1st Drakøns

1st Drakøns crest
First Drakøns Regiment
Formed 3034
Disbanded 3050 (destroyed)
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command Drakøns

Among the most elite units of the KungsArmé, the First Drakøns were destroyed during the assault on the Free Rasalhague Republic's capital by Clan Wolf.


The Ronin Wars[edit]

One of the eight KungsArmé units created after the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, the green newborn 1st Drakøn were stationed on the low-key world of Tukayyid where they received the Fox's Teeth, an AFFS unit on training duties in the Lyran Commonwealth at the time of the Republic's creation who were sent by the future Federated Commonwealth as advisers and trainers to assist that new realm.

Despite the expectation that the world devoid of all but farms and religious monasteries would not be targeted during the Ronin Wars, with Warlord Vasily Cherenkoff desperate for large quantities of food to supply his Ronin forces, in June 3034 elements of the Ronin 1st Altenmarkt Militia launched a supply raid against the breadbasket world. [1] [2]

Striking while the Drakøns were out on training maneuvers with the command lance of the Fox's Teeth, the Militia sent a small diversionary group against them while the bulk of their force moved towards the massive grain silos near the Davion unit's firebase in the Pozoristu Mountains. While the Drakøns and Fox's Teeth mauled the diversionary force, the rest of the Militia rolled over the troops at the Davion troop's base camp before being being forced to withdraw. Though the Fox's Teeth requested permission to launch a retaliatory strike against the Ronin, the Republic high command refused and ordered them to complete training the 1st Drakøns.[1] [2]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Immediately prior the the Clan Invasion, the now elite ranked and fanatically rated 1st Drakøns were stationed on Rasalhague, capital of both the Rasalhague Province and the Republic as a whole. [3] They were stationed around Reykjavik, the capital city. Their oversized air support, the famed Flying Drakøns, were orbiting the city as well. The Drakøn's air support was seen as the key for the battle.[4] When the 4th Wolf Guards landed at a site two hundred kilometers north of their positions, the Drakøns redeployed along the Klaraven River, which took them far away from Reykjavik. The Drakon's air wing was unable to affect the Fourth Wolf Guard's drop. The Drakøns engaged the Fourth Wolf Guards, but other Wolf units took their objectives and threatened to cut off the Drakøns. They were ordered to return to Reykjavik. During their withdrawal, they harried the Fourth Guards all the way to the capital.[5] After the Elected Prince left Rasalhague, the First Drakøns joined their fellow defenders in Reykjavik. There they fought fanatically against the Clan Wolf forces, inflicting heavy losses on the Wolves and their own city. The Wolves were outraged by this wanton destruction, and eradicated the Drakøns completely.[6]

However, several soldiers from the First were known to have survived the invasion, and these warriors were used by the Wolf Clan as liaisons with the population of Rasalhague.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Drakøns
Overste Eric Siggurson 3050[3]



Composition History[edit]

'Mech companies have four lances, not three, and missile support lances often have five or even six BattleMechs.[8]



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