1st Nova Cat Provisionals (Clan Protectorate)

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Free Worlds League Logo
First Nova Cat Provisionals
Formed 3100
Affiliation Clan Protectorate
Parent Command Free Worlds League Military


The Nova Cat Provisional Cluster is a relatively new formation predominantly staffed by Clan Nova Cat refugees seeking asylum in the Clan Protectorate after fleeing the Republic's collapse.[1]

The Nova Cat refugees were offered a place within the Protectorate military, but many of them do not fully trust the Spirit Cats—whom they still view as fanatical cultists—or the Free Worlds League government. [1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Nova Cat Provisionals (Clan Protectorate)



Composition History[edit]

According to reports, the Cluster consists of three Trinaries of partially functional ’Mechs—and the occasional OmniMech—that have yet to see proper repairs from fighting in the Republic.[1]


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