1st Cossack Lancers

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First Cossack Lancers
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Parent Command RAF

Unit Brief[edit]

The First Cossack Lancers was an elite militia unit under the direct command of the planetary governor of Mirach.[1]


On the 22nd of November 3132 raiders attacked Mirach.[2] The raiders struck at a number of industrial sites located on the Ventrale continent, but were easily defeated by the First Cossack Lancers, particularly after a series of unfortunate accidents befell the raiders. Although the identity of the raiders was never proven, the general sentiment among the population was that they had been hired or employed by Jacob Bannson.[1] In May 3133 a coup was launched against the government on Mirach; although the coup was unsuccessful[3][2] and lasted less than ten days,[2] it was symptomatic of the chaos expanding throughout the region in the wake of Gray Monday.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the First Cossack Lancers
Captain Manfred Leclerc 3133[4]



Composition History[edit]


First Cossack Lancers[5]

  • Alpha Company[5]
  • Beta Company[5]
  • Gamma Company[5]
  • Delta Company[5]


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