1st Coventry Jaegers

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1st Coventry Jaegers
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Parent Formation Alliance Jaegers
Formed 3057


The First Coventry Jaegers were founded to counterbalance the pro-Victor Coventry CPM, undermining the support available to Coventry's ruler, Duke Harrison Bradford.[1]

They fought alongside Kristen's Krushers on Coventry against the Coventry Province Militia in 3063. Later, they attacked the Krushers and drove them off-planet. So, in October that year, they stood alone against Victor Steiner-Davion's task force of three regiments. They were destroyed as revenge for the destruction of the Coventry CPM. By the time the Jaegers surrendered on December 12, 3063, only 14 Jaeger soldiers were still alive, 8 of those in critical condition.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Coventry Jaegers
Colonel Jason Walker 3062 - 3063[1]


The Coventry Jaegers employ the time-honored tactics of the LAAF - climb into a heavy BattleMech and outlast your opponent in a stand-up fight.[1]

Composition History[edit]


1st Coventry Jaegers (1 Combined Arms Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[1]
CO: Colonel Jason Warlker
Aide: Kommandant Aleksa Churkin
- As a prestige unit, they use the best equipment and 'Mechs available: for example Blitzkrieg and Hauptmann 'Mechs, and one Infantry Battalion (includes a Fenrir Battle Armor Platoon).

1st Coventry Jaeger Aerospace (1 Wing/Regular/Fanatical)[1]
CO: Kommandant Jami Danieli


Their unit color was a bright canary-yellow.


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