1st CAAN Regiment

First CAAN Regiment
Formed 2315
Affiliation Terran Hegemony
Parent Command Hegemony Armed Forces



The First CAAN Regiment was the first Combined Armor, Air and Naval Regiment to be formed by the Hegemony Armed Forces following the founding of the Terran Hegemony by Director-General James McKenna; the Regiment was founded in 2315 and spent a year training and learning how to mesh the various fighters, hovercraft and armored vehicles together into a fighting formation with effective tactics. The First CAAN Regiment lacked the Marine designation given to later regiments of the kind during the Star League-era.[1]

Hegemony Campaign[edit]

Having assumed control of the newly formed Terran Hegemony from the ashes of the Terran Alliance, Director-General McKenna began to execute "Campaigns of Persuasion" to integrate worlds that had been independent since the Demarcation Declaration of 2240 into the Hegemony. The first of these campaigns began in March 2316 and finished in 2317; one of the worlds targeted during this first campaign was the world of Ingress, and the First CAAN Regiment was assigned to the task force ordered to capture Ingress.[1][2]

During the early 24th century Ingress was a rich world that combined extensive natural resources with a thriving industrial base; at the time of the invasion by the Hegemony Armed Forces the majority of the major cities on Ingress were dotted around a single large and deep sea named the Ingress Sea. In the view of the HAF, this made the Ingress campaign the perfect opportunity to deploy the First CAAN Regiment. As a Combined Armor, Air and Naval Regiment the plan was that the First would deploy onto or around the inland sea and quickly secure the major cities as part of a HAF task force to secure the world.[1]

The First actually ended up being one of the first HAF regiments to touch down on Ingress, with their DropShips deploying into landing zones around the Ingress Sea that had already been partially secured by Jump Troops deployed ahead of the main landing. The First quickly set up a fighter base in a large, flat valley while a number of DropShips landed directly in shallow waters close to the shore to deploy hovercraft and gunboats directly onto the sea. One of the first targets for the 1st was to secure key points around the city of Grand Port and hold areas of the waterfront so that follow-up Marine infantry forces could secure the city proper. The First deployed troops rapidly by hovercraft only to discover that the defending Ingress forces were heavily equipped with heat-seeking missiles; while the missiles were primitive by HAF standards, the missiles were simple enough to construct that the natives of Ingress had managed to retool a number of local factories and then churn the missiles out in vast quantities. The population then promptly proceeded to drag the 1st and the other HAF regiments into a protracted guerrilla war where time and again the high-tech HAF equipment such as the First's hovercraft would be damaged or destroyed by cheap hand-held missiles launched by resistance fighters the HAF considered little more than country bumpkins. Despite the conquest of Ingress being described in media across the Hegemony as a peaceful persuasion, the reality of the campaign was that it was a protracted and bitterly-fought war.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st CAAN Regiment



Composition History[edit]

Composition History[edit]

As an SLDF CAAN regiment it was composed of BattleMechs, tanks, hovercraft, fighters, blue-water warships, and Marines.[3]



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