1st Taurian Pride

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First Taurian Pride
Previous Designation(s) The New Colony Lancers
Nickname The New Colony Lancers
Affiliation First Taurian Concordat
Shifted to Calderon Protectorate
Parent Command VI Corps
Taurian Pride

The First Taurian Pride was founded as the lead unit of the Taurian Concordat VI Corps before defecting to the Calderon Protectorate.


Founded originally as the New Colony Lancers, part of the Taurian Defense Force VI Corps, the unit changed it's name to the First Taurian Pride after the secession of the Calderon Protectorate from the Taurian Concordat. The New Colony Lancers took on the new name to distance themselves from the insurrection within the Colonial Marshals in the New Colony Region. Referring to themselves as loyal Taurians engaged in civil disobedience calmed the fears of the Taurian Concordat, who would otherwise have expected a violent rebellion like that launched the Marshals. To further identify themselves as loyal to the ideals of the Concordat, the Pride only wore the Taurian Concordat logo as their insignia.[1]

In 3064 the First Taurian Pride was deployed in its constituent battalions and was stationed on the worlds of Erod's Escape, Tyrrhenia, and Mirfak.[2]

After the formation of the Calderon Protectorate, the First rapidly gained experience. Where it was originally a green unit, by 3067 the frequent skirmishes with pirates and other forces led many intelligence agencies to rate the First Pride's skill level as Veteran. The regiment remained split into battalion level formations, and garrisoned Erod's Escape, Marknick, and Gaul.[3]

During the Jihad the First Taurian Pride was part of a cease-fire agreement between the Taurian Concordat and the Calderon Protectorate. With the Condordat's capital world heavily damaged, the First Pride and several other units of the Protectorate garrisoned Taurian Concordat worlds against pirates and Word of Blake-sponsored units. When the Concordat launched its attack on the Federated Suns, however, the First Taurian Pride was withdrawn from the Concordat and returned to the Protectorate, part of a general protest against the atrocities being conducted by the Taurian Defense Force in its campaign. The First Taurian Pride was stationed on Erod's Escape in 3079, with the newly-formed Calderon Guard brigade guarding many of the worlds that the First had previously garrisoned.[4]

The First were still the bulwark of the Protectorate's armed forces at this point in time, a status that earned them the best equipment but also saw them receive the most difficult assignments. Baron Cham Kithrong continued to prioritize the First as much as he could, albeit while continuing to divert personnel and equipment into the expanding Calderon Guard regiments.[4]

The Dark Age[edit]

After the Jihad closed, the First Taurian Pride relocated to Erod's Escape. There they served as an example of dedication to duty for other Calderon Protectorate forces. Their permanent posting to the Protectorate caused them some problems as they were the target of dozens of pirate raids. These raids eventually wore the regiment down to a pair of battalions, but in every conflict the Taurian Pride was victorious. As of 3085 the unit is attempting to rebuild its lost battalion and longs to attack the Taurian Concordat to repay them for the Taurian's many genocidal efforts against the Federated Suns.[5]

By the mid-thirty-second century the First was seeing less combat than many of the other commands within the Calderon Protectorate military, having been stationed on the Protectorate capital world.[6] In 3145 the commanding officer of the First was Colonel Maxwell Calderon-Anderson, and he was noted for the individual personal attention he paid to every member of his command and to every student at the Calderon Institute of Combat, the Protectorate military academy that he was also serving as commandant of.[6][7] Colonel Calderon-Anderson's approach to running the military academy was unusual, in that those students who displayed what he considered to be the potential for greatness received special attention, regardless of their academic scores or performance in combat trials. Those students were taken aside for more personal tutoring and were often assigned to the First Taurian Pride after graduation.[7] Colonel Calderon-Anderson took a smilar approach to the First, where he ensured that every member of the unit had what they needed to excel at their jobs;[6] as a result, he was beloved of the students at the CIC[7] and the members of First were fanatically loyal to him and to the Calderon family. That devotion pushed the First to be the best in any engagement or exercise.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Taurian Pride
Colonel Brian Moore 3064[1]
Colonel Peter LaCasse 3067[8]
Colonel Cornelius Hamilton 3085[9]
Colonel Maxwell Calderon-Anderson 3145[10]


The Taurian Pride hasn't developed a particular tactical specialty, but their unit cohesion is present at all levels.[1]

Composition History[edit]


First Taurian Pride (1 Regiment/Green/Questionable)[1]

  • CO: Colonel Brian Moore
  • 1st Battalion: Brigadier Hans Gunter
  • 2nd Battalion: Brigadier Darrin Thomason
  • 3rd Battalion: Brigadier Liza Moody

- The 1st is an light to medium 'Mech regiment.

First Pride Defense Division (1 Squadron/Regular/Questionable)[1]

- Most equiped with light fighters.

New Colony Guard (1 Battalion/Green/Questionable)[1]

  • Infantry Commander: Subaltern Phyllis Sumarta


First Taurian Pride (1 Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Peter LaCasse

First Pride Defense Division (1 Wing/Regular/Questionable)[8]

  • Armor Commander: Air Master Kelly Swift

New Colony Guard (1 Battalion/Green/Questionable)[8]

  • Armor Commander: Subaltern Derrik Masters


The fighting of the Jihad and the Protectorate's poor supply situation finds the First Taurian Pride reduced to approximately two-thirds of their pre-Jihad strength with a fifth of the unit using advanced technology.[4]


First Taurian Pride (Veteran/Fanatical)[9]

  • CO: Colonel Cornelius Hamilton

First Pride Defense Division (Wing/Veteran/Reliable)[9]

New Colony Guard (1 Battalion/Regular/Questionable)[9]

  • CO: Subaltern Baruch Grosser


First Taurian Pride (Veteran/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Colonel Maxwell Calderon-Anderson

First Pride Defense Division (Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Senior Air Master Clemente Coffman

New Colony Guard (Veteran/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Colonel Rosendo McInnis

At this point in time the First Pride and the New Colony Guard were both operating at ninety percent of full strength, but the First Pride Defense Division were actually operating at five percent above full strength.[10]


Game Rules[edit]


  • The First Taurian Pride has the Banking the Initiative special ability.[11]
  • The First Taurian Pride may choose the first unit of any lance-size unit from all of the possible units to be rolled when rnadomly determining force composition. The other units within each lance are determined randomly.[11]
  • When fighting on Calderon Protectorate territory and facing either pirate forces or Taurian Defense Force units the First Taurian Pride receives a +1 Initiative Bonus.[11]


  • When fighting in Protectorate territory the First Taurian Pride are immune to any Morale Checks.[12]
  • If Colonel Calderon-Anderson is present on the battlefield the First Taurian Pride are immune to Forced Withdrawal.[12]


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