1st Lipton Protectorate Militia Division

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First Lipton Protectorate Militia Division
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Protectorate Militia

The First Lipton Protectorate Militia is one of the many militias raised by Word of Blake to defend the Word of Blake Protectorate. The unit was deployed in Lipton. As of 3075 the planet had raised two divisions, the 1st and the 2nd.[1]


It wasn't until the Jihad that the Liptoners had their illusions shattered. Mercenaries employed by the Word of Blake raided the world, destroying both the main base used by the Fourth Alliance Guards and several industrial complexes. The destruction of these factories sent the world's economy into depression, and the lack of trade during the Jihad further damaged Lipton's economy.[2]

The 1st Lipton was unusual, in that it was one of the few Protectorate Militia Divisions to be moved from its homeworld and deployed in an offensive action by the Word of Blake. In the case of the 1st Lipton, this involved being deployed in a Blakist counteroffensive on Dyev against forces from Clan Ghost Bear in 3076. The other forces who joined the 1st Lipton on Dyev were the 28th and 32nd Militia Divisions augmented by the 3rd Bryant, 2nd New Earth and 1st Zosma Protectorate Militia Divisions.[3][4]

It was reported by Word of Blake media outlets that after landing around Trogport and the planetary capital, Novaya Mensk, the 28th, Bryant and Lipton Division forces used mine tunnels connecting to the Tupik chasm to hold off forces from the Ghost Bear Alpha and Omega Galaxies. [5]


Both the 28th and 32nd Militia Divisions are known to have been destroyed on Dyev in 3076; it is therefore very likely that the less well-equipped 1st Lipton was also destroyed in the same military action.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Lipton Protectorate Militia Division



Composition History[edit]

In common with the other Protectorate Militia Divisions, the 1st Lipton would have been equipped with enough DropShip capacity for transportation, but not JumpShips.[6]


As long as a Protectorate Militia force is fighting on its homeworld and is acting as the scenario's Defender, the Protectorate Militia force receives the Force the Initiative and Off-Map Movement special abilities. If deployed as the Attacker in a scenario, the Protectorate Militia force loses its Force the Initiative ability, but retains its Off-Map Movement capability.

If deployed on a world other than its homeworld (such as an Epsilon Eridani force being deployed on Genoa), the Protectorate Militia force not only loses all of its special abilities, but also suffers a –2 Initiative modifier.

Although Blakist-based, Protectorate Militia forces may use standard Inner Sphere force arrangements (Lances, Companies, and Battalions) rather than Word of Blake force arrangements.[7]


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