1st Chupadero Armored Legion

1st Chupadero Armored Legion
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed unknown


The First Chupadero Armored Legion was destroyed by Clan Smoke Jaguar forces.

Chupadero was conquered by Clan Smoke Jaguar in May 3050 during the Second Wave of Operation REVIVAL. The First Trinary Assault and Aerospace Trinary of the 214th Jaguar Dragoons invaded the planet, which was defended by the First Chupadero Armored Legion. The battle started quickly in the Jaguars' favor as their OmniFighters quickly decimated their opponent's antique air support, winning air superiority and First Trinary Assault ample time to hunt down the defenders at their leisure. At Dale Valley they easily stepped over 'Mech traps laid by the defenders and routed the tank regiment even as it attempted a retreat. The Legion's remnants fell back to the Billoc Tunnels, through which they intended to reach the capital Fredsin and make their final stand, but were foiled when Star Captain Wesley Moon decided to enter after them and destroyed their last remaining vehicles.[1]

In spite of the destruction rained upon them elements of the Chupadero Legion survived and went to ground. Rebuilding their forces from the local populace and scrounging any vehicle they could get their hands on, they were able to rebuild and field one infantry and two armor battalions to resist Clan rule.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Chupadero Armored Legion



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