1st Falcon Hussars (Clan Jade Falcon)

Clan Jade Falcon Logo
First Falcon Hussars
Nickname The Tokasha Hussars
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy
Sigma Galaxy (previous)


The First Falcon Hussars were assigned to Sigma Galaxy prior to the Refusal War. With the conclusion of that conflict and the rebuilding of the Falcon forces the Hussars were transferred to Gamma Galaxy. In 3061 they were part of the fighting in the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone against Clan Steel Viper. The Hussars fought in the deciding battle of the Hegira War on Waldorff.[1]

As of 3072, a BattleMech Trinary commanded by Quinn Kerensky and named "Quinn's Ravagers" raided prior to July Harvest, Planting, Dell and Svarstaad in less than two months.[2]

In Dell, she challenged the Dell Solahma Cluster for supplies, parts, and replacement 'Mechs, but when the Solahma Cluster denied her challenge she engaged the cluster and annihilated the garrison. After that, Clan Jade Falcon picked the supply depot clean.[2]

No opposition was found in Planting and Harvest.[2]

Finally when raiding Svarstaad they found a true opposition. Quinn Kerensky issued a Trial of Possession for her genetic legacy and was refused. Her two DropShips made planetfall on two different sides of a mountain ridge. The Blue Keshik split to handle the two forces while the Sixth Wolf Cavalry Cluster defended the cities. Galaxy Commander Shistu Sradac found instead of brave Falcon warriors a DropShip with a few abtakha from the Dell Solahma Cluster‎‎. Meanwhile, Star Captain Harold Kerensky was attacked by the Falcons' full Trinary. They fought bravely but the two Binaries were no match for the ferocious Ravagers. Harold Kerensky asked for safcon but was denied as Quinn tore apart his Daishi single handedly and then vaporized the crippled 'Mech's cockpit with a PPC blast. The Falcons then returned to the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone with a Star's worth of salvageable 'Mechs.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Falcon Hussars
Star Colonel Amelia Icaza 3059


As of 3072, Quinn Kerensky was one of the Star Captains of the unit.[3]



Composition History[edit]


First Falcon Hussars


First Falcon Hussars

  • Unknown number of Trinaries, though at least one "Quinn's Ravagers" (commanded by Quinn Kerensky).[2]


Their unit insignia is a golden Jade Falcon with a spear in its claws.


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