Caph Protectorate Militia Division

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First Caph Protectorate Militia Division
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Parent Formation Word of Blake Protectorate Militia

Unit Brief[edit]

The Caph Protectorate Militia is one of the many militias raised by Word of Blake to defend the Word of Blake Protectorate. The unit was deployed in Caph. As of 3075 it was the only unit raised from this planet.[1]


After the beginning of the Jihad, the Blake Protectorate in 3068 was solidly under the control of the Word of Blake.[2] This led to the formation of the Protectorate Militia, with each world protected by at least one division's worth of combined-arms troops. The formation of the Caph Protectorate Militia division was touted as a new source of jobs, where planet had been previously suffering from high unemployment.[3] The Word of Blake's 1st Division was used to train the planet's First Caph Protectorate Militia Division.[4]

In October 3068 a Clan warrior named Drago stalked and killed almost all of two Level IIs of Blakist forces near the mining settlement of Dallas, fifty kilometers from Aswan. Fighting over the course of several days, Drago and his matte-black Nova Cat-class OmniMech tracked and killed one Level II before engaging the second when it came to investigate a day later. Under the overall command of Demi-Precentor Alice Haywood, the surviving Level II withdrew after losing a 'Mech to Drago, studying salvaged information to try and learn Drago's identity before attempting to ambush him a day later. While the ambush didn't work as planned, Haywood was able to fight and kill Drago - but not before most, or possibly all, of the other personnel in her Level II were destroyed.[5]

Caph did experience a brief insurrection attempt on its sitting government. In 3070, these insurrectionists attempted to storm Caph's parliamentary buildings, but were stopped by local Word of Blake troops, particularly a Magi tank nicknamed, Force of Wisdom.[6] Individuals on Caph had been noted their resentment of their treatment of their world by the rest of the Inner Sphere, siding with Word of Blake was justifiable.[7]

On the 6th of June 3075,[8][9] the Caph Protectorate Militia was attacked by "mercenaries", allegedly the One-Eyed Jacks. This force allegedly damaged the Caph Protectorate Militia in their raid. However, Intelligence[10] reports and captured Word of Blake communications between Precentors Apollyon and Cameron St. Jamais discussing Apollyon's Shadow Divisions indicated it was one of these that attacked a number of Protectorate Militias, including Caph's.[11]

The unit most probably died or surrendered at the end of the Jihad.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Caph Protectorate Militia Division



Composition History[edit]

Protectorate Militia Divisions were equipped with enough DropShip capacity for transportation, but not JumpShips.[12]


As long as a Protectorate Militia force is fighting on its homeworld and is acting as the scenario's Defender, the Protectorate Militia force receives the Force the Initiative and Off-Map Movement special abilities. If deployed as the Attacker in a scenario, the Protectorate Militia force loses its Force the Initiative ability, but retains its Off-Map Movement capability.

If deployed on a world other than its homeworld (such as an Epsilon Eridani force being deployed on Genoa), the Protectorate Militia force not only loses all of its special abilities, but also suffers a –2 Initiative modifier.

Although Blakist-based, Protectorate Militia forces may use standard Inner Sphere force arrangements (Lances, Companies, and Battalions) rather than Word of Blake force arrangements.[13]


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