[edit]


First Andurien Rangers (2 Battalions/Veteran/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Martin Honnifer


First Andurien Rangers (1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Romona March



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