1st Spinner (Clan Widowmaker)

Beta Galaxy (Clan Widowmaker).png
First Spinner Cluster
Disbanded 2834 (destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Widowmaker
Parent Command Beta Galaxy


The First Spinner Cluster was founded by some of Clan Widowmaker's best MechWarriors that excelled during Operation Klondike. When Nicholas Kerensky sidelined the Widowmaker forces at the end of the Dagda campaign, the warriors that would later form the First Spinner Cluster took it very personally. They argued that they were not among those responsible for terrorizing civilians so should not be punished. These warriors steadily became bitter and violent; as a unit they felt marginalized despite their battlefield prowess.[1]

In some of the last fighting of the Widowmaker Absorption Clan Wolf attacked Spiderholm on Roche. Spiderholm was a huge defended military complex and home to the last surviving Widowmaker forces. On the 11th December the Eleventh Wolf Guards Cluster mounted an attack. The First Spinner along with the Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster attempted to counter. Led by saKhan Kyle Vordermark, the Widowmakers engaged the Wolves on the outskirts of the fortress. The conventional forces of the Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster pushed the Wolves' initial attacks back. As they started to retreat, a Star from the Eleventh ignored orders and broke through Spiderholm's first gate is a suicidal assault. Seeing his own defenses cave in so easily, Vordermark retreated inside Spiderholm leaving the Fifth to face destruction, and the First to flee.[2]

Kyle Vordermark and the survivors of the First Spinner vanished after the battle. The Eleventh Wolf Guards started an extensive manhunt, and tracked him into Clan Goliath Scorpion territory, and to the abandoned city of Porthos. Here Vordermark sprung his trap on the Wolves. In an act of surkairede to the Founder's Clan the Goliath Scorpion Loremaster Ethan Moreau led a charge of Scorpion warriors to save the Wolf Cluster from certain destruction. During the fighting, Vordermark challenged Goliath Scorpion Khan Cyrus Elam to single combat. As the two started the duel, artillery from an unidentified source hit the battlefield, killing both duelists along with most of the First Spinner Cluster. The survivors were finished off by the combined Wolf and Scorpion forces.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the First Spinner Cluster
Star Colonel Santiago Conners 2834[1]


The Cluster will follow the spirit of an order rather than the letter of it, and they are not afraid to use physical attacks against an enemy 'Mech.[1]

Composition History[edit]


First Spinner Cluster (Elite)[1]

Game Rules[edit]

The Cluster's units operate under the rules for Communications Disruption to simulate their uncooperative nature.

MechWarriors from the First possess the Brawlers ability and one warrior from each Star has either the Melee Specialist or the Demoralizer special ability (player's choice).

The First Spinners will honor duels until they receive crippling damage, but they are considered to be at Honor Level 4 regarding physical attacks.[1]


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