1st Steiner Strikers

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First Steiner Strikers.jpg
First Steiner Strikers
Formed July 3137
Nickname Broken Swords
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LAAF

Unit Description[edit]

Originally called the Broken Sword Battalion, the First Steiner Strikers were a thirty-second-century Lyran Special ops military command created in July 3137 for Operation HAMMERFALL.

The unit's formation was authorized by both aide-de-camp Trillian Steiner and then-Hauptmann Roderick Frost.

The battalion's personnel were selected by Hauptmann Frost from soldiers who were seemingly beyond redemption. Many were serving time in military prisons when recruited for the Strikers.

Though officially listed as Auxiliary Battalion B1, the unit named itself the Broken Swords, after the ancient Terran term for Roman soldiers who were disgraced and had their swords broken to mark them as failures. Later, after their commanding officer was forced to reveal his true identity, the unit was renamed the First Steiner Strikers.


Operation HAMMERFALL[edit]

The Strikers' first combat deployment was to the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey world of Labouchere in September of 3137. They were ordered to take the world for Lyran Commonwealth due to lack of front-line units being available. On Labouchere, they faced a militia unit called the Fangs of Marik and soundly defeated them while taking only light casualties and equipment damage. The Commander of the Fangs handed over his silver laser pistol as a sign of surrender.

On November 29th, 3137 the Broken Sword Battalion arrived in orbit of Tamarind, and after receiving a signal from Trillian Steiner that negotiations with the Duchy had failed, the Strikers landed their three Union-class DropShips (Sandpiper, Archon's Pride and Rogue Star) on the planet.

The unit deployed its Stuka aerospace fighters for air support after landing at Harvison Flats, a desert plain just before the Zanzidb River.

Warrant Officer Juan Praxis, part of the Command Company engaged and destroyed two enemy Pegasus tanks with his modified Sun Cobra's LB-X 10 autocannons while Lt. Decker's DI Morgan Tanks finished off the forces crossing the river. Lt. Decker's Phoenix Hawk savaged one of the Savannah Masters company's units. Decker's Kage battle armor platoon fired on them as well.

Roderick ordered Decker's Sniper Unit to bombard the enemy vehicles to scare them off while his own Hover Platoon assisted in taking on the Savannah Masters.

On the 4th of December, ongoing battle continued on the Harvison Flats, Roderick's forces were fighting near the Zanzidb River, with levies being used as cover. Lt. Vaughn use his Blade firing at a Marik Phoenix Hawk. The Tamarind Regulars continued to throw multiple units against his forces, including JES Carriers and Phoenix Hawks. A Broken Sword Catapult provided cover fire for him. Losing a Demon tank, but gaining a Wasp.

By day's end, Roderick determined that there was only his forces could hold out. They needed to take initiative and attack the First Tamarind's supply lines. So orders his aerospace fighter wing to take out the enemy's military satellites. Then splits his battalion into two companies, one pinning Regulars on the river and other secretly cross the river and hitting various supply bases. Taking the supplies with all their transports and VTOLs they have and destroying the rest. He then decided to risk his DropShips to ground them at Regulars airfield named Randolph Field and attempt to put an end to the First Regulars' aerospace assets. Their Union-class Sandpiper was lost in the raid against the field, but taking out many aerospace assets. The other two DropShips managed to escape.

Lt. Trace led raiding force with his forces as passenger in a Maxim Mk II. His Stalker assault 'Mech was out of service at the time for his raid against supply base. While Saber Company assisted with stalling action on the river.

By the 8th, forces still held the enemy off, capturing units as he lost them. Trading Thunderbolt for Ocelot, losing Firestarter to use nearly junked Cougar. Large majority of the unit's equipment ending being worn down and using salvage to keep running. Roderick's Rifleman IIC appeared to be made by mad scientist than being repaired with salvage. Roderick force held up in village of Burkettsville, was forced to loot the down for food, medical supplies from houses and offices. Trillian Steiner and her aide Klaus Wehner, arrive in civilian attire to village.

Over course for weeks, Battalion had fought incoming forces, four battles for Burkeville. On the 14th, in midst of fourth battle, Marik forces pulled out of fight with them. They learned that General Nordhoff had finally arrived, and now Marik forces were now heading to him. Roderick's battalion now withered down to shadow of a company of fighting units left to assist soon to be in battled Third Regulars and their two battalions of forces. His troops were dead on their feet, and exhausted. Trillian took Roderick aside and told him she had been counting on him to win Tamarind for the Commonwealth instead of the Duke and his proxy. She told him he had to use his Steiner name to rally his troops and others to fight for him to victory over the regiment for the Commonwealth. He abandoned his family's secret and revealed who he was to his troops. He was able to give them the will to fight one more time against Marik force.

Roderick had his DropShips drop his force in First Tamarind's rear as they assaulted the Third Lyran Regulars en masse. Both forces had ignored battered battalion, until Roderick's force began attacking the Tamarinds' rear lines, attempting to cut the Marik regiment in two. Linking up with battered and retreating Third Lyrans. Roderick called out on Lyran communications channels, that he was Roderick Steiner, he announcing what his force was attempting to do to rally the all Third to cut into First Tamarind in half with his force meeting him in middle.

After the Marik forces were defeated. He learned that General Nordhoff had left the battle with several MechWarriors aboard a DropShip. Leaving him ranking officer on planet, he then brought all units to refit before closing into the capital of Zanzibar. Later the day, the planet surrendered, but Duke Fontaine Marik had fled planet vowing to continue fight the invasion. He ordered his grand vizier Sha Renkin, to broker an armistice so as to stop his people's blood from being spilled any longer.

On 24 April 3138 - The newly renamed as First Steiner Strikers were called in to assist in conquest of Marik-Stewart Commonwealth world of Helm by Trillian Steiner. Using the rebuilt battalion as both military force and political tool to help stalled coalition Lyran/Clan Wolf to resume conquest of the planet and turning on each other. On the 28th, Battle of Helmdown had resumed, with Strikers positioning themselves south by southwest of the city's downtown. Both First Hesperus Guards and Star Colonel Alaric Wolf's forces applying pressure to the remaining Silver Hawk Irregulars defenders in the city. The Hawks began trying in Strikers' area attempt to escape incoming forces from the north of the city. By blunting their southern approach, the Strikers had contained the Hawks by herding them back into the city. Then after pushing them, Colonel Steiner withdrew his units. Some of the surviving Silver Hawks surrendered while others continued make run out of the city. Alaric decided to continue is fight with Silver Hawks, killing all the surrendered unit and forcing them to fight. It resulting massacre in deaths of over 50 to 100 Silver Hawks, with Colonel Steiner only being able to keep his forces from participating in it.

After the battle, relations between Lyrans and Wolves fell apart, leaving the Steiner Strikers as the only unit that was not at odds with either force. Strikers, left Helm with remaining all armies May 22nd.

Colonel Steiner and his Strikers arrived on Stewart on June 4th, landing as part of force to take Stewart's capital New Edinburgh.[citation needed]

The unit was stationed along the Wolf Empire as the primary defending unit. They were briefly merged with the Stormhammers, but after Roderick Steiner was promoted to General of the Armies they were split out into their own unit once again and expanded to regimental size.[1][2] In 3140, they fought Clan Wolf's Gamma Galaxy on Arcadia, alongside supporting auxiliary mercenaries.[3] In 3145 they were posted on Furillo.[1][2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the First Steiner Strikers
Colonel Roderick Steiner 3137


  • Colonel Roderick Steiner was also the company commander of Sword Company.
  • Leutnant Jamie Kroff was the company commander of Savage Company.
  • Leutnant Lasalle was another of the unit officers.



Composition History[edit]


First Steiner Strikers (Battalion)

  • Sword Company
  • Saber Company
  • Savage Company



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