1st Skye Jaegers

Insignia of the 1st Skye Jaegers
1st Skye Jaegers
Formed 3057
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Parent Command Alliance Jaegers

Unit Description[edit]

The First Skye Jaegers, one of five elite provincial regiments founded when the Lyran Alliance was formed in 3057. The unit, stationed on the province capital world of Skye was known to have leanings towards the Free Skye separatist movement.


Formation and First Battle[edit]

The First Skye Jaegers were the first of the Jaeger units to reach regiment strength. The unit like all Jaeger units proved its loyalties to then Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion. It showed the Jaeger military concept proved workable, paving way for the other units of its kind, with itself became combat ready in 3060.

In 3062, the unit saw its first combat against the 15th Dieron Regulars, on the Lyran-occupied world of Ko.[1] The reprisal raid against the 15th's base after elements of the Regulars raided Skye earlier that year. The Jaegers bloodied the nose of the 15th, before returning to Skye.

The actions of the regiment triggered that Ko other worlds of the Lyons Thumb to be officially annexed by the Draconis Combine. This caused shortages of supplies, increasing red tape by the LAAF command, preventing the regiment to fully rebuild.[2]

For their actions on Ko, Skye Jaegers been awarded by unique banner with a depiction of the Draconis Combine dragon being throttled by a Steiner Fist. After the FedCom Civil War Archon Peter Steiner-Davion removed the dragon and fist emblem, but left the ribbon active.

FedCom Civil War and Free Skye[edit]

Despite being vilified by Lyran media, many members of the separatist Free Skye starting joining the Skye Jaegers because of the raid. Many of the Free Skye communities on Ko were killed, seen as martyrs. Despite the LIC trying filter loyal Lyran citizens from joining the unit, many a member of the Free Skye movement joined the Jaegers.[citation needed]

Connections of Skye Jaegers with rebel Movement has drawn sanctions from 11th Lyran Regulars, dispatched by General Nondi Steiner to investigate case. By sudden attack onto disembarking Regulars, Free Skye forces threw out loyalist regiment from capital into bogs. Two left battalions of loyalists left Skye, but left some commandos behind to wreak chaos. Less than in a year the roles been exchanged. Arrived famous 11th Arcturan Guards battlegroup drawn Jaegers into same bogs and MacIntosh Valley, and then in guerrilla war all over the New Scotland continent.[citation needed]

Urgently recalled by General Dundee 4th Skye Rangers grant Jaegers a respite, and timely arrived call from General Nondi Steiner - salvation. The 11th Arcturan Guards battle group was recalled to Tharkad.[citation needed]

As 3067, Jaegers had less than half from previous numbers, but they were still followers of Free Skye Movement.[citation needed]


The First Skye Jaegers took a very active role in most phases of Jihad.

By taking an active part in Operation ÜBERSCHATTEN, they took Gallatin, but later been shattered by FWLM counterattack and retreated with the Skye Guards.[3][4] Some odd reports mentioned Preston as a place of battle for Jaegers and Langendorf Lancers, but its mistake[5]

In 3074, again restored 1st Skye Jaegers liberated Hesperus II as a part of Devlin Stone's Allied forces.[6] By 20 December, the Coalition forces were able to shatter the last Blakist fortification around the city, and the First Skye Jaegers conducted a daring nighttime combat drop onto the Fortieth Shadow Division's positions, which though succeeded in finally driving them off, cost the unit a severe beating and the loss of several of his officers at the hands of Manei Domini Laodices. The Fortieth Shadow Division was able to withdraw under fire to their hidden DropShips before abandoning the planet.[7][3]

In the liberation of Hesperus II, the Skye Jaegers took some Galahad 'Mechs as trophies.[8]

In 3075-76, the Jaegers were again battling with WoB on Galatea in a support role for ComStar's 79th and 103rd Divisions.[9][10]


Following the Republic Formation Treaty and the subsequent incorporation of the vast majority of the former Skye Province into the Republic of the Sphere, the Skye Jaegers surprised almost everyone when the bulk of the regiment elected to remain a part of the LAAF, rather than joining the Republic. Even the LAAF quartermasters had expected the Jaegers to transfer into the Republic, to the extent that additional supplies for a "Going Away" party had already been issued to the regiment when it was announced they would remain in the Alliance. Undaunted, the Jaegers put the additional supplies to good use by holding a "Farewell to Blake" celebration.[11]

The Jaegers (short the third of the unit that joined the Republic) remained on Hesperus II, helping rebuild that world.[12]

In 3140 elements of the Jaegers were assigned to garrison Tharkad, including serving as the personal guard of the Archon when she was in the Royal Palace.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Skye Jaegers
Colonel Steve Pitcher 3062 - 3074[2][14][3]
Hauptmann-General Christian Campbell 3074 - 3085[15]
Leutnant-General Steve Pitcher 3085 -[16]


The 1st Skye Jaegers employ general purpose defensive and offensive tactics. However, its first action on Ko gave it expertise in planetary assault and tactical deception.[2]

Composition History[edit]

3062 - 3067[edit]

First Skye Jaegers (Combined Arms Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[2][14]
CO: Colonel Steve Pitcher

Aide: Kommandant Pauline Ogata

- The unit includes six BattleMech Companies, mix battalion of infantry & combat vehicles.

First Skye Jaegers Air (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[2][14]
CO: Kommandant Joseph Zemetica


Skye Jaegers (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[17]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Skye .[17]


First Skye Jaegers (Regular/Questionable)[16]
CO: Leutnant General Steve Pitcher

First Skye Jaeger Air (Wing/Green/Questionable)[16]
CO: Kaptain Blazh Quigg

Game Rules[edit]


The unit lost its planetary assaults skills, but they may attempt to Force the Initiative once per game.[3]


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