1st New Oslo Armored Division

1st New Oslo Armored Division
Disbanded 3050 (destroyed)
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command KungsArmé

A volunteer mix of retired veterans and green recruits, the 1st New Oslo Armored Division was mustered to defend New Oslo from Clan Wolf in 3050.[1]


New Oslo was a key strategic world to the Free Rasalhague Republic since it was the only FRR planet with a functioning BattleMech factory, owned and operated by Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises. In July 3050 the planet was attacked by Clan Wolf as part of their Fourth Wave during Operation Revival. Due to a lack of available front-line troops Khan Ulric Kerensky decided to assault the planet using Epsilon Galaxy's aging trueborn and freeborn warriors: the Green Keshik along with the Dorbeng Garrison Cluster's Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Trinaries. In response to the invasion and in support of the 1st New Oslo Armored Division, the GKT Volunteer Regiment was formed, composed of Archer and Panther 'Mechs produced locally from the factory and piloted by retirees and veterans. The battle for control of the planet commenced at the Trysil Pass before moving on to Lillihammer and Ringsaker Vally, where pitched battles took place scant kilometers from the GKT factory. In the end Clan Wolf's Veteran Guards were victorious.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of 1st New Oslo Armored Division
Major Anita Danebørg 3050[3]



Composition History[edit]


1st New Oslo Armored Division

  • 1st New Oslo Armored Division[1]


Game Rules[edit]


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