1st Canopian Cuirassiers

Insignia of the 1st Canopian Cuirassiers
First Canopian Cuirassiers
Formed 2580
Nickname Defenders of Canopus;
Centrella's Cuirassiers (2765)[1]
Affiliation Magistracy of Canopus
Parent Command Magistracy Royal Guards


Formation from Ashes of Destroyed Units[edit]

The 1st Canopians originated from one of the nameless ad hoc BattleMech battalions that were put together after opening rounds of the Reunification War destroyed the original Magistracy Armed Forces units in 2577. Its sister ad hoc battalion had resounding success against the Star League invaders. The MAF named their unit the Magistracy Guards, and so like them, this unit was originally given the unit name Canopian Cuirassiers. The unit didn't experience the same success as the Magistracy Guards, instead suffering a number of defeats up to its decommissioning at end of the war.[citation needed]

In 2765 the unit was stationed on Canopus IV. For several years the unit had five battalions, but two of these were stripped away in the 2730s to form the Second Canopian Cuirassiers.[2]

Recommissioning & Succession Wars[edit]

After Magestrix Janina Centrella declared the Magistracy of Canopus independent of the Star League in 2786, the Canopian Cuirassiers were recommissioned into the MAF.[3] Drawn into the Cuirassiers were some survivors from the former 186th Mechanized Infantry Division, a former Star League Defense Force division; approximately a regiment of personnel defected to the Magistracy from the 186th during the Periphery Uprising, and those that survived the Uprising went on to form elements of both the Cuirassiers and the Magistracy Guards.[4] However the Cuirassiers did not see any action until 2817, when the unit fought renegade mercenaries on the world of Luxen. It participated in five other major engagements during the war, however, its sixth was a notable event.[3]

In 3012 the Red Chasseurs of Taurian I Corps raided New Abilene, overwhelming the local militia forces there. The Cuirassiers were stranded one jump away when their JumpShip's helium seal had blown. The unit managed to make repairs and dropped into the Red Chasseurs' fortified defenses. In what has been described as the Cuirassiers' finest moment, the unit drove into the Taurians and forced them from the world.[3]

In 3034, the 1st Canopian Cuirassiers (along with Raventhir's Iron Hand) were the garrison force for the Canopian homeworld of Canopus IV during the Andurien Crisis. When the war wound down, Canopian forces were largely defeated and being driven out of Liao space. Later in the year, the famed 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry regiment, operating on secret orders from Romano Liao, made its way into Canopian space in secret and caught Canopus by surprise. The mercenaries executed a daring and risky high drop from orbit right into the middle of the capital, and then brought in their DropShips as backup. The Cuirassiers and Iron Hand were quickly overrun by the elite Liao mercenaries who then proceeded to raze the capital. Only the arrival of Emma Centrella and her personal guard are able to prevent the complete collapse of the Canopian defenders and stabilize their defenses. It still took two more days of heavy fighting before the Liao mercenaries withdrew, but not before they had left the Canopus's most important industrial and government sectors completely razed.[5]

The unit is noted for its actions in 3058 against the Blakist-funded pirates of Astrokaszy, while under the command of Major Danai Centrella.[3]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Late in 3059 the 1st Canopian Cuirassiers were chosen by House Liao Chancellor Liao to participate with four other Capellan regiments in the new Star League's Operation Bulldog. During Operation Bulldog the Cuirassiers joined with the 8th Dieron Regulars, St. Ives Cheveau-Légers, and 11th Alshain Avengers to defend Meinacos from the Smoke Jaguar's 267th Battle Cluster. The Eighth Dieron drove into the 267th Cluster's flank, while the 11th Alshain distracted them and the Canopian Cuirassiers cut off the Clan unit's retreat. After the Avengers refused to disengage, the Cuirassiers advanced to support them against the Clan unit.[6]

The Cuirassiers later traveled with Victor Steiner-Davion to Strana Mechty for a Trial of Refusal. The unit commander and heir apparent to the throne of the Magistracy died in one of the battles that led to Inner Sphere victory. The Cuirassiers' involvement in Operation Bulldog made it the only Canopian regiment to have salvaged Clan equipment.[7]


In the late 3060s, the unit had not seen much of way of combat except for pirate raids on Capellan, Fronc Reaches, and Concordat borders.[7] The unit's Infantry and Armor assets were stationed on Fanardir with half of its 'Mech assets as of 3067, while the remaining forces were found on Canopus IV.[8]


During the Jihad the First Cuirassiers were stationed on Canopus where they faced the Word of Blake directly. Unlike Raventhir's Iron Hand, the First was able to escape total destruction. Under the strategic command of Hadji Doru, the First Cuirassiers resisted the Blakists for years until eventually driving them off Canopus. The First became one of the most highly decorated units in the MAF, receiving the Ribbon of the Magestrix.[9]

Dark Age[edit]

Elements of the First Canopian Cuirassiers were used as a recruiting tool for the MAF during the Dark Age.[10] After the world of Thurrock chose to rejoin the Magistracy, it was deemed a significant enough asset that the First were assigned to protect the world. Thurrock was a Magistracy world prior to the Reunification War, but was claimed by the Free Worlds League as a part of the enforced peace. Thurrock had benefited from three hundred years of investment from the League, and while it was unlikely to be raided by the Duchy of Andurien given the cordial relations between the Duchy and the Magistracy, other former League worlds attacked Thurrock frequently enough to keep the First busy.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Canopian Cuirassiers
Major Alexandra Vakirrov 3025[12]
Major Margaret Zachara 3050 - 3054[13][14]
Major Danai Centrella 3058[3]
Colonel Lane Meisel 3064 - 3079[3][8]
Colonel Candace Clifford 3085[15]
Colonel Chet Davids 3145[16]


The unit specialized in combat drops and displayed excellent salvage abilities.[8]

Composition History[edit]


First Canopian Cuirassiers (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[1]

- At this point in time the First Cuirassiers was stationed on Canopus IV.[1]

2786 - 2821[edit]

1st Canopian Cuirassiers (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[17]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Canopus IV. In 2821 the command was reduced to 42 percent of its strength and was deployed on Canopus IV.[17]


1st Canopian Cuirassiers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[18]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Canopus IV with an operational readiness of 84 percent.[18]


1st Canopian Cuirassiers (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[18]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Canopus IV with an operational readiness of 27 percent.[18]


Canopian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Fanatical)[12]

  • CO: Major Alexandra Vakirrov


1st Canopian Cuirassiers (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[19]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Canopus IV.[19]


First Canopian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Fanatical)[13][14]

  • CO: Major Margaret Zachara


First Canopian Cuirassiers (BattleMech Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[3][8]

  • CO: Colonel Lane Meisel
  • 2nd Battalion: Major Mart Gemmel
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Candace Clifford

First Air Guard (Air Lance/Veteran/Fanatical)[3][8]

First Armor Guard (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)[3][8]

  • Armor Commander: Colonel Carla Marx

First Infantry Guard (1 Battalion/Veteran/Fanatical)[3][8]

  • Infantry Commander: Major Juliet Tompson

- Supported by battle armor


After the Jihad the First Cuirassiers were reduced to forty percent of their pre-Jihad strength.[20]


First Canopian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Fanatical)[15]

  • CO: Colonel Candace Clifford

First Cuirassiers Air Guard (1 Squad/Veteran/Fanatical)[15]

  • CO: Commander Wil Cary

First Cuirassiers Armor Guard (Regular/Fanatical)[15]

  • CO: Colonel Lothaire Gomulka

First Cuirassiers Infantry Guard (Veteran/Fanatical)[15]

  • CO: Colonel Chet Denholm


First Canopian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Reliable)[16]

First Cuirassiers Air Guard (Veteran/Reliable)[16]

First Cuirassiers Armor Guard (Regular/Reliable)[16]

First Cuirassiers Infantry Guard (Veteran/Reliable)[16]

- At this point no element of the First could muster more than seventy percent of full strength.[16]


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