1st Knights of the Inner Sphere

1st-2nd Knight of the Inner Sphere logo.png
First Knights of the Inner Sphere
Formed 3054
Nickname The Gold Knights
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Knights of the Inner Sphere


The First Knights of the Inner Sphere first saw action on Gibson. Involved in a brutal civil war, the First Knights faced elements of the Word of Blake Militia and the 2nd Regulan Hussars, defeating both units despite the use of tactical nuclear weapons. More important to the Knights than a military victory was the morality. They didn't see themselves as fighting an enemy, but fighting to protect the rights of the people of Gibson. A short time later the Knights responded to a crazy man trying to provoke a war by painting his machines to look like the Knights. After landing on New St. Andrews, the Knights dispatched their opponents and restored their good name.[1]

After the Jade Falcons attacked Coventry in 3058, Katherine Steiner-Davion asked Thomas Marik for assistance from the First Knights. They traveled to Coventry and placed themselves under the command of Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht and Victor Steiner-Davion. Though they didn't see any fighting, the Knights were impressed by Victor's solution to the Jade Falcon invasion.[1]

Task Force Serpent[edit]

Their reputation for moral conduct and adhering to high ideals convinced Morgan Hasek-Davion to invite the First Knights to act as the conscience of Task Force Serpent. In this role, the Knights could act as a governor in case a unit of Task Force Serpent exceeded their authority and committed war crimes. Having the Knights there served to defuse such situations.[2][3] The Knights also acted as a substitute Smoke Jaguar force for training against the other units of Task Force Serpent, starting with the Eridani Light Horse.[4]

During the Battle of Huntress, the First Knights attacked a training base alongside Kingston's Legionnaires.[5] During this encounter, the Knights had to call upon the Com Guard Second Division for reinforcements. This encounter, the first one that saw widespread use of ProtoMechs, resulted in 50% losses for the Knights. The Legionnaires fared worse, taking 70% casualties. After this the invasion of Huntress was over, and the second part of Task Force Serpent's mission began.[6]

When fleeing Smoke Jaguar forces landed on Huntress, the First Knights, First Kathil Uhlans, and the Northwind Highlanders defended the area around Lake Osis, maintaining a line of retreat for other SLDF troops. This southern command faced the Shroud Keshik and Jaguar's Heart units. Though the Jaguars were eventually repelled, the defenders took heavy casualties. The Knights were down to a quarter of their original strength.[7] A retreat became a rout, and before Victor Steiner-Davion's reinforcements arrived, the Knights (and all other units of Task Force Serpent) were reduced in strength by approximately 80%.[8] The First Knights took six years to rebuild, and the LCCC declared them at full strength in 3067.[9]


In 3068 the Knights were recalled to Atreus by the Captain-General. During a parade review, the Word of Blake attacked the Knights with chemical weapons. As they weren't expecting combat, the Techs hadn't installed the filter systems commonly used when entering combat. This lack of filter systems killed many of the First Knights. The remaining Knights attempted to break out of the parade cordon, but were slowed dramatically by the Atreus City Police Department in their PM6 Peacemakers and the 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires.[10]

The Knights who escaped were able to break into lance-sized units and go to ground. They continued to fight the Blakists and their Marik allies for the next nine years. Unfortunately, the 8th Legionnaires and the Blakist's 15th Division shattered their command structure and hunted the knights ruthlessly, leading to the Knight's destruction in 3076.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Knights of the Inner Sphere
Colonel Paul Masters 3054 - 3061[12]
Colonel Clarisse Boyer 3061 - 3068[13]


The First Knights of the Inner Sphere was composed of the best MechWarriors from the Free Worlds League Military. As such they were experts in offensive and defensive operations and individually were incredibly skilled. The Knights had little experience working in large formations however, and this affected their ability to fight in larger units.[1]

Composition History[edit]


1st Knights of the Inner Sphere (BattleMech Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[1]

- The 1st & 2nd are heavy 'Mech battalions
- The 3rd is a medium-class battalion

Order of the Silver Cross (Aerospace Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[1]

- The Leagues best pilots integrate in the Wing



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