1st Taurian Lancers

1st Taurian Lancers.jpg
1st Taurian Lancers
Formed 2985
Nickname Battlefield Brethren
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Parent Command III Corps

Unit Description[edit]

The First Taurian Lancers is a multiregiment combined-arms formation fielded by the Taurian Concordat in 3020. They were formed by the TDF as experimental tactical doctrine in placing equal amount of Heavy Tank and other armor vehicles with BattleMechs in each of its battalions.[1] The Lancers have integrated DropShips for transport but no JumpShips.


Late Succession Wars[edit]

The Lancers' most notable action was during a raid of the Davion world of Bromhead in 3021. The battle took a turn for the worse when a company of the Lancers' 'Mechs were lost in a minefield. The Tank force saved the remaining 'Mechs from being routed by shoring up their battle lines and covering the rest of the Lancers' retreat. The Tanks took out two Lances of BattleMechs which were trying to take advantage of Lancers' situation.

The unit's performance was considered successful despite the battle's outcome, prompting the creation of two further regiments. The battle also convinced high-ranking Taurian officers to insist on increasing the number of tanks in other Taurian forces.[2]

In 3054 the Lancers were split into battalion sized formations and garrisoned Norman's World, Illiushin, and Laconis.[3]


In early 3060s, as part of the new Trinity Alliance's officer exchange program. Sao-Shao Michael Lee was assigned to command a battalion in the Lancers' 'Mech regiment. Lee was assigned to the unit as an instructor to improve unit's skills. The unit spent a considerable amount of time in classroom training, utilizing a range of training methods including computer simulators.[4]

Due to their fanatic loyalty to Protector Grover Shraplen, the Lancers remained part of the Concordat military instead of joining the rebels who formed the Calderon Protectorate in 3066.

The Lancers were part of a rotating garrison force safeguarding the Hyades Cluster from attack in 3067.[5] Lancers were split between the Liao worlds of Aldebaran and Ningpo.[6]

Elements of the unit saw action on Ningpo in 3068 with Hell's Black Aces. When the Arcadians raided the planet as part of Duke George Hasek's Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE. With extensive assistance from the elite aerospace regiment, the 1st Lancers helped inflict significant damage against the Davion mercenaries. The Lancers were noted for their ferocious attacks on the Arcadians in the defense of the Earthwerks armor-sheet factory.[7] In less than 24 hours of combat, the Lancers had reduced the Arcadians to roughly 40 percent of its fighting strength, forcing them off the planet.[8]

After the collapse of the Trinity Alliance the First Taurian Lancers returned to the Concordat. In 3079 they were stationed on Maia and Electra.[9]

Operation MATADOR[edit]

Following the launch of Operation MATADOR, the Federated Suns counteroffensive against the Concordat, the First Battalion of the Lancers ran the AFFS blockade of Ridgebrook in June 3080 and dropped onto the planet to reinforce elements of the Concordat Jaegers, who were locked in a stalemate with the attacking Syrtis Avengers and the 59th Strike Regiment.[10] The death of Nathaniel Hasek in an ambush on Ridgebrook helped slow the AFFS counteroffensive, leaving Ridgebrook in Taurian hands.[11]

It was reported that as a result of the combat seen during the extended war with the Federated Suns and then in Operation MATADOR the 1st Taurian Lancers had been reduced to just over a third of their established strength by mid-3081.[12]

Post-Jihad Era[edit]

After the end of the war the two remaining battalions of the First Lancers began rebuilding, recruiting new personnel from the academies on New Vandenberg and Pinard and guarding the factories that produced the replacement equipment the First Lancers sorely needed.[13]

Dark Age[edit]

Between 3135 and 3145 the First Lancers were stationed on Ridgebrook. There they engaged in a series of raids against the AFFS, focusing on supply depots and civilian industry. The First Lancers have standing orders that allow them to raid any AFFS forces in the area, but in 3145 they allowed several AFFS forces withdrawing from the Victoria War to pass through their area of operations without any conflict.[14]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Taurian Lancers
Colonel Victoria Norman 3025[15]
Colonel Sergio McDaniels 3050 - 3059[16]
Colonel Elise Powell 3064[citation needed]
Colonel Theresa Nelson 3145[17]



Composition History[edit]


The Taurian Lancers[15]

  • CO: Colonel Victoria Norman
  • 1st Battalion (Regular/Reliable) - CO: Subaltern Sergio McDaniel
  • 2nd Battalion (Green/ Reliable) - CO: Subaltern Nelson O'Donnel
  • 3rd Battalion (Green/Questionable) - CO: Subaltern Therese Harper


First Taurian Lancers (BattleMech Regiment)[18]

  • CO: Colonel Sergio McDaniel
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Subaltern Richard Ody, Regular/Reliable Norman's World
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Alan Mogliotti, Green/Reliable Cynon
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Eric Hiner, Green/Reliable Cynon


First Taurian Lancers (BattleMech Regiment)[3]

  • CO: Colonel Sergio McDaniel
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Subaltern Richard Ody, Regular/Reliable Norman's World
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Alan Mogliotti, Green/Reliable Illiushin
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Eric Hiner, Green/Reliable Laconis


First Taurian Lancers (BattleMech Regiment)[19]

  • CO: Colonel Sergio McDaniel
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Brigadier Richard Ody, Regular/Reliable Norman's World
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Brigadier Alan Mogliotti, Green/Fanatical Illiushin
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Brigadier Eric Hiner, Regular/Questionable Laconis


First Taurian Lancers (BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Elise Powell
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Brigadier Rachel James
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Brigadier (Sao-Shao) Michael Sun Lee
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Brigadier Austin Campbell

First Taurian Armored Lancers (Armor Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Xavier "X" St. Cloud

Seventy-fifth Light Guard

  • CO: Brigadier Yesler Mohadib


First Taurian Lancers (BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Elise Powell

First Taurian Armored Lancers (Armor Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Xavier St. Cloud

Seventy-fifth Light Guard


The First Taurian Lancers were at two thirds of their nominal regimental size.[9]


First Taurian Lancers (Regular/Fanatical)[20]

  • CO: Colonel Humbert Derick

First Taurian Armored Lancers (Veteran/Fanatical)[20]

  • CO: Colonel Cameron Vale

Seventy-ninth Light Guard (Regular/Fanatical)[20]

  • CO: Colonel Enu Kwesi


First Taurian Lancers (Regular/Reliable)[17]

First Taurian Armored Lancers (Veteran/Reliable)[17]

First Taurian Foot Lancers (Regular/Reliable)[17]


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