1st Shiloh Protectorate Militia

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1st Shiloh Protectorate Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Parent Formation Word of Blake Protectorate Militia
Formed 3068
Disbanded 3077

Unit Brief[edit]

The 1st Shiloh Protectorate Militia is one of the many militias raised by Word of Blake to defend the Word of Blake Protectorate. The unit was deployed in Shiloh. As of 3075 it was one of the two units raised from this planet along the 2nd Shiloh Protectorate Militia.[1]


The Word of Blake managed to secure full control over the government of Shiloh by non-violent means, occupying the world and incorporating it into the Word of Blake Protectorate in July 3068.[2] Blakist agents had been subverting the ancient Exituri government for years prior to the Jihad, and within months of the Jihad beginning the Blakist's washed away the Exituri rule. Replacing the absolute theocratic government of Shiloh with their own technotheocray, the Blakist's were able to shape the Exituri youth into a new kind of fanatical grouping, dedicated to the causes of chaos and death. The Blakist's were soon using Shiloh as a training ground for MechWarriors and commandos, and the planet became a favored location for Blakist "reeducation camps".[3]

On the 22nd of August 3070, two Word of Blake WarShips - the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WoBS Impetuous and the Black Lion-class battlecruiser WoBS Xanthos[4] - were destroyed in an ambush staged by rebel WarShips[5] - specifically the Eagle-class frigates FWLS Galahad and FWLS Lancelot and the Agamemnon-class heavy cruiser FWLS Menelaus.[6]

During Operation SCOUR, Lyran front forces including elements from Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf liberated Shiloh on the 10th of June 3077.[7] Shiloh was considered significant enough that the Duke Kelswa-Steiner assigned two complete Groups to the attack on the world. In addition to the Shiloh Protectorate Militia, the Blakist's had also moved the 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires and a contingent from one of the Shadow Divisions onto Shiloh. As a result, when the Lyran front forces landed, the Com Guard 1st Army suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Manei Domini. The Manei Domini used civilians as unwitting suicide bombers, and as the Com Guard forces reeled, used the advantage to drive the attacking forces back off Shiloh.[8]

Following the retreat from Shiloh, forces from Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon worked together, initially using one of Shiloh's moons as a rallying point; the two Clans set aside their traditional rivalry and antagonism to execute a combined drop onto the main Word of Blake base of operations on Shiloh. They then held the drop zone in the face of Blakist counterattacks and two tactical nuclear strikes, allowing the remaining Lyran forces to land. The successful liberation of Shiloh was announced in a news broadcast by Myra Kellison on the 18th of July 3077, who hailed the remarkable situation of rival clans working together to protect Lyran forces against a common enemy as a tantalizing sign of hope that a peaceful coexistence between opposing factions may be possible.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Shiloh Protectorate Militia



Composition History[edit]



As long as a Protectorate Militia force is fighting on its homeworld and is acting as the scenario's Defender, the Protectorate Militia force receives the Force the Initiative and Off-Map Movement special abilities. If deployed as the Attacker in a scenario, the Protectorate Militia force loses its Force the Initiative ability, but retains its Off-Map Movement capability.

If deployed on a world other than its homeworld (such as an Epsilon Eridani force being deployed on Genoa), the Protectorate Militia force not only loses all of its special abilities, but also suffers a –2 Initiative modifier.

Although Blakist-based, Protectorate Militia forces may use standard Inner Sphere force arrangements (Lances, Companies, and Battalions) rather than Word of Blake force arrangements.[9]


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