1st Long Road Legion

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Insignia of the 1st Long Road Legion
1st Long Road Legion
Formed 3064 (est.) [1]
Previous Designation(s) Bammer's Bunch

Thermo Police

Nickname The Moons
Affiliation Raven Alliance
Parent Command Alliance Militia Corps[2]


Outworlds Alliance President Mitchell Avellar initiated the Long Road Program in 3056, a sweeping series of reforms across the Alliance. As part of the Long Road Program, President Avellar received a temporary waiver from Parliament and hired mercenary companies to reinforce the Alliance Ground Defense Arm (AGDA). By 3058 Bammer's Bunch and the Thermo Police mercenary companies were two of five mercenary commands hired, stationed on Rudolpho and Tellman IV respectively.[3]

Between 3058 and 3064, Bammer's Bunch and the Thermo Police were chosen to be the foundation unit of the 1st Long Road Legion (1LRL) under the 2nd Alliance Air Wing. The former mercenary companies became the core of the Command Battalion and Chairman Seymore Hares of the Thermo Police was chosen as Legion's Commanding Officer. The Legion's Second Battalion was an armor battalion and Third Battalion was a reinforced infantry battalion. By 3064 the Legion was stationed on Lushann.[1]

In 3066, low morale in the Second Battalion almost led to defeat by raiders on Risin, but Chairman Roper was able to rally his troops.[4]

In 3079 the Legion was stationed on Jordan Weis, along with elements of the Fourth Alliance Air Wing; while Clan Snow Raven had notionally taken over responsibility for defending the Outworlds Alliance, the Grenadiers and the other Alliance Military Command units were still performing the majority of the garrison operations within the Alliance core worlds.[5]


Year Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Long Road Legion
3063 Chairman Seymore Hares 1st Long Road Legion and Command Battalion

Composition History[edit]


  • First Long Road Legion (Regular/Reliable)[5]
- At this point in time the Legion were stationed on Jordan Weis and were operating at four-fifths of full strength, but lacked any advanced technology.[5]

Colors and Insignia[edit]

The Command Battalion's insignia is a path with several falling stars in the sky. The 2nd Battalion's is a path with several stars rising into the sky above it. The 3rd Battalion's is several stars twinkling in the sky above a path. [1]


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