1st Canopian Lancers

1st Canopian Lancers.jpg
First Canopian Lancers
Formed 3114
Affiliation Magistracy of Canopus
Parent Command Canopian Lancers



The First Canopian Lancers was one of a wave of new regiments created by the Magistracy Armed Forces in 3114 as the Magistracy of Canopus expanded its military. The First was one of the first new regiments to form up, and was modeled on the Tau Ceti Lancers; the First was built around three mixed battalions, each consisting of fast medium and heavy BattleMechs, hovercraft and VTOLs augmented by fast-moving battle armor.[1] The Lancers trained alongside the Tau Ceti Lancers for nearly five years after forming, and the tradition of exchanging officers between the two commands lasted until at least the mid-Thirty-second century.[2]

The Dark Age[edit]

After training with the Tau Ceti Lancers the Canopian Lancers were deployed to the world of Kossandra's Memory, in response to a series of pirate raids against the planet by bandits believed to be operating from somewhere within the Marian Hegemony. After one of the pirates was captured and interrogated by the Ebon Magistrates the location of the pirate base was identified, and the Canopian Lancers swept quickly through the pirate ranks, clearing the base. An investigation was conducted, looking into allegations of Marian government support for the raiders, but nothing was found.[3]

In the mid-thirty-second century the First Lancers were deployed in support of Capellan Confederation operations against the Republic of the Sphere.[1][2] The Lancers fought alongside the Tau Ceti Lancers on various worlds within Prefecture VI of the Republic.[4] During the invasion the Lancers fought on various words including Pleione, Second Try and Yunnah. When the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces launched Operation CELESTIAL REWARD the Lancers deployed again, but as garrison forces within the remains of Prefecture V, freeing up CCAF units for active combat.[3]

In 3145 the First were deployed on the former Republic world of Acamar and were responsible for protecting the large-scale mining operations extracting metals such as gold, platinum and titanium vital to defense manufacturers in the Magistracy and Confederation.[1] The Lancers' Commanding Officer, Colonel Centrella-Tompkins, was a distant cousin of both the Magestrix and Chancellor Daoshen Liao. Having lost eight family members in the 3036 Andurien War, Tompkins-Liao was a vocally outspoken opponent of the marriage between Ilsa Liao and Duke Ari Humphreys of the Duchy of Andurien.[3]

While on Acamar in 3146 they were attacked by the Dawn Guards to distract the CCAF from Julian Davion's movement to the Federated Suns. The First tried to drive off the Republic troops, but were unable to do so. Their commander reported that the First was being attacked by Republic forces.[5]

Four years later they joined the 4th McCarron Armored Cavalry in an assault on Northwind's capital city, Tara. They engaged the XII Hastati Sentinels, and by 26 November the CCAF had nearly seized the entire planet. Republic reinforcements arrived in the form of four 'Mech battalions. The Lancers were engaged by a battalion of the 6th Fides Defenders.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Canopian Lancers
Colonel Valeria Centrella-Tompkins 3145[7][3]



Composition History[edit]


First Canopian Lancers (Veteran/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Colonel Valeria Centrella-Tompkins

- At this point in time the First were operating at five percent below full strength.


Game Rules[edit]


  • The First Canopian Lancers have the Overrun Combat special ability.[8][9]
  • The First Canopian Lancers have the Off-Map Movement special ability.[8][9]
  • The First Canopian Lancers are a highly-mobile unit favoring lighter units; when randomly determining the composition of a First Lancers force a -2 modifier is applied when generating units.[8][9]

Shattered Fortress/Northwind[edit]

When fighting in the Northwind Touchpoint the First:

  • is a C rated unit on the Magistracy of Canopus Random Assignment Table
  • is a Veteran rated unit
  • has a preference for lighter units, so the controlling player applies a -2 modifier to their roll for determining lance and company weight
  • can use the Overrun Combat and Off-Map Movement special abilities[10]


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