1st Loyalty Defenders

Loyalty Defenders.jpg
First Loyalty Defenders
Formed 3079[1]
Nickname The Steadfast
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Loyalty Defenders


The First Loyalty Defenders were formed after the fall of the Free Worlds League. The unit was created to protect the world of Loyalty from other former Free Worlds polities. Loyalty had a great deal of clout in the League because it hosted factories owned by Kallon Industries and SelaSys Incorporated. The militia unit on world was given upgraded equipment, but in 3085 it lacked experience.[2]

In 3080 a company of the Defenders was lost, along with the Paradise system, when troops from the Principality of Regulus used nuclear weapons to destroy Word of Blake forces. The Defenders became part of the FWLM in 3089 when the Duchy of Graham-Marik joined the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. By rejoining the FWLM, the First was rebuilt faster than it would have been otherwise. It also received a great deal of support from the LCCC as it was stationed in the corridor that joins the two halves of the rebuilt Free Worlds League. The unit won several small Trials against the Wolf Empire, but lost a larger Trial of Possession against the Nineteenth Wolf Cavalry in 3144. This loss cost the League some output from a Kallon Industries plant.[1] They were stationed on Loyalty in 3145.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Loyalty Defenders
Force Commander Chao Hori 3085[4]
Colonel Alex Mejia 3145[3]


The Loyalty Defenders were skilled in defensive tactics.[1]

Composition History[edit]


First Loyalty Defenders (1 Battalion/Green/Fanatical)[4]

  • CO: Force Commander Chao Hori

First Loyalty Armor Battalion (Green/Fanatical)[4]

  • CO: Force Commander Hortensius Bounarroti

First Loyalty Infantry Regiment (Regular/Fanatical)[4]


First Loyalty Defenders (1 Battalion/Veteran/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Colonel Alex Mejia

First Loyalty Armor Regiment (Elite/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Jocelyn Hunter

First Loyalty Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Colonel Darrick Jimenez



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