1st Falcon Striker (Clan Jade Falcon)

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1st Falcon Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3077)
Nickname The Pursuing Peregrines
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy

The First Falcon Striker Cluster is a frontline Clan Jade Falcon combat unit attached to Clan's Delta Galaxy or Gyrfalcons. The Strikers were in thirty-first century were considered among elite forces of Falcon's Touman.


Widowmaker Absorption[edit]

In 2834 the First Falcon Striker Cluster joined with Clan Wolf's Seventh Battle Cluster and Clan Burrock's 1015th Burrock Guards Cluster to destroy the Third Battle Cluster of Clan Widowmaker. After fighting for several hours the Widowmaker forces were destroyed. When the First Falcon found that Clan Wolf wasn't going to cede the Widowmaker enclave to the Falcons, they immediately challenged the Seventh Battle Cluster. The First Falcon's commander died nearly immediately, and the First quickly lost the Trial of Possession.[1]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

The Striker's were among the many combat units that were deployed in early phase of the Operation Revival in 3049. The Cluster's commander, Star Colonel Rard Hoyt is regarded unfit for command despite his considerable skills among his Clan.[2]

Trell I[edit]

In April 13th 3050[3], the Strikers as part of their first assigned in Wave 1 they were assigned with its sister unit, the 5th Falcon Strikers, and elite Falcon Guards to take Trell I. Defending the world was the Red Brigade and the 12th Donegal Guards RCT, which notably had FedCom's Heir-apparent Kommandant Victor Steiner-Davion in its roster. As part of the Falcon task force, they were lead by Falcon Guard commander, Star Colonel Adler Malthus. In their part of the battle, the 1st Falcon Strikers engaged the FedCom forces outside of Pirate's Paradise. They inflicted considerable amount of damage against the Guards. The enemy commander, Leftenant General Jeremy Hawksworth, surmised that their task forces' mission was to capture the son of First Prince of FedCom. The FedCom Troops with other units conducted a series of delaying action to prevent FedCom Heir from falling into their Falcon hands. The 1st Falcons and its sister units eventually cornered Victor Steiner-Davion's 2nd Battalion at Smuggler's Paradise. As they went to circle their target, the Strikers and its allies suffered from series of delaying actions which included sacrifice of the Red Brigade's entire battalion. This unfortunately bought enough time for their target to escape. The 1st Falcon Strikers and rest of the Falcon Task force were forced to hunt down the reinments of the 12th Donegal and the survivors of the Red Brigade. The Fecom units fought guerilla-style resistance campaign for months to come until Falcon task force was able to wipe them all out.[4]

Second Wave[edit]

During the 2nd Wave of the Invasion, the Strikers would rejoin with rest of the Gyrfalcon Galaxy and invaded Black Earth in May of 3050. The initial assault, would overwhelmed survivors of 17th Skye RCT and First Grave Walkers Regiment.[5]

Shortly after invasion of Black Earth, the Strikers would be dispatched independently to Evciler and Romulus. On Evciler, to their dismay and anger of the unit, the Evciler Militia would opted to not fight in order to spare the planet from a destructive battle. However, a single Cadet in a Locust would attack a Fire Moth and nearly destroy it. His act of courage earned him a place among the Falcon's touman and becoming a Bondsman of the Cluster.[6]

On Romulus, the Strikers would battled the Romulus Militia at planet's planetary capital. The Militia’s super heavy tanks and the Militia's company of BattleMechs would fight a brutal battle save their world from Clan domination. The Strikers overwhelmed the Militia, which would leave the city in ruins and leaving only 10 percent of the Militia left alive.[7]

In June, the Strikers would reunite with its parent Galaxy and assault Wotan. On planet, they fight and wiped out the last of 12th Star Guards and decimated the planet's militia unit.[8]

Third Wave and Hot Springs[edit]

On June 6th, the Strikers would be assigned to take Hot Springs with the Turkina Keshik. The invasion of Hot Springs was a politically motivated target. The Clan's Bloodname Von Jankmon had originated from this world, had petitioned for the planet be added list of target worlds. Many of the Bloodname would participate in the assault were part of the 1st Falcon Strikers, Khan Crichell would order Turkina Keshik participate in the attack. The invasion force initially face Hot Springs TMM's Aerospace Company. The Strikers would dispatch its Trinary Echo's OmniFighters and other Falcon Aerospace assets against the Militia inbound fighters. The battle over the skies of Hot Springs would wipe out the entire company. The Strikers would only lose one of its numbers in battle with planet's green pilots. On the ground, the Militia unit would fall back to the planet' capital. Not wanting destroy the city, Turkina would dispatch its Elemental Battle Armor ahead of their main formation in order to flush out the infantry and later 'Mech forces out of the city. The Militia forces would fall into the waiting hands of the Strikers whom laid in waiting out side the city where they would be destroyed.[9][10]

Fourth Wave[edit]

Alyina and the Second Prince Trap[edit]

In July, the unit link up with Turkina Keshik and 1st Falcon Velites for the invasion of Alyina. Once more, the unit gains the opportunity to capture Heir-Apparent Victor Steiner-Davion, now commanding a Battalion the 10th Lyran Guards RCT. The Strikers would first engage the FedCom RCT at Mar Negro with Turkina Keshik. The unit would push the hard pressed guards to ocean, where the Velites would arrive reinforce and break stalemate with the Guards. Kommandant Steiner-Davion would conduct delaying action against the Strikers and its fellow units to buy time for withdraw from the planet. Steiner-Davion would make good his escape from the planet, thanks to sacrifice of Kai Allard-Liao.[11][12]

Antares and Blackjack[edit]

Shortly after the invasion of Alyina, the unit would mustered to fight along with rest of the Gyrfalcons for control of Antares. Site of ancient SLDF Replenishment and resupply base, the Falcons pressed to take control of this valuable resource. Planet was lightly defended, with only battalion worth of Militia troops, taking the planetary capital of Antares City. However, site of the SLDF base, in town of Alba, proved to be heavily defended. The town was also location of planet's rare water purification plant, making Falcon's cautious in their attacks. Once word was given that replacement plant could be shipped in from Clan Homeworlds, Khan Crichell ordered the town flatten, and especially after Striker's galaxymate 2nd Falcon Jaegers took significant damage. After securing the base and getting the supplies, IlKhan Ulric Kerensky would order the Falcon's to share their supplies with newly arrived Clan Steel Vipers.[13]

In late July, the Striker's would move with rest of the Galaxy to take Blackjack. The planet, only defended by students from Blackjack School of Conflict. The students would give a good account for themselves, but ultimately be defeated. Due to the defender's honorable conduct, the Falcons would allow battalion to leave but taking some of the cadets as bondsman. The Strikers would deploy independently take Devin. On planet the Strikers would engage planet's two Armored Battalions in ruins of SLDF Texas Class Battleship known as the Boneyard. First and Second Devin Armored Battalions attempted use the twisted metal wreckage to confuse the Striker's sensors. Despite being forced to having move sensor-blind through and fighting pointblank with them, Strikers destroyed both battalions with only loss of two stars of OmniMechs.[14][15]

Goat Path and Parakoila[edit]

Near end of the month,[16] the unit was dispatched to claim the world of Goat Path. The Striker's mission was originally to seek and out burn the planet's surface. Reports gathered by the Clan's intelligence agency suggested that an administrator on world had ties with a crime organization. Some of the Organization's membership includes individuals whom have blood ties with Malthus Bloodname. However, the information was wrong, the planet's population was spared from being turned to ash. The Strikers landed at world's capital city spaceport and quickly received word that planet had surrendered to them.[17]

By September, the unit would be dispatched to Parakoila where it mustered with rest of the Gyrfalcon Galaxy to take the mining world. Jade Falcon Khans ordered the Galaxy, to take the planet's mines intact. Barred from using orbital bombardment option, the Strikers along with the Galaxy were forced enter the extensive mining tunnels of the planet. They would battle it out with the Parakoila 'Mech Battalion in Forty-Nine mine outside of city of Mainstrike. This marked the beginning of a six month campaign ferreting out the Militia 'Mech from these tunnels which had been converted to considerable defensive positions. After six weeks, the Falcon would secure the planet, but not completely.[18]

The Fifth Wave and the Steel Vipers[edit]

In November 3051, the Falcon's invasion corridor would receiving reinforcement by IlKhan Ulric Kerensky. Clan Steel Vipers would be now accompanying the Falcons in their drive towards Terra. IlKhan would stipulated that number worlds would set aside for Vipers to earn their place in the invasion. A series of Trials of Possession would accrue in Jade Falcon Occupational Zone. The Strikers would participate for control of one of these worlds. The unit be posed to compete for control of Orkney against the Viper's 104th Assault Cluster. In the Trial, that included the conquest of the planet, the Strikers fought their opponents to a draw. Results left both sides with the agreed to share the planet, one share world in Falcons and Vipers' Occupational Zone.[19] The Strikers would be heavily damaged from the Trial and barely recover time to join its parent galaxy in last offensive of the war.[20]

Battle of Tukayyid[edit]

Due to its sterling combat record during the Invasion, the unit was included among Clan Jade Falcon's touman that was being deployed on Tukayyid. As with other Clan partipating in the battle, Clan Jade Falcon goal was to capture the cities of Humptulips and Olalla.

During the battle in May 3052, the unit was deployed with 12th Falcon Regulars to seize Robyn's Crossing. In its most noted action of the battle, the Strikers would encounter ComGuard's 403rd Division as they approached the bridge. The Division had number of heavily fortified defensive positions just 2 kilometer out from the bridge. Star Colonel Hoyt would dispatch the Cluster's lightest to draw Guard's fire, while his heavier OmniMech units hit their positions. The Cluster launch array of artillery and Fighter attacks try push the 403rd out. Cluster's success would from in form a Star of Elemental Battle Armor who was able to slip behind 403rd's lines. Deployed as Headhunters, the Elementals successfully attacked and killed 403rd's Precentor Robert Maigatter. With the Precentor's death, the unit would suffer from the destruction of the Division's critical supplies and commination equipment. The 403rd broke from the engagement, allowing for the Cluster to close in and destroy 70% of Division.[21][22][23]

The 1st Falcon Strikers would be ordered to guard Plough Bridge with the rest of Gyrfalcons. ComStar would employ clever tactics to prolong the campaign, their reinforcements would soon arrive. They would force the Falcons back from their goal of taking remaining city. A lucky air strike by ComGuard Aerospace Fighters would result in destruction the Clan's ammunition depot and which would seal fate of the campaign. Running low on ammunition and newly arrive ComStar Armies from other battlefronts would force Khan order the Strikers and rest of the Clan to withdraw.[24][25]

The Refusal War[edit]

On Tamar in August of 3057, IlKhan Uric Kerensky would be accused of high treason. Acting as prosecution Clan Jade Falcon Khan Elias Crichell successfully painted ilKhan as traitor to Clans. In turn, former IlKhan issued a Trial of Refusal, which would be fought between Clan Wolf and the Jade Falcons in their Occupation Zone. Later called the Refusal War, the Strikers were stationed on the desert world of Devin, with the 2nd Falcon Jaegers.

In October, Clan Wolf forces enter Devin space lead by Khan Natasha Kerensky and number of Clusters. Star Colonel Hoyt was in command of the planet's garrison force when Kerensky dispatches her forces on the ground. During the course of the fight, the Strikers would take severe damage but with fellow garrison mate would gain victory at steep price.[26]

Despite taking major losses against Clan Wolf, but the unit was soon operational again within six weeks. For his performance in the battle, Rard Hoyt would be promoted to Galaxy Commander of Epsilon Galaxy leaving the command to Uvin Buhallin. Star Colonel Buhallin was considered excellent MechWarrior, but he was inexperienced force commander along with bulk of his troops due to its rebuilding.[27][28]

Coventry Campaign[edit]

In January of 3058, Khan Marthe Pryde launch a expedition into Lyran Alliance space. Known later as the First Jade Falcon Incursion, their expedition military goal was reach Coventry and gain experience for Khan's new warriors. While at same time, in wake of Refusal War prove it was still had strength to fight.[29] Among these forces was the First Falcon Strikers, whom themselves had number of inexperience troops among their numbers.

The Strikers moved along with the rest of the expedition in a lightning fashion from various worlds along the way. The Strikers would given an opportunity to gain experience for its inexpericed warriors, when they were sent to Australia. The Strikers issued a Batchall to the defenders who replied and arranged a battlefield be otherside of the planet. On the ground, the Australia Militia had laid mines placed their combat vehicles and 'Mechs in hidden locations. This deception angered the Strikers, motivated them to quickly dispatch Militia.[30] to its target world in March.

The elements of the Strikers were among first contested the landings of the Eridani Light Horse on April 10th, at city of Lietnerton. However, the Cluster's forces would be forced to withdraw from the city unable to contest entire mercenary force's regiment.[31]

On 8th April, elements of the Alpha Trinary's 'Mech Stars and Elemental Star from Delta Trinary would spot and engage elements of the Coventry Militia Academy's Cadet Cadre attempting to cross the Ridesein River outside of Port St. Williams. Muddy of the riverbanks would make maneuvering 'Mechs and troops tricky, causing many get stuck or slip and fall. The Strikers and the Cadets would close and engaged close-quarters combat. Despite destroying six of Cadre's BattleMechs and some of its infantry, the Lyran convoy would force Striker's force to withdraw.[32]

Late on the 21st, Eridani Light Horse launched attack against Port St. William in attempt to retake the city from the Clan. In effort to enter the city, Colonel Barclay used some her forces to breach Falcon's defenses in flanking action while her main force tried to pin its defenders in place. The Strikers during the course of the battle were able to hold on until reinforcements could arrive to foil the mercenary's action. Seen as a success, the Strikers would take heavy causalities in the battle. The unit would leave with rest of the Falcon's expedition after arrival of the multi-nation Inner Sphere reinforcements would arrive led by Victor Steiner-Davion.[33]

Star Colonel Uvin Buhallin would gain respect for his actions during the campaign on Coventry, alleviating some doubts of his command abilities. The Strikers would soon later recover from the casualties and become most operation unit in the Delta Galaxy.[34]

Ejection of Steel Vipers[edit]

In 3061 they were fighting on Waldorff vs Clan Steel Viper in the final battle of the war [35]

Falcon Incursion of 3064[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War, Khan Martha Pryde marshaled forces again to swoop into the Lyran Alliance. This 2nd Incursion into Lyran space in May of 3064. Position on Roadside, the Strikers would deploy with rest of Delta Galaxy to take the Lyran world of Kikuyu. After a month of fighting with 6th Donegal Guards and its supporting assets, the unit helps secure planet in June after taking moderate damage. They would move on to Clermont with the 8th Talons to claim that world by 9th July. The Strikers and the 8th Talons would meet up with elements of the majority of Omega Galaxy and Jade Falcon's Command Clusters to claim world of Melissa in major battle August. After securing the planet, Khan Pryde would dispatch the Strikers with 8th Talon to Medellin as part of her efforts to secure worlds near Melissa. On November 23rd the Strikers and Talons would clash with badly damaged Chahar MTM. The Militia unit within days would withdraw from the planet moving further back into Lyran space. Would not be until November that unit be on the move again goto Blair Atholl, where they would clash with Clan Wolf-in-Exile's forces contesting their presence. The unit with the 8th Talon would be recalled back to Falcon's Occupation Zone. In early 3065, the Clan Wolf had taken advantage of Falcon's incursion to take some worlds away from the Falcon. In counterassault against the Wolves, they would take heavy damage with the 8th Talons against the Wolves, would be involved retake Colmar from Clan Wolf in June of 3065.[36][37]

After the driving the Wolves off planet, the unit and 8th Talon remained on planet as its garrison force up to 3067.[38]


Lyran Alliance Campaign[edit]

In early years of the Jihad, Clan Jade Falcon would launch another invasion into the Lyran Alliance in 3068. In the fighting, the Strikers were deployed to take the world of Graus. The Strikers still teamed with the Galaxy-mates the 8th Talons, would hold on the world against reinforcements including the Lyran's Clan allies, the Clan Wolf-in-Exile. They would seize control the planet by October.[39]

As the campaign continued, the Strikers would be resigned to travel with rest of its parent Galaxy take more territory. As part of the Falcon's second push further into the Alliance, they would take the world of Morges in January 3071. On Great X, the Strikers and other GyrFalons would engage in battle with survivors of the Thorin FTM, 25th Arcturan Guards, and Knights of St. Cameron. This planetary campaign would proves to be brutal on the Cluster and rest of Delta. Of the three Clusters on planet, only the Strikers are able withdraw from the planet at the cost of the 4th Falcon Dragoons by July.[40][41] As part of their assault on Great X, the 1st Falcon Striker Cluster dispatched Binary Bravo ("The Pursuing Peregrines") to the continent of Bastion. The 25th Arcturan Guards sent their Third Battalion's Charlie Company ("The Kewran Wolfhounds") to contain the Falcon unit.[42] The First Falcon Striker spent most of their time before evacuating Great X fighting a combat command led by the Knights of St. Cameron.[43]

The Ice Hellion Invasion[edit]

The unit after returning to Falcon's Occupational Zone would be redeployed with remains of the Delta Galaxy to help repulse the Clan Ice Hellion's Invasion. The unit would fight along with the rest of Delta Galaxy help root out Hellions from Occupation Zone till end of the conflict in April of 3072.[44]

Late Jihad[edit]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Falcon Striker
Star Colonel Samuel Helmer 2833 - 2834[1]
Star Colonel Rard Hoyt 3050[45][46]
Star Colonel Uvin Buhallin 3058[47][48]
Star Colonel Jagger Thastus 3147[49]


During Battle of Tukayyid, the unit had used its lighter 'Mech and more mobile units to serve draw enemy fire. The heavy 'Mech in the Trinary Alpha would hammer the Cluster's distracted target.[50]

Composition History[edit]


  • 1st Falcon Striker Cluster[51]
    • Command Star (BattleMech Unit) - Star Colonel Rard Hoyt
    • Trinary Alpha (BattleMech Trinary - Star Captain Padrick Shi-Lu
    • Trinary Beta (BattleMech Trinary) - Star Captain Gandy Irons
    • Trinary Charlie (BattleMech Trinary) - Star Captain Christine Ott
    • Trinary Delta (Mix Trinary) - Star Captain Jeffrey Hazen
      • Note: Delta consisted of Nova (BattleMech Star

and Elemental Battle Armor Star) and two Striders/Stars of Elemental Battle Armor.

Unit Note: The above listing is what the Cluster consisted of as of April 3052, which shows Trinaries Bravo and Charlie strike units of 'Light and Medium mechs. Alpha would be single Star of light and medium mechs in strike role, with heavier units in latter stars. Trinary Delta is principally is lead by a Nova of 'Mech and Elementals, with two additional stars of Battle Armor. The Cluster's prefix was D1J.[52]


  • 1st Falcon Striker Cluster
    • Command Star (BattleMech Star) - CO: Star Colonel Uvin Buhallin[53][54]
    • Alpha Trinary (BattleMech Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Marja Prentice
    • Bravo Trinary (2 Nova Stars and Elemental Star) - CO: Star Captain Armstead
    • Charlie Trinary (2 Nova Stars and Elemental Star) - CO: Star Captain Jaren
    • Delta Trinary (2 Nova Stars and Elemental Star) - CO: Star Captain Oberg
    • Echo Trinary (AeroSpace Fighter Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Teague

Unit Notes: After the Refusal War, the 1st Falcon Strikers was configured with 'Mech/Infantry Cluster. In later the unit would describe more a infantry/Battle Armor unit verse Combined-Arms unit it had been listed as. Station on Wotan as of 3059, the unit is considered be Veterans and have fanatical loyalty to the Clan.[56]


  • 1st Falcon Strike Cluster - CO: Star Colonel Uvin Buhallin[57]

Unit Notes: Based on Colmar, the unit 90 percent its fighting strength. They are considered Veterans warriors with Fanatical loyalty rating the Clan.


In the Clan Jade Falcon sourcebook and Tukayyid scenario book both at times mistakenly called the 1st First Striker Cluster the First Falcon Jaegers. However, these original text specially during the Battle of Robyn's Crossing use Star Colonel Rard Hoyt "Jaegers" commander, which is in fact Striker's commander. Era Report: 3052's names Strikers as being Hoyt's unit and one who fought at Robyn's Crossing with the 403rd Division.[58][59][60]

In the FedCom Civil War sourcebook, the Deployment Tables for the Jade Falcons during their Incursion show the unit fighting on the Clan's Occupational Zone capital of Sudeten on pages 185-186. However, no information who they were fighting, no other factions listed in '65 were shown involved in the fights other than Falcon forces on Sudeten.[61] No further listing in Field Manual: Update show anything had accrued as well.

During the Jihad, the Strikers would get involved in two major campaigns. The Lyran expedition of 3068 to 71, and in the efforts fight off the Ice Hellions from late '71 to 3072. Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 describes that Delta Galaxy would reduced to single cluster, namely the Strikers. However, later Jihad Secrets, would list Delta Galaxy fighting Hellions until end of the conflict. Its unclear, if "Delta Galaxy" was mis-report of the Striker's actions, newly raised troops, or mistake in the intelligence report. Masters and Minions, would also note Delta Galaxy noted as partipating in the Hellion campaign and being rebuilt by saKhan.

Game Rules[edit]

Widowmaker Absorption[edit]

All 'Mechs of the First Falcon Striker must have a walking speed of 5 MP or more. They will not field vehicles. They will never engage in physical attacks. They will honor Level 1 honor rules (Strict) unless their opponent violates zellbrigen. They are skilled at firing on the move, and so reduce their attacker movement modifier by 1 point, to a minimum of zero.[62]

Falcon Incursion[edit]

From the OTP: Falcon Incursion, the unit given Unit abilities for advance play. Despite being listed as Veterans, was long considered inexperience in 3058. To reflect the unit's overall inexperience as a Cluster, the individual Mechs/vehicles/infantry movement is reduced by 1 and the controlling player has cap of maximum of six OmniMechs they can deploy in a mission using 1st Falcon Strikers.[63]

Field Manual: Crusader Clans, portrays the unit is more seasoned force. The Force Specific Rules allows include the following if player wish to use Advance Scenario rules. When assembling a force for a scenario, a controlling player may choose maximum of six OmniMechs to be in their force. They are allowed to deploy up to 6 Stars of Elemental Battle Armor to be deployed with them. Should (then) saKhan Samantha Clees be in command Falcons in the battle, the unit gains a +2 to its initiative, but her removal from the game changes it to a -2.[64]

The Strikers being noted as fighting on the move, when a controlling player is firing on an enemy unit, they may subtract 1 from the an enemy movement when rolling to-hit.


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