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1st Ducal Guard

1st Ducal Guard
Disbanded 3014
Affiliation Anton Marik
Parent Command Ducal Guards


This was a veteran-quality unit comprised of the best of Duke Anton Marik's personal forces, [1] the First Ducal spent the war protecting their master on New Delos. [2]

In November 3014, the First briefly mobilized when loyalist forces jumped into the New Delos system. The attackers proved to be the Aerospace Fighters of the 72nd Heavy Fighter Wing who attempted bombardment of the Duke's headquarters as well as an orbital attack on the Dragoons' Hephaestus Station. The raid did little actual damage and losses to the First Ducal on the ground were light. [3] [4]

When Duke Anton ordered the arrests of Colonel Joshua Wolf and the liaison staff of Wolf's Dragoons, it sealed his fate and that of the First Ducal Guards. The Dragoons assaulted New Delos en masse, destroying everything that stood in their way. Despite their supposed loyalty, elements of the First Guard saw the writing on the wall and commandeered several DropShips while Delta Regiment was assaulting the spaceport, abandoning their comrades and their Duke. The rest of the First Ducal Guard were completely destroyed by the Dragoons along with Duke Anton. [5] [6][7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Ducal Guard



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Game Notes[edit]

1st Ducal Guard[edit]

When playing the role of the defender, the First Ducal Guard receives an initiative bonus of 2. [2]


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