I Legio

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I Legio.jpg
I Legio
Formed 2922
Nickname The Praetorian Guard
Affiliation Marian Hegemony
Parent Command Marian Hegemony Armed Forces

Unit Description[edit]

The first military formation of the Marian Hegemony, considered the Hegemony's premier and most fanatically loyal unit.



Formed in 2922[1] by the Hegemony's founder Johann Sebastian O'Reilly, who hired several unemployed mercenary units in forming the Hegemony's first military force. Johann offered these original members in to service by titles and lands in exchange for their oath of allegiance to him. These original members became the core of the Hegemony's Patrician caste of military officers for decades to come.

Insurrection of Caesar Julius O'Reilly[edit]

In late July 3063, Julius O'Reilly, son of Caesar Sean O'Reilly, arrived on Alphard. At head of the II & III Legios and other support units, he arrived at capital city of Nova Terra. He was then crowned Caesar by governing Senate. He then addressed the Senate and the Hegemony via broadcast that he charged his father for crimes not fitting to its ruler.

The I Legion's Prima Cohort (1st Cohort) had been garrisoned at Palace, Caesar Julius had order them to quiet the rebellion. Only half of the I Legion acknowledged the order to attack the "rebels". The II Legion cut down Sean's Loyalist I Legion as they departed their stations in Palace.[2] The rest of the I Legion's members elected to commit suicide rather than serve the new Caesar.

Rebuilding & Circinian Conflict[edit]

After Caesar Julius succeeded in toppling his father, most of the original members of the I Legios had died or committed suicide. All that remained of original I Legios was the Securtda Cohort under the command of the politically asute Legatus Robert Kron. Kron's family connections allowed for him to remain in command, but his unit was not rated as highly as others. The Legios received veterans transferred in from other units to rebuild the Prima Cohort's ranks. The unit expanded to third Cohort with completely new recruits among them. The unit also expanded to include an aerospace wing and a combined arms cohort to support the main units.[3]

In early 3066, the I Legion and its brother unit II Legion, were led by Caesar Julius in the second wave of the invasion of the Circinus Federation. Their objective was Circinus itself, where the unit attack the capital city. However, invasion was stifled by stronger than expected defenses. The Circinian defenders numbered 8 reinforced BattleMech battalions, far more than the Circinians were known to have. The I Legio was pulled from Circinus by Caesar to return to Alphard to repel the Circinian counter-invasion.[4] The unit reaped a considerable amount of loot from the campaign in the Circinian capital.

After the conflict, the I Legio had expanded further to include two more Cohorts.

In 3079 the unit relocated to Trondheimal. There it played a key role in defending against Circinian raiders and kept the peace in the Illyrian District.[5]

Unit Colors and Insignia[edit]

The unit's colors are midnight blue and dark gray with red and white trim. Its insignia is a dark gray fasces with a red axe blade with midnight blue bands.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the I Legio
Caesar Sean O'Reilly 3058
Imperator David Gladding 3064
Imperator Clarence Miller 3145



The I Legios is trained extensively in defensive tactics. Principal tactical doctrine uses the Legios's lighter units lure the enemy to its heavier units in form of ambush. Its auxiliary / Combined-Arms entrenches to enable itself to dispense blistering attacks to the enemy.

Composition History[edit]



  • I Legions
    • 1st Cohort - CO: Legatus Willhem Arex - Stationed on Alphard
      • Veteran / Fanatical
    • 2nd Cohort - CO: Legatus Katherine Applegate - Station on Pompey
      • Regular / Fanatical


  • I Legions[7]
    • Prima Cohort - CO: Legatus Joanna Behrensen
      • Veteran / Fanatical
    • Securtda Cohort - CO: Legatus Robert Kron
      • Elite / Reliable
    • Tertia Cohort - CO: Legatus Haakan Westlund
      • Veteran / Fanatical
  • Prima Auxilia Alphardensis (1st Alphard Auxiliary Legion) - Prefect Nicole Goulet
    • Veteran / Fanatical
      • A Combined-Arms honor guard formation which is only assigned Alphard as defensive force. The Unit is not deployed with rest of the Legios.
  • Ala Alba (White Wing) (Aerospace Fighter Wing) - CO: Legatus William Mitchell
    • Veteran / Fanatical


  • I Legions[8]
    • Prima Cohort - CO: Legatus Joanna Behrensen
      • Elite / Fanatical - Assigned to Alphard
    • Securtda Cohort - CO: Legatus Robert Kron
      • Veteran / Reliable - Assigned to Stafford
    • Tertia Cohort - CO: Legatus Haakan Westlund
      • Elite / Fanatical - Assigned to Pompey
    • Quarta Cohort - CO: Legatus Bartolomeo Gracchi
      • Regular / Reliable - Assigned to Pompey
    • Quinta Cohort - CO: Legatus William Noland
      • Regular / Reliable - Assigned to Stafford
  • Prima Auxilia Alphardensis (1st Alphard Auxiliary Legion) - Prefect Dorlan Pihl
    • Veteran / Fanatical - Assigned to Alphard
  • Ala Alba (White Wing) (Aerospace Fighter Wing) - CO: Legatus Trent Boothby
    • Elite / Fanatical - Assigned to Alphard


The I Legio was reduced to 60% of its strength by the Jihad.[5]


The I Legio's early listing did not use the Latin language. As brief translation, Prima = One, Securtda = 2, Tertia = 3, Quarta = 4, and Quinta = 5. The unit was originally known as the 1st Marian Legion in 2nd edition of the Periphery source book (1996).[9]

Game Notes[edit]

When using Force Specific Rules, the I Legion +2 to its initiative if its the defender. If a I Legion unit/mech/vehicle/etc is the target of multiple enemy units (more than one attacker), and is behind partial cover. The successful hits on this I Legion unit are rolled on full-body chart instead of the partial. Please note this partial ability should be used if only using old game rules that pre-date Total Warfare.[10]


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