1st Arkab Legion

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First Arkab Legion
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Arkab Legion
Formed early 2500s



The First Arkab Legion was formed shortly after the Azami of the Draconis Combine swore fealty to the Coordinator in 2516.[1]

Reunification War[edit]

The First Arkab Legion was one of four regiments assigned by the DCMS to the Draconis Auxiliary Corps[2] formed in the early 2580s as a contribution towards Operation MAILED FIST, the Star League intervention in the Rim Worlds Republic Civil War.[3] The First Arkab Legion had petitioned the Coordinator directly to be assigned to Task Force MAILED FIST[4] and served alongside the Second and Seventh Swords of Light and the Fourth Proserpina Hussars.[2]

The First Arkab Legion began operations in the Rim Worlds Republic as a part of Battle Group Timbuktu in 2584 with the campaign to secure Nightwish and the Second Amaris Dragoons.[2][5] The First Arkab Legion spearheaded many of the attacks, making ferocious fast attacks against the enemy forces. While the First Arkab Legion gained a degree of grudging respect for the compassion with which they treated their prisoners[4] the other Draconis Combine forces were soon notorious for their arrogance, brutality and inhumane methods;[6] unimpeded by the Ares Conventions as a result of the declaration by First Lord Ian Cameron in 2578 that SLDF operations in the Periphery would not be bound by the Conventions,[5] the other DCMS units caused carnage on Nightwish, shelling inhabited areas to drive out hidden Rim Worlds Army forces and torturing prisoners for information. When the overall commander of Battle Group Timbuktu, Duke Narinder Selaj of the Principality of Regulus, challenged the DCMS units over their tactics, he was rebuffed with the reply that the tactics were efficient and saved troops and resources. On paper, this was true; the DCMS forces lost 42 personnel - including 7 MechWarrios - in the conquest of Nightwish, whereas casualties on the opposing side exceeded 10,000 people.[7]

The actions of the DCMS forces on Nightwish led to them being despised by the Rim Worlds Army, the Rift Republican Army... and their own allies in the SLDF. Soon all of the Task Force MAILED FIST forces were being tarred with the same brush; both the RWA and RRA put the DCMS units on automatic kill lists - with the notable exception of the First Arkab Legion[4] - and resistance on Republic worlds increased sharply, both from the various military units and from the growing civilian partisan movements[8] with hidden bunkers and weapon emplacements becoming both increasingly common and increasingly cynical in their placement, not that this prevented the Combine forces from removing such sites through heavy weapons and shelling even as the Republic forces began locating complexes under schools, hospitals and other such sites.[9]

The Draconis Auxiliary Corps fought as a complete formation against local militia forces during the occupation of Milvano in 2586[2] and against the loyalist Seventh Amaris Dragoons on Timbuktu in 2588.[10][11] The conquest of Milvano took more than a year, considerably longer than originally planned, thanks to ongoing bouts of civil unrest despite the brutality with which the the DCMS units put down such actions.[8]

The campaign for Timbuktu saw the Draconis Auxiliary Corps fighting alongside the elite Eleventh Royal Division, an SLDF division from IV Corps, and the combined forces made short work of the defenses prepared by the Seventh Dragoons. Colonel Samuel Macao withdrew his forces to the more sparsely-populated Hades continent, intent on using the mining complexes there for cover, but reports of the harsh treatment of Republic citizens at the hands of the DCMS forces provoked him into strikes that cost him much of his unit; the Fourth Hussars were then subjected to nineteen days of merciless bombardment until the survivors surrendered.[12]

After the campaign to secure Timbuktu was complete the First Arkab Legion were dispatched along with the Fourth Proserpina Hussars to take the world of Marisura in 2590. This was the first and only time that forces from the Draconis Auxiliary Corps would campaign directly alongside forces from Duke Narinder Selaj's 2nd Marik Auxiliary Corps, operating alongside a brigade of forces consisting of the Second and Sixth Marik Militias and the First Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente. The combined Combine and Free Worlds forces overwhelmed the loyalist Seventh Amaris Fusiliers and had secured the world in sufficient time for the Arkab Legion to be deployed alongside the Fourth Hussars to secure the world of Mahrah in 2590, which would be the last campaign of the Reunification War for the Legion;[10] the Draconis Auxiliary Corps was withdrawn from Operation MAILED FIST in 2591 as the various District Warlords of the Draconis Combine attempted to compensate for the erratic actions of Coordinator Leonard Kurita.[13]

In 2765 the First Arkab Legion was stationed on Algedi.[14]


During the Jihad the First Legion was reconstituted on Algedi after half a millennium[15] When the Azami Brotherhood learned that the Black Dragon Society had not only taken control of Korramabad but also executed more than 450,000 Azami on the world the 1st Arkab Legion was swiftly dispatched to the world. The Legion arrived just a few days after the 2nd An Ting Legion had pacified Korramabad; the 1st Arkab promptly began planning a combined operation with the 2nd An Ting and with the 10th Pesht Regulars, who were also fighting against Black Dragon Society insurgencies in the region. The three units conducted a swift campaign on Slaithwaite, beginning on the 30th of March 3078. By the 15th of April, the government on Slaithwaite had been toppled and almost 300 Black Dragon Society leaders and sympathizers had been executed.[16]

While the 1st Arkab Legion had been reconstituted by the Caliph to take advantage of the fervor felt on Algedi, the First comported themselves with respect and decorum when deployed alongside the 2nd An Ting and the 10th Pesht Regulars; their conduct was considered a sign by the Imperial Throne that a reconciliation between the Dragon and the Azami was possible, albeit perhaps in the longer term. Despite this hope, the Combine halted shipments of men and materiel to the various Arkab Legions while the Azami Brotherhood remained independent, forcing the 1st and the other Legions to rebuild slowly from local resources.[17]

Republic Era[edit]

The First Arkab Legion responded to the Black Dragon Society by killing those responsible for the extermination of millions of the faithful on Qandahar. These executions were supported fully by the Dragon and broadcast across the Draconis Combine. Support for the Black Dragon Society eroded rapidly after the executions aired. The First returned to its duty station on Algedi and has informed the Republic of the Sphere that they will be watching the treatment of those Azami on Republic worlds.[18]

Dark Age[edit]

During the Draconis Combine's invasion of The Republic of the Sphere, the First Arkab Legion invaded Ashio. During this fighting, the First Arkab captured two Knights of the Sphere.[19] They have thus far refused to contribute to he Federated Suns invasion, until their promised supplies are delivered. This has strained the Coordinator’s leniency toward the Arkab regiments. [20]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Arkab Legion
Tai-sa Yori Inoue 3085[21]
Tai-sa Abdullah Sharif 3145[22]


The First were recon specialists.[14]

Composition History[edit]


First Arkab Legion (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[23]

- At this point in time the Legion was supported by an aerospace fighter wing, three regiments of armor and three infantry regiments, and was stationed on Algedi.[23]


First Arkab Legion (Veteran/Reliable)[24]

- At this point in time the Legion was a light-weight regiment, operating at full strength and stationed on Algedi.[24]


First Arkab Legion (Veteran/Reliable)[24]

- At this point in time the Legion was a light-weight regiment, operating at just above one-third of full strength and stationed on McComb.[24]


1st Arkab Legion (Regiment/Elite/Reliable) [25]

Note: At this point in time the light-weight unit was stationed on McComb with an operational readiness of 102 percent. [25]


1st Arkab Legion (Regiment/Elite/Reliable) [25]

Note: At this point in time the light-weight unit was stationed on David with an operational readiness of 43 percent. [25]


First Arkab Legion (Mixed Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[26]

- At this point in time, the First Legion was recovering from losses taken on Slaithwaite[17] and was operating at 40% of full strength, although 70% of the Legion's equipment featured upgraded technology.[27] However, in common with the other Arkab Legions, the 1st operated as a combined-arms unit; only a third of the Legion's full strength consisted of 'Mech forces, while the remainder was comprised of conventional and infantry forces.[17]


First Arkab Legion (Regular/Questionable)[21]

  • CO: Tai-sa Yori Inoue

First Arkab Aerospace (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[21]

First Arkab Armor (Green/Questionable)[21]

  • CO: Tai-sa Yori Yukimura

First Arkab Infantry (Green/Questionable)[21]

  • CO: Tai-sa Haruko Kurosawa


First Arkab Legion (Elite/Questionable)[22]

  • CO: Tai-sa Abdullah Sharif

First Arkab Aerospace (Wing/Elite/Reliable)[22]

First Arkab Armor (Veteran/Questionable)[22]

  • CO: Tai-sa William Cochran

First Arkab Infantry (Elite/Questionable)[22]

  • CO: Tai-sa Fadl Sarah




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