1st Taurian Guard

First Taurian Guard
Unit Profile (as of 2578)
Parent Formation Taurian Guard Corps


The First Taurian Guard were a BattleMech regiment in the Taurian Defense Force during the Reunification War.[1]


The unit was assigned to defend Taurus in 2578 along the Calderon Red Hand and the First Concordat Velites.[1]

During the Reunification War, when General Amalthia Kincaid was replaced by General Amos Forlough, veteran of the ongoing war with the Outworlds Alliance. Forlough was unscrupulous, resolving to conduct a scorched-earth campaign against the Taurian Concordat. However, he failed to inform his superiors of his tactics (or, for that matter, any losses or atrocities committed). Discipline and defection became significant problems under the leadership of General Forlough; the SLDF instituted severe corporal punishments for any infractions committed against orders.

Forlough commenced Wave Five in 2584, favoring scorched-earth tactics against his adversaries. In order to prevent the complete destruction of the Concordat, Mitchell Calderon ordered his House regiments, thus far held in reserve, to bring war to the Star League. the Taurian Guard, the Concordat Velites and the Calderon Red Hand were deployed to Deifenbaker to destroy III Corps. Though most of the Taurian units were lost, III Corps was decimated, and unable to continue the invasion.

The SLS Hancock, an Star League WarShip which acted in support of the SLDF III Corps, was in Diefenbaker during late 2584 or early 2585. Diefenbaker was a Taurian world which had been occupied by the SLDF and used as the headquarters for III Corps; the initial raiding force landed as most of III Corps were already aboard DropShips in transit to their JumpShips, following orders to attack Lindsay. As the raiding force prosecuted a spoiling campaign against III Corps, a full invasion force was prepared and arrived in system n the 4th of February 2585, beginning an extended campaign to try and capture the world. The SLS Hancock was one of at least three SLD WarShips involved in the resulting action, and was responsible for destroying the bulk of the Calderon Red Hand regiment via orbital bombardment while trying to assist Major General Natasha Azzi and two mixed regiments of SLDF troops during the four hour long Battle of Lost Valley.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the First Taurian Guard






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