1st Edo Company

1st Edo Company
Affiliation Draconis Combine (except for 3057-3059)
Independent (3057-3059)
Parent Command 11th Legion of Vega


The 1st Edo Company was a company within the 11th Legion of Vega.[1]

While on Rockland in 3057, the company deserted. Chu-sa Evan Mathers, the unit's commander and pilot of its only BattleMech, cut off all communications and led the unit to set up camp in a desert far from the 11th's position. Mathers sought to hunt and kill remaining Smoke Jaguars on the planet, as revenge for the Turtle Bay Massacre. An unplanned rogue Smoke Jaguar prisoner turned out to be the carrier of a gene-targeted bioweapon that ran rampant through the company. As Mathers self-destructed his 'Mech amidst the chaos, company doctor Gwen Hudson called the 11th for emergency assistance on 5 September 3059, leading to the Legion picking up the remnants of the shattered deserters and taking at least Hudson into custody.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Edo Company
Chu-sa Evan Mathers 3057-3059[1]


No specific tactics are known for this unit.

Composition History[edit]

In their time as deserters from 3057 to 5 September 3059, the 1st Edo Company had a single BattleMech, a Gunslinger, as well as soldiers and support staff.[1]


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