1st Republican Guards

The First Republican
Formed 3029
Disbanded 3067 (disbanded)
Nickname "The Republicans"
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Federated Commonwealth (previous)
Tikonov Free Republic (previous)
Parent Command Tikonov Republican Guards

Unit Brief[edit]

The First Republican BattleMech Regiment was originally formed as part of the short-lived Tikonov Free Republic's army. It was integrated as part of the Federated Commonwealth's AFFC and later joining the Lyran Alliance military.


Formation and Fourth Succession War[edit]

Formally activated on March 3rd, 3029, after Lord Colonel Pavel Ridzik proclaimed the formation of the Tikonov Free Republic. The First Republicans were forged together from remains of the ex-Capallen units 1st Ariana Fusiliers and Lothar's Fusiliers.[1]

They were immediately deployed to Free Worlds League, world of Procyon where they and their sister unit, Second Republicans confronted the Second Sirian Lancers and planet's planetary militia. Lord Ridzik lead the First Republicans to preventing the Sirians from wiping out the Second Republicans.[2] The First Republican lead way to push off the League's Lancers off the planet and proclaim it for new born Republic.[3]

After the death of Ridzik, the unit's officers was divided on what to do. At first they were ready launch an assault to avenge Lord Colonel's death. However, they were uncertain who had done the deed. However, people of the Republic voted to join the Federated Commonwealth formally and be reunited with other former Capellan worlds, including Tikonov, in new nation.[4]

In Service of the Federated Commonwealth[edit]

With Republic integrated into the newly formed Commonwealth's Sarna March, the unit was used to show piece former Capellan soldier taking up defense assisted the ease the people's tensions of Melissa Steiner-Davion rule. Many officers of the unit whom were against the alliance were purged from the unit and impressed for treason. With their rolls being depleted, the First Republic recruited heavily military academies of the Sarna March. A practice they continued on ward through their history.[5]

Invasion of the Sarna March[edit]

The First Republican and its other sister Republican Guards units had expanded up to five regiments, were never fully trusted. The unit did not see action until Free Worlds League/Capellan Confederations' Operation Guerrero. Sitting out the War of 3039[6] and was not utilized help fight the Clan threat.

The First Republicans faces three League Regiments (Atrean Hussars, Iron Guard, and Sixth Marik Militia while defending Talitha in September of 3057. The unit with combination of Talitha's militia fought a fierce and crafty defense against numerous opponents. Talitha Militia took the role of screening forces while the Republicans managed strike into Atrean Hussars' rear operating area.[7] Their actions took out third of the Marik's forces. However, their campaign was all for naught, since the Republicans' air-support was wiped out and they remained out numbered with little support. In end they were forced to withdraw under fire, loosing a considerable amount of troops.[8]

In Service of the Lyran Alliance[edit]

The First Republicans withdrew with two surviving Regiments to the Achernar PDZ.

It and other Republicans forces fell under guise of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. Where the unit's had remained under strength for years until the Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner-Davion rose to power. Where she directed materials to refurnished the First and its sister units.[9] The First was reassigned to the world of Kansu to garrison.[10]

The FedCom Civil War[edit]


The First Republican were dispatched to beleaguered world of Algot where the remains of its sister Guard units, Second and Third Republican. The First's commander, John Joseph Atherton , received a promotion to Hauptmann-General and was given orders to reinforce grounded Republican regiments. They were to "only" coordinate with on-the site loyalist commander and not be under his command.

They arrived in July 3063, where they informed Marshal Lipstein they were under order by Republican Guards brigade commander Hauptmann-General Caleb Peleao to "only" coordinate with him and not be under his command.. This caused trouble with the Lipstein whom was trying coordinating his Loyalist forces take out Vegans and their allies. When on station, Alternton became Republic brigade's commanding officer for their operation there.

In August 10th, Marshal Lipstein conducted a surprise assault against Algot City, where he "coordinated" his 15th Deneb Light Cavalry with the First and Third Republicans on its flanks. This shocked 5th Crucis Lancers, holding the city, which caused them to break up into smaller fighting units due to command problems. The First and it's a sister unit sudden faced counter-attack by isolated units and another Allied force lead by Major-General Feslner. At end of the day, Loyalist forces had successfully captured city of Gregon and 5th Crucis Lancers' ammunition depot.[11]

In September of 3063, the Alpha Regiment of the 12th Vegan Rangers arrived over Algot, which tipped odds of winning the long contested planet for Algot for Victor's allies. At the time, Marshal Lipstein and his opposition had been maneuvering around each other for weeks. However, General Stacei's Alpha Regiment landed on top of Loyalist positions in city of Gregan.

While Marshal Lipstein pulled back in fighting retreat to try encircling newly reinforced Vegans in Gregan, 1st Republicans and its sister regiment had remained engaged with 5th Crucis Lancers for too long for Marshal's plan to work. Allies maneuvering brigade cut off the Republicans from the 15th Deneb. The First and Third Republican moved to try link up with Marshal Lipstein's efforts, but were pursued by General Richardson's portion of the 5th Lancers and Vegans Regiments. However, by October 6th the Lipstein pulled back the 1st Republicans and other loyalist units due to battle fatigue. The Allies' commander attempt to pursue them to the cities of Gorst and Hellen, however too had figured mechanical and physical breaking points.

The First Republicans and rest of the Loyalist forces departed Algot for Tikonov in late August, giving up Algot to the allies.[12]


By late 3064, Republicans had arrived on Tikonov. There they were assigned to the defense of walled city of Tikograd with the cadets of the Tikonov Martial Academy. The battle for Tikonov continued as Davion Assault Guard sparred with the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry. The First Republican and its fellows of the Third only had two battalions worth of BattleMechs assigned to the city. The Tikonov Martial Academy Training Group and the remains of the Tikonov Militia bolstered the decimated unit. The other elements of the First and Third were assigned

The Davion Assault Guards attempted to enter the city itself, but was weary of doing so. Since the First and other units of Tikonov had settled in the civilian portion of the city. The Assault Guards risked having the civilian population opinion turned on them and their allies. The Guards infantry breached the walls of Tikograd, pushing ahead into the city.

In August 16th, Allied loyalist dropped initially 5 BattleMech Battalions into heart of walled of New Moscow, where 15th Denab Light Cavalry and elements of the First and Third Guards were stationed. The First and Third has were cut off from the 15th Denab they backed off from enemy by 100 kilometers. Together, the Republican Guards only numbered four Battalions worth of 'Mech troops. Additional battalions of troops from the Battle Armor and Jump Infantry moved in ahead of rest of the Davion Assault Guards and the 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre forces. Forty percent of the First and Third Republicans had been destroyed by hot drop onto the city. Forcing the Republicans withdraw from the city.[13]

In 11th November, Allied forces lead by Prince Victor Steiner-Davion arrive on Tikonov, which put Loyalist on their toes. However, month later Republicans find reinforcements in form of 11th Arcturan Guard Battle Group which was chasing the former First Prince. The Republicans and other Loyalist units were forced pull back into Tikonov's walled cities, reinforcing their holding while Allies held much of planet under their control. However, Republicans and allies had managed to retake New Moscow, despite the allies' actions.

At end of December, First Republican's augment forces, in form of the Tikonov Training Group was forced to surrender to the Davion Assault Guards prior to their departure at beginning of the new year. However, the First Republicans and other loyalist units begun to gain traction against First Prince's allies with string of victories turn tide for them. In April 3065, the Prince had take bulk of his forces off the planet, leaving almost all original combatants with couple exceptions.

During this time, Free Tikonov movement begun rallying people's resentment against any one element that represented Federated Commonwealth including First Republicans[14] They had moved from minor resistance to loyalist dealing with both allies and full blown guerrilla actions by the citizens of Tikonov against both side of the war.

The First Republicans were now last of the Republican Guards, with citizens of Tikograd, they fought fierce defense of the city against the allies forces. As part of the defense of the city, 15th Deneb had take over the Fort Pavel Ridzek, to enhance their defensive positions. However, the allies had encircled the Fort and annihilated fort with 15th Deneb inside.[15]

Marlette and Surrender[edit]

In August of 3066, the First Republicans and the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry quit Tikonov in face of return of Prince Victor Steiner Davion and Allied reinforcements. [16] The Republicans moved out to loyalist held world of Marlette.[17] Where they arrived reinforce the worn down loyalist units under aegis of 5th Lyran Guards, where they begun to coordinate with them and other units in their fight against allied force. The loyalist units had been devastated by season flooding, reducing many of its material goods.

The fighting on Marlette had gotten worse, where the Blackwind Lancers and the ex-ComGuard unit, 244th ComGuard Division joined the fight to overwhelm the loyalist forces.

By February of 3067, the First Republicans had surrendered after allied attacks in and out of nearby mountains became too great for them.[18]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Republican Guards
Colonel Pavel Ridzik 3029
Leutnant-General John Joseph Atherton 3050 - 3054


The 1st Republicans principle tactic was to inflate field strength by dividing itself into short lances. Then these short lances would form into seven or so provisional companies. These provisional companies would engage enemy to buy time for its under strength battalions get behind enemy lines to either wreak havoc behind enemy lines or help surround the enemy.[19]

Composition History[edit]


1st Republican (BattleMech Regiment)
CO: Lord Pavel Ridzik


1st Republican (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[20]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Talitha. [20]


1st Republican (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [21]

  • CO: Leftenant General John Joseph Atherton [21]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Talitha. [21]


1st Republican (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [22]

  • CO: Leftenant General John Joseph Atherton [22]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Talitha. [22]


1st Republican (BattleMech Regiment)


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