1st Regulan Hussars

First Regulan Hussars
Formed 2247[1]
Nickname The Steel Hussars[2]
Affiliation Principality of Regulus
Free Worlds League (previous)
Parent Command Regulan Hussars
Sub-Command(s) Rolling Thunder Company

The First Regulan Hussars were a Free Worlds League provincial BattleMech regiment that first formed as part of the Principality of Regulus militia forces. In its time the unit was considered to be the best and most colorful the Regulan armed forces had to offer.


Early History[edit]

The First Regulan Hussars were first formed in 2247, alongside the formation of the Principality of Regulus.[2][1] Their ranks quickly swelled with the nationalistic fervor that gripped the small nation, and the overflow was eventually split off to form the Second Regulan Hussars.[1]

The Hussars first saw action on Lopez in 2485 where they faced a Heavy Tank Regiment from the Capellan Confederation. This first battle also marked the unit's first defeat. The Hussars inexperience and lack of training became apparent. This was due in part to the technical maintenance issues of their early 'Mech designs which kept the regiment away from the training fields. Initially, the use of BattleMechs was criticized by the military establishment; however, the Hussars managed to overcome their initial shortcomings and outlive the Principality's ruling family, House Selaj.[3]

The Early Andurien Wars and Reunification War[edit]

The Hussars saw significant action during the Second Andurien War that raged from 2528 to 2531. The Hussars were known for being able to outmaneuver and defeat the opponents they faced during the conflict. Captain-General Albert Marik had to spread out his troops to cover a large front. Therefore troop deployments were stretched thin during the conflict. Despite three to one odds against them, the First Regulan Hussars were able to defeat their Liao opponents. The Hussars fought again with the elderly Captain-General in the Third Andurien War in 2551, which was stopped short by the second treaty between Liao and House Marik, brokered by Ian Cameron. Leading to deals with House Cameron and the formation of the Star League.[4]

However, the Star League was not considered complete. The First Regulan Hussars were called to duty again, along with its newly formed sister units the Second and Third Regulan Hussars. They were deployed with the First Marik Auxiliary Corps to conquer the Magistracy of Canopus for the Star League in 2577. The First Regulans were noted for their exploits during the conflict. Their most notable action of the war was the sacking of Canopus IV, the periphery nation's capital. This brutal conflict was considered a success, but at the price of 60 percent of its numbers being destroyed in the fighting.[5]

House Selaj Conflict[edit]

In 2620, the Principality of Regulus along with the rest of the League was thrown into economic turmoil. Regulus' trade practices came under scrutiny as they were causing the economic problems. The rift between the League government and Regulus grew as economic and political problems grew worse, with acts of terrorism becoming more commonplace throughout the League. Then in 2667 a terrorist explosion tore the ruling Marik's family home apart, nearly wiping out the Marik family, with the exception of Gerald Marik. It was learned that the terrorist group Scourge of Death was responsible for these acts and that the Principality's ruling family, House Selaj, was behind them.

Gerald Marik and the League government conducted a military tribunal which found all three senior members of House Selaj guilty in absentia and sentenced them to death. Learning of his family's death sentence, Prince Rajneesh Selaj placed the entire Principality's armed forces on alert. Prince Selaj visited the Regulan Hussars and convinced them of his innocence shortly before the Captain-General's forces invaded the Principality in December 2679.[6] On Hellos Minor, the Captain-General's forces consisted of six Marik Militia Regiments. The First Hussars and its sister regiments fought to keep D'mir Selaj's homeworld from falling. However, the Hussars were driven back after a month of fighting. Shortly after, the head of the Selaj family fled to the Magistracy of Canopus and the Principality fell.[6]

The Hussars' ranks were purged on account of disloyalty to the League, and they were lucky that the Captain-General felt the unit was too valuable to be disbanded. It would be a year until the unit was allowed to garrison the Principality again.[7]

Marik Civil War[edit]

In 2729, the Hussars were caught up in the Marik Civil War between Captain-General Elise Marik and her brother Oliver.[2][1] The Hussars were loyal to the Captain-General and involved in heavy fighting. The First Regulans were dispatched to Ariel, where they fought rebel forces in a fierce desert conflict that left the First devastated, and it wouldn't be until 2734 that the Hussars became operational again. The remaining Hussars units were victorious over the rebels but they were also heavily damaged by the conflict. The Hussars had never lacked for skilled troops, but the Principality's light industrial base meant that even though they were highly skilled and from a wealthy province they frequently had trouble acquiring the latest technology. Equipped with new technology and equipment by the Captain-General, the First Hussars were able to capture a supply depot in 2733 that was guarded by the Second Fusiliers of Oriente.[1]

The Captain-General rewarded the Hussars battalion and regimental commanders with Knighthoods. The First was flooded with new equipment which allowed the unit to rebuild quickly.[1] The Hussars were granted ten thousand acres of land on Avior, which became their new base of operations. The Principality's new ruling families, Cameron-Jones, were close allies of the Marik family and the unit's loyalty to the league grew strong.[6]

The First remained vocally supportive of the Captain-General throughout the remainder of the Star League era; with the Principality's borders being largely secure, the First and the other regiments of the Hussars were known to deploy outside the boundaries of the Principality despite being a provincial force. These deployments were usually either to engage in wargames and exercises with other regiments for training purposes, or to reinforce federal forces.[2]

As a formation the Hussars maintained a high level of combat readiness, but Duchess Cameron-Jones refused to send any of the regiments to join the units being assembled on Solaris by Captain-General Ewan Marik following the attack on the Timothy Leary by the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces in 2745.[8] The Duchess cited the requirement to preserve the security of the Principality as the main reason out of a number of political reasons for not deploying the hussars, despite the majority of the Hussars regiments expressing willingness to comply with Marik's request; fortunately for the Hussars, the relationship between the brigade and the Captain-General wasn't damaged, as Marik took out his frustrations on the Duchess rather than the brigade.[2]

Despite the loyalty displayed to the Captain-General by the Hussars, SAFE agents were still operating within the support personnel within the brigade in the 2760s; the Star League Intelligence Command had evidence showing the presence of those operatives, and believed that their presence was most likely a result of orders from Ewan Marik following the Solaris incident. The First were still regarded as being among the best of the provincial forces within the Free Worlds League, second only to the Fusiliers of Oriente, and as such the First had first pick of new recruits graduating from the prestigious Aitutaki Academy.[2]

After the death of the First Lord, General Aleksandr Kerensky was named regent of the Star League. During this period he allowed the House Lords to expand their private armies, which allowed the Hussars to swell their ranks. The 1st Regulans did not see action in the Amaris Coup that followed the periphery rebellion against high taxes.

Succession Wars[edit]

The unit did not see action until 2787, when the First Succession War broke out. The unit had raided House Steiner worlds from the old Federation of Skye. A series of raids led to the assault of Summer. There the unit inflicted heavy damage to the world's manufacturing complexes, including a JumpShip component factory. At the same time, Captain-General Kenyon Marik ordered the invasion of the Capellan Confederation.

In 2806 the First Regulans together with the Fifth Regulans were transferred to the Capellan Frontier where they were assigned to Oriente. The Liao forces had in the past attempted to invade the province capital world twice. During the third invasion of Oriente, the 1st Regulans were credited with the destruction of one of the Confederation's elite units, the 41st Capellan Heavy Assault Battalion.

After serving time on the Capellan Frontier the First Regulans, still teamed with the Fifth, were transferred to the Lyran front. There they were assigned to invade the Lyran world of Bella. The units used a clever strategic trick, fooling the defending Twelfth and Fourteenth Lyran Regulars that they were facing a far larger invasion force, and drove them off the planet. By the time the ruse was seen through the Hussars had received reinforcements to help secure the planet. The First remained on Bella until political problems back in the Principality compelled the unit commanders to invoke their right as a province military unit to return and help remedy the problem. The problems at home caused the First to sit out the remainder of the First Succession War.[9]

Later Succession Wars[edit]

At the start of the Third Succession War in 2866, the First Regulans participated with the other Hussars in a series of devastating assaults into the Lyran Commonwealth. The entire Regulan Hussar Brigade struck the old Federation of Skye worlds of Arcadia, Clinton, Lamon, Mariefred, and New Kyoto.

Later the unit enjoyed a return to the Liao frontier, where they participated in raids into Liao space to exercise their longtime vendetta with the Liaos. The unit's complement of heavy 'Mechs were put to good use during this time, but the unit began to lose too many 'Mechs during their vendetta. The Hussars were subsequently returned to the Principality for rest and recovery.

The First then participated in a sweep of Liao's Sarna Commonality. There it and the other Regulan units raided worlds such as Berenson, Kyrkbacken, and Zion. During the campaign, the First's urge for revenge against Liao grew stronger. This was caused by the Third Regulan Hussars being ambushed and destroyed by the Northwind Highlanders on Nanking.

The First invaded the world of Wing in 2924. The First encountered the Eridani Light Horse's Fiftieth Heavy Cavalry and engaged in a tough two-week campaign. The Eridanis gave the Regulans a good fight, but the First managed to make the Fiftieth withdraw from the planet.

Ties with the Marik family became strained when Captain-General Stephen Marik, left their sister unit the Sixth Regulan Hussars to wither and die while fighting on Loric. The two-year campaign, which ended with the sister unit's destruction in 2973, broke the 250 year bond the Hussars had with the Marik family.

In 3006 the First and its other sister units participated in the invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth. The damaging campaign was aided by Lyran Archon Alessandro Steiner's concentrated weakness policy. The First caused considerable damage when it raided Ford and Cavanaugh II. However, the tide turned on the invading Marik forces when Alessandro was ousted by Katrina Steiner. She organized a counterassault with several mercenary regiments which caused heavy damage to the First and its other sister units. They were so badly mauled that after returning to Marik space the decimated Eighth Regulan Hussars were disbanded to rebuild the First and the rest.[10]

Marik Civil War of 3014[edit]

The Regulans returned home and remained in the principality, recuperating for several years.

In 3014, Anton Marik declared himself the new Captain-General putting himself against sitting Captain-General and brother Janos Marik. The First and Second Regulan Hussars declared for Janos; however, the Fourth and Fifth Regulan Hussars declared for Anton, making them rebel enemies. The First were assaulted by Wolf's Dragoons, taking 40 percent damage before withdrawing. By February 3015, the entire Free Worlds League might was put into the campaign to demolish the rebels. The campaign pushed the rebels into a cluster of worlds centered on Ling. During these last battles the First and Second Hussars, encountered the Fifth on McKenna. Both units were bitter over the betrayal of their now former comrades and mauled the Fifth, who managed to flee the planet after being reduced to 40 percent of full strength.

After the Civil War ended Captain-General Janos Marik rewarded the First and Second Hussars with a bounty of cash and spare parts at the expense of the Fourth and Fifth. These gifts created a large rift between the former loyalist and rebel regiments.[11]

Battle of Kendrew's Crossing[edit]

In 3020 the Seventeenth Skye Ranges engaged in a two day duel with the 1st Regulan Hussars at the Battle of Kendrew's Crossing on Amity that nearly destroyed both regiments. The Skye Rangers were able to gain the upper hand, forcing the Hussars to stage a fighting retreat off world.[12][13][14]

Andurien Secession[edit]

The Hussars took part in the initial wave of the invasion of Andurien where they played a role in capturing the cities of Callan, Qinda, and Baroda.[15][16][17]

After Parliament passed the Military Reorganization Act, many of the provincial forces of the Free Worlds League saw their traditions and unique identities subsumed by the FWLM's desire to standardize their units. Though this rankled the First Regulan Hussars, they didn't refuse any order handed down by the LCCC. Instead they adopted them slowly. So slowly in fact that one investigator described the rate of adoption as "glacial". Despite this, the First Regulan Hussars maintained their combat readiness during the transition.[18]

The LCCC responded to the First's behavior by prohibiting the transfer of any advanced technology to the unit. Despite this, they quickly defeated the better equipped Sixth Marik Militia in wargames in 3058. The junior officers of the regiment were eager to fight the Clans, but given the First's questionable loyalty the LCCC was hesitant to approve the First's requests.[19] This would change when the Second Star League was formed.

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

The First participated in Operation BULLDOG in 3059 under the banner of the SLDF. They became the first unit in the FWLM to engage a Clan force in combat when they liberated the world of Hyner from Clan Smoke Jaguar control.[20] The Hussars managed to salvage a great deal of Clan technology and equipment, which they subsequently traded much of the salvage to Free Worlds League manufacturers in exchange for equipment that would be more easily maintained. As of 3067, the unit was one of the best regiments in the FWLM.[21]


During the Jihad, the 1st Regulan Hussars were utterly destroyed while defending the capital of Regulus in June 3072. Regulus City was assaulted by Word of Blake's Forty-ninth Shadow Division while they carried out an extraction of their commander from a mission.[22]

In April 3075 Prince Titus Cameron-Jones made the controversial decision to create a formal investigation into the Purge initiated by his father, Kirc Cameron-Jones, using a team of forensic anthropologists from the Aitutaki Academy, located on the nearby world of Aitutaki; the team was headed up by Doctor Ravi Singh, and among other duties was responsible for identifying the remains of victims of the Purge so that they could be returned to their families and interned. However, despite ordering the investigation, Prince Titus also issued a complete blanket pardon to the First Regulan Hussars, covering any involvement they had in the Purge - a decision that upset many, despite Titus' assertion that the Hussars were needed as part of a strong Regulan military to deter "expansionist forces". The First Hussars were considered by many to have been the face of the Purge, with various officers from the regiment assigned to command the "Filtration Camps" established to detain those Kirc considered to be insurgents and by extension responsible for many of the tens of thousands of deaths.[23]

By 3077 the First was rebuilding, with Colonel Lord Ihsan Hunter as its commanding officer. The First, along with the Second and Fourth Regulans, had received the most of the replacement equipment of the twelve Regulan Hussar regiments. Among its rebuilt ranks, they were assigned lances of Star League era 3C Trebuchets. Regulan High Command General Thomas Orfelt also ordered the reactivation of the 1st Regulans' iconic Rolling Thunder company, using a considerable amount of resources to rebuild it and the Regulans' shattered public image.[24]

In early 3077 the First Regulan Hussars were deployed to Vosloorus by the Principality of Regulus, and immediately began a concerted and widespread public relations campaign to reassure the local population and win hearts and minds, working against a backdrop of trepidation and suspicion that the Hussars' presence would invariably bring conflict to the Regulan Free States.[25] A lengthy but initially clean campaign for control of Vosloorus began on the 24th of May 3077,[26] but the Regulan campaign initially suffered from a lack of focus and unclear rules of engagement and objectives, which led to it nearly stalling when the Second Marik Militia deployed to Vosloorus.[27]

The nature of the campaign changed sharply on the 10th of September;[26] the Fifth Marik Militia had only recently arrived on Vosloorus in place of the Second Marik Militia and were completely unprepared for the savage intensity of the military action that faced them, a sign of the increasing belligerence on the part of the Hussars since Prince Titus Cameron-Jones began a large-scale expansion of the Hussars. With members of the Hussars such as Force Commander William Trulo claiming seven kills in the assault, it was little wonder that the Fifth Marik Militia were soon broken, but following the battle a number of lances from the survivors of the Fifth Marik Militia pledged their loyalty to the Hussars. Others wished to be repatriated to other states in the region - and not generally to the Marik Commonwealth. Colonel Lord Ihsan Hunter of the Hussars took a conciliatory attitude towards these requests, repatriating two companies to the Duchy of Oriente and three lances or more of troops to the Duchy of Andurien. Hunter cited the need to maintain good relations with non-Commonwealth states in the region as the driving reason for his willingness to accede to the various requests.[28]

In 3079 the unit was reduced to a battalion in size, but was only at two thirds of that strength. The fighting of the Jihad kept them from being full strength. The upside to their small size was the fact that they were equipped with newer, updated machines. The First was stationed to garrison Olafsvik.[29]

The First Hussars attacked the Grand Duchy of Oriente world of Jouques at some point after the formation of the Republic of the Sphere but were handily defeated by the defending Second Oriente Hussars. While the First Hussars were significantly more experienced than the Second Oriente, the defending troops utilized numerous tricks and traps to confound and destroy the Regulans' advancing BattleMechs. The First's commander Jacob Hastings swore to one day destroy "those Oriente clowns" and none doubted her intention to fulfill that promise whenever fighting between Regulus and Oriente resumed.[30]

War for Atreus[edit]

As of June 30th, 3138 the First Hussars were stationed on Regulus.[31] A month later, the Hussars were part of the force that took the former capital world of Atreus in the name of the Regulan Fiefs. The unit was then spread out to protect vital industrial sites.

From April 21st to the 27th of 3139, forces participating in Operation Homecoming invaded Atreus. The First fought a bitter fight against them, and were ultimately defeated. It is unknown if the First survived the invasion.

Fighting the Reunited Free Worlds League[edit]

By 3145, the First Regulans were assigned to garrison the Tiber Prominence of Regulan space. Positioned to defend against Free Worlds League forces possibly raiding the area. Colonel in command, has taken on himself to disrupt trade between split regions of the new League when the opportunity arises.[32]

During the Clan Sea Fox blockade of the Regulan Fiefs in 3147 the First Hussars participated in the Regulan counterstrike against Marik. The Hussars struck at the Clan Protectorate command center at Malket in an attempt to disrupt Clan operations on the planet. A siege developed, but setbacks elsewhere resulted in the First departing Marik with the other surviving Regulan forces.[33]

A year later when the Free Worlds League mounted an all-out invasion of the Regulan Fiefs, the First Hussars attempted to defend Tiber but were forced to retreat towards Regulus itself.[34]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Regulan Hussars
Colonel Tomaso Kinchuhara 3020 - 3039[35][36][37][38]
Colonel Gerald Cameron-Jones ?? - 3044[39]
Colonel Mark Brandhauber 3044 - 3067[39][40][41]
Colonel Michelle Ryan 3075 - 3077[42]
Colonel Ihsan Hunter 3077[28][42]
Colonel Wojtek Petrovski 3130 - 3145[43][44][45]


The First Regulan Hussars have one of the most complete command organizations in the FWLM. Every trooper knows his part in the plan and how it affects his fellow soldiers. This allows the First Regulan to respond to battlefield changes very quickly.[18]

Composition History[edit]


First Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[46]

- At this point in time the First was stationed on Regulus.[46]

2786 - 2821[edit]

1st Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[47]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Regulus. In 2821 the command was reduced to 29 of its strength and was deployed at Alhena.[47]


1st Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[48]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Alhena with an operational readiness of 86 percent.[48]


1st Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[48]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Regulus with an operational readiness of 63 percent.[48]


First Regulan Hussars (Elite/Questionable)[37]


1st Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Questionable)[50]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Regulus.[50]


First Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Questionable)[40]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Regulus.[40]

3059 to 3067[edit]

First Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Questionable)[39]

First Hussars Aerospace (Wing reinforced to 4 Squadrons/Elite/Questionable)[39]

Third Keeling Armor Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[39]

Ninth Atreus Light Infantry (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[39]


First Regulan Hussars (Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[51]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Olafsvik.[51]


First Regulan Hussars (2 Battalions/Elite/Fanatical)[52]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Regulus.


First Regulan Hussars (Two BattleMech Battalions/Elite/Fanatical)

  • CO: Colonel Wojtek Petrovsk
- Unit Note: The First is stationed on Tiber at 70 percent their fighting strength.[53]


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