1st Kavalleri (Rasalhague Dominion)

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First Kavalleri
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Polar Galaxy
Formed 3072

Unit Description[edit]

The First Kavalleri is a Clan-style military formation that is deployed by the Clan Ghost Bear in the Rasalhague Dominion. Utilizing Combined-Arms tactics, the unit specialized in using fast hovercraft and 'Mechs.[1]



After the absorption of the Free Rasalhague Republic in 3070 by the Ghost Bear Dominion, the KungsArmé was slowly integrated into Clan Ghost Bear's Touman.[2]

To honor the Rasalhague past, the Ghost Bears reformed the First Kavalleri as part of their new Polar Galaxy in 3072. They staffed the new Cluster with former members of the KungsArmé. However, these soldiers would undergo a Trial of Position to retain their "warrior" ranks in the new reorganization of the KungsArmé. Reborn First Kavalleri's members would be full of tensions as some former Republic soldiers would lose their positions within the cluster.[3][4]

Rebellion and Aftermath[edit]

In Mid-October of 3076, the First Kavalleri and Second Freemen staged a rebellion on their respective worlds. Twenty percent of the Kavalleri's former KungsArmé MechWarriors had failed their Trials of Position and were being reassigned to lesser roles in the new Clan structure force including being forced to undertake civilian tasks. Having fought for many years in the KungsArmé for the Free Rasalhague Republic, they felt they had well earned their position as fighting soldiers and refused to stand down to lesser roles. First Kavalleri's animosity to these orders caused other former KungsArmé units to exhibit discontent in their ranks. By November, Rasalhague Galaxy was recalled from fighting the Jihadists in the Word of Blake's Protectorate to put down the Rebellion. The 1st Rasalhague Bears would land on Satalice to confront the First Kavalleri. It would take a week of negotiations to convince the Kavalleri to peacefully stand down. This decision spared the unit from the near-total destruction that their fellow rebel unit, the Second Freeman would receive. Key personnel who sparked the rebellion would be arrested from the Kavalleri, the unit self would be allowed to remain on rosters due to their importance to Rasalhague people, but with new troops to replace the old.[5]

After the Cluster's rebels were separated from the rest of the Cluster, it was restaffed. By 3079 the unit's morale was at an all time low, with little new equipment being assigned to the unit due to actions during the rebellion while it was stationed on Radlje. As what appears to have been a precautionary move by 3085, the Cluster would be reassigning them to the Oriente which was more loyal to the pro-Clan rule.[6][7]

Second Combine-Dominion War[edit]

During the Second Combine-Dominion War, the Cluster had still been station on Orestes. The unit's fighting strength had significantly improved since the Jihad. Khan Aletha Kabrinski had ordered the First along with other defensive Clusters to take up defensive positions around significant industries that could be potentially attacked by the Draconis Combine and their Clan Nova Cat allies. The First was charged with defending Janesek Industries and Odin Manufacturing; they would start building defensive fortification and earthworks around the complexes.

In late April of 3099, a raiding force arrived via a pirate point consisting of the Second Legion of Vega. Originally intended as a quick raid against Odin's main facilities located on Orestes' continent of Clytemnestra. Unfortunately for the First Kavalleri, the raid had caught them before they could reinforce their existing defensive bulwarks around Odin. The Second's commander, Tai-sa Youta Nakahara, saw an opportunity to inflict more damage against Ghost Bear factory complete. Tai-sa Nakahara deployed his supporting conventional regiments to help encircle the Odin facility, having them destroy ground and rail links to the factory complex to isolate the defenders. The Kavalleri found themselves under siege by the Vegan's armor units of the Fifty-third Vegan Lancers and Legion's main 'Mech forces.

The cluster would hold firm against the Vegan's attacks by using their positions behind reinforced walls and 'Mech bunkers. During the course of the six day battle, the Kavalleris take heavy casualties when Tai-sa Nakahara ordered an artillery bombardment of their positions and that of the factory. To keep the Combine forces at bay, the Kavalleri would sallies to deter the Kuritans' from breaching their positions. By April 31st, the Second Legion withdrew from the planet. Effectively knocked out of the war, the battle had left the First reduced to Binaries of ’Mechs and battle armor. The Kavalleri would slowly begin to rebuild starting in October when Odin's Shadow Hawk production line resumed operations.[8]

After Gray Monday[edit]

After the fall of the HPG network, the First Kavalleri was assigned to Christian Månsdottir School of Combat. There they would be used as Opposition Force to help train the students of the school in handling raids done by Hell's Horses and Clan Jade Falcon's combat units using their new Mongol tactics.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Kavalleri (Rasalhague Dominion)
Galaxy Commander Amy Findlay 3076[10][11]
Galaxy Commander Sjur Isakson 3145[12]


As with all Kavalleri Clusters, the First's soldiers are trained in using misdirection and ambush tactics. This is due to the light weight of the Cluster's touman which focus on hovercraft type combat vehicles and speedy fast 'Mechs.[13]

Composition History[edit]


  • First Kavalleri (Cluster) [Regular Skilled, Questionable Loyalty]
Note: Stationed on Satalice, unit at 45% strength.[14]


  • First Kavalleri(Cluster) [Regular Skilled, Questionable Loyalty]
Note: Stationed on Radlje, unit at 55% strength, Omni Equipment Rating of 10%.[15]


  • First Kavalleri (Cluster) [Regular Skilled, Questionable Loyalty]
Note: Stationed on Orestes, the unit at 60% strength, Omni Equipment Rating of 15% Second-Line equipment.[16]


  • First Kavalleri (Cluster) [Elite Skilled, Regular Loyalty]
Note: Stationed on Rasalhague, the unit is at 80% fighting strength, Omni Equipment Rating of 0% Second Line equipment.[17]


Game Rules[edit]

Field Manual: 3085 - When using the Random Assignment Table (RAT) from this book, First Kavalleri get a -2 to rolls to assign units to this force. Any results that are less than 2, should considered to be 2.[18]


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