1st Thorin Regiment

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1st Thorin Regiment
Formed 3062
Nickname Archer's Avengers
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command Archer's Avengers


The unit was officially founded by Victor Steiner-Davion on December 23rd 3062, when he declared Archer Christifori's rebels the 1st Thorin Regiment. The unit was founded from the Thorin planetary militia and various (sometimes criminal) groups of civilians.

The first task of the 1st Thorin Regiment was to defeat the 15th Arcturan Guards. They successfully drove them off Thorin and Muphrid in early 3063.

The novel Measure of a Hero states, that the 1st Thorin Regiment stood on Thorin on February 9th 3063. However, the novel Call of Duty states, that by February 11th, the 1st Thorin Regiment had integrated the Muphrid planetary militia and conquered Syrma, Milton and Alcor. The fighting on Alcor lasted from mid-January to February 11th.

By salvaging the remains of the defeated militias and taking on Davionist sympathizers and volunteers, the 1st Thorin regiment all in all has grown to a reinforced Regiment. But by leaving garrison troops on each planet, their strength was at two reinforced combined-arms Battalions in February 3063.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Thorin Regiment
Archer Christifori 3062[1]

Other Officers[edit]

The executive officer and head of the intelligence unit was Major Katya Chaffee [1]



Composition History[edit]


  • 1 Mech-Company
  • 1 Tank-Company
  • approx. 1 Infantry-Battalion (regular soldiers and partisans)
  • 2 Aerospace fighters
  • various hover-bikes


February: 1st Thorin Regiment

  • 2 combined-arms Battalions (reinforced; Mechs, Tanks, Infantry)
  • at least 4 Aerospace fighters
  • Murphid Rangers
  • Sherwood Foresters
  • various militias on Thorin, Muphrid, Syrma, Milton (probably company-size)

After defeating Wolverton's Highlanders on Odessa, the 1st Thorin salvaged 2 Mech-Battalions and recruited Davionist rebels (and some Wolverton mercenaries) on Odessa, bringing their strength to 4 Battalions.


Their unit sign is a big A2 on the chest of the Mechs.

Though the unit's nickname was Archer's Avengers in the beginning, the nickname spread to Archer Christifori's whole task-force as it grew to 3 combined-arms Regiments.


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