1st Tyr

First Tyr
Formed 3027[1]
Disbanded 3068 (destroyed)
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command KungsArmé

The First Tyr Regiment was formed as the first BattleMech regiment of what would become the Free Rasalhague Republic. Initially it was conceived as a resistance unit. It would later become a combined-arms regiment in the 3050s and 3060s, prior to the Republic's absorption by the Ghost Bear Dominion. Throughout its history, it was rated an Elite-skilled unit.



During 3027, the Lyran Commonwealth had secretly formed the 1st Tyr BattleMech regiment. This unit consisted of Assault 'Mechs manned by Rasalhagian exiles and refugees. The LCAF first deployed this regiment during the Fourth Succession War, where they were able to secretly capture Kirchbach. This victory encouraged civil disobedience among the Rasalhague natives, helping to incite revolts and free worlds from the rule of the Draconis Combine.

In 3029, Lyran leaders invited the leaders of the Rasalhague independence movement known as the Tyr to Tamar. The leaders that came were impressed and agreed to work with the Lyran government. The unit participated in last days of the war conducting strikes and guerrilla warfare in support of the Lyran offensive. The unit then went into hiding after the war, while marshaling political support to secure Rasalhague independence.[2]

Ronin Wars[edit]

After independence was achieved in 3034, rogue Draconis Combine military units which were stationed in the former Rasalhague Military District began to attack the Republic. These forces were declared ronin by Coordinator Takashi Kurita. The First Tyr had recently been reactivated prior to the beginning of hostilities as a garrison unit for the planet of Rasalhague.


At dawn of 14 March, the 1st Tyr's infantry assets arrived at former Rasalhaguian Warlord Marcus Kurita's palatial estate to arrest him. However, they were ambushed by Armor assets of the 8th Rasalhague Regulars as they were trying to transfer Marcus Kurita to the ISF authorities. The ISF personnel had called on the Regulars' fellow garrison unit, the 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre, to help stop the now rogue Combine unit. Unfortunately, the Cadre was involved with the rogue Kurita noble and attacked the parade staging/review area. Their brief exchange of shooting would result in them hitting a fuel truck, which resulted in the killing of seven civilians. This would devastate the grandstand that was to be used to announce the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic.

The First Tyr's BattleMechs arrived on scene and shattered the 12th Sun Zhang. They then proceeded to the spaceport after the 8th Rasalhague had successfully rescued their leader, Marcus Kurita. The two rogue Combine units were caught by surprise at the 1st Tyr's fury over the death of Rasalhaguian citizens, but both units put up stiff resistance as they withdrew. The remains of both the 12th Sun Zhang and 8th Regulars managed to reach waiting DropShips. The 1st Tyr then secured the spaceport and one of Marcus's malfunctioning DropShips, which forced some rogue elements to flee into the wild.[3]

The First Tyr's units had been pulled back to reinforce the defenses of the capital city. Survivors of the ronin units that had been garrisoned on Rasalhague split up into three guerrilla groups. The first group headed towards the Hakkøn Mining complex and attempted to hijack a Mule-class DropShip, to make their way to the planet of Predlitz where other ronin forces were gathering. The second guerrilla group, consisting of a mix of two companies of infantry and BattleMechs, managed to travel to the heavy forests of Skand and succeeded in staying out of sight of the 1st Tyr.

In May, a small third guerrilla group, lead by the 8th Rasalhague Regular's executive officer Chu-sa Harry Volre, attempted to attack the capital. His force, consisting of his command lance of 'Mechs and a company of vehicles, tried to slip through an old industrial complex. However, they were spotted by city police, which allowed a company of Heavy BattleMechs to surround the ronin troops. In the fire fight, Chu-sa Volre was killed in the cockpit of his Charger. This led to the surrender of the remaining ronin troops to the 1st Tyr.[4] The first guerrilla group was spotted by satellite while marching at night across the desert. When they reached Hakkøn Mining, they found a company of 1st Tyr's elite BattleMechs awaiting them. The unit surrendered to them, with some members committing seppuku and the remainder being sent to Luthien for trial and execution. The last of the ronin forces were located in July within the Forest of Skand. After deserters from the forest guerrillas were captured and made to reveal their former comrades location, Combine troops and Republic forces fire bombed the location, eliminating the last remaining ronin fighting force on Rasalhague.

This freed up the 1st Tyr to help eliminate the other rebel forces that had managed to head to Predlitz.[5]


The 1st Tyr arrived on Predlitz in early June, attempting to engage the ronin forces holding the planet. However, due to its regiment being made up with strictly Heavy and Assault class BattleMechs, the unit were not able to corner the lighter ronin machines of the 8th Rasalhague and 12th Sun Zhang. After three weeks of trying to engage the enemy, the 2nd Sword of Light arrived to assist the Republic regiment. The 2nd Sword contacted the 1st Tyr after assaulting Predlitz's moon, Krakau, destroying the ronin militia base there. Then 2nd Sword, in concert with 1st Tyr, conducted combat drop on to of the Kalitz spaceport, where ronin forces put up a stiff resistance. The Combine's DropShip, Osaka, was damaged in the fighting. It was then that General Månsdottir, commanding 1st Tyr, pulled both units from the fighting, in order to better preserve both regiments for a better opportunity to finish off the renegade ronin forces.[6]

In early August, the 2nd Sword managed slip elements of its own force into the two ronin regiment's rear operating areas. This caused the two units move, precisely, into a waiting 1st Tyr hiding in ambush. Artillery fire launched at General Månsdottir's command drove the ronin forces into guns of the regiment's BattleMechs. During the fighting, Bravo Company of the Tyr's 2nd Battalion was noted for taking out two companies of ronin 'Mechs.[7] The action finalized the destruction of most of the 12th Sun Zhang units on planet, with only a lance's worth of forces slipping away. Three weeks of salvage work resulted in the discovery of the missing ronin MechWarriors, which included the 8th Rasalhague's commander, Sho-sho Sven Johannsen. It was learned that survivors had slipped away to a hidden DropShip and made their way to join survivors of the 8th on Predlitz's moon. Republic forces in the form of the newly formed 2nd Drakøns arrived to relieve the 1st Tyr. General Månsdottir had them redirected to Krakau where they finished off the remains of the 8th Rasalhague.

With the arrival of the relief forces, Månsdottir deployed his people to Radstadt.[8]

Elements of the unit were also split off to help elsewhere.


Elements of the 1st Tyr were dispatched to assist the fighting on Gunzburg in September. During the final stages of the battle on the planet, the Tyr's executive officer, Tor Miraborg, was ambushed by the remains of the ronin armor unit known as the 211th Mechanized Assault regiment. Miraborg, General Månsdottir's best friend, was badly injured in the ambush that took down his lance.[9] The 1st Tyr's attached mercenary force, Dragon's Breath, used a clause of their contract to get out of the fighting due to heavy damage.


In October, the 1st Tyr arrived on planet. The 1st Kavalleri had been fighting for months with elements of ronin from the 603rd Tank and 49th Mechanized Tank regiments. Having destroyed the 49th Mechanized and both units transportation assets in initial raid in August. However, the Republic tank regiment had been outflanked the 603rd's maneuvering which lead them into city. Troubles with the mercenary unit Vincent's Vigilantes, allowed the ronin forces to prolong the battle for the planet. The Tyr managed hunt down the renegade tank unit and mop up the remaining fighting on the planet.[10]

Deactivation and rebirth[edit]

After the war's conclusion, the 1st Tyr was decommissioned and its members were promoted to other positions in the military and had also taken positions in Republic's government.

Decades later, the Clan Invasion wrought havoc in the barely twenty year-old Republic, resulting in the Republic being reduced to a single province of only seven worlds. Former commander and current Elected Prince-Regent, Christian Månsdottir, reinstated the 1st Tyr as a symbol of rebirth in the wake of the invasion by the clans.

This unit, unlike its first incarnation as a 'Mech regiment, the new 1st Tyr reformed as a smaller battalion consisting of assault BattleMechs.[11], with three supporting formation making up the rest of the size. The unit became a symbol of strength for the Republic. The 1st Tyr's command lance has been fitted out with four captured Clan OmniMechs help bolster the unit's image of strength. The unit by 3062, had conducted several raids into Clan space, to show its abilities.[12]

By the late 3060s, the unit had expanded to two battalions of Assault 'Mechs, with only the limitation of keeping the unit's elite status preventing it from becoming a full regiment. The unit's supporting forces, were also bolstered . While stationed near the Janesek Industries plant on Orestes, the Tyr's aerospace assets were expanded to a full wing of fighters which included the new Huscarl OmniFighter. The infantry regiment received Inner Sphere Standard (Battle Armor) suits from the Lyran Alliance,The infantry also serve double duty acting as the Elected Prince's bodyguards.[13]

Jihad and destruction[edit]

In November 3068, Word of Blake forces raided Orestes. The 1st Tyr was caught by surprise and suffered heavy damage along with its fellow garrison unit, ComStar's 104th Division.[14][15] Reports the unit was destroyed by bombardment by the raiding force's WarShip[16]


After the 1st Tyr's destruction, Clan Ghost Bear had absorbed the remaining unoccupied worlds of the Free Rasalhague Republic. As part of a campaign to help native Rasalhagians feel comfortable with their new Ghost Bear protectors, newly instituted Clusters were created with old KungsArmé names, including the 1st Tyr Assault Cluster.[17]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Tyr
Överste Christian Månsdottir 3027[18]
Överste-Löjtnant Hanssen Månsdottir 3062[19]


After the unit's reactivation in mid-3050s, the unit been trained in defensive tactics against faster opponents. By learning how get into the enemy's flank and rear, this allows the units assault 'Mechs to effectively bring their firepower to bear against enemy attempts to outflank them.[20]

Composition History[edit]


  • One BattleMech Regiment - CO: General Christian Månsdottir
    • Unit was noted for its being fitted out with Lyran Heavy and Assault-class BattleMechs

3062 - 3067[edit]

1st Tyr (one Assault BattleMech Battalion)

1st Orestes Lancers (Aerospace Wing

4th Orestes Armor Battalion (Armor Battalion)

2nd Orestes Motorized Infantry (Battalion Motorized Infantry)


After the Free Rasalhague Republic was absorbed by Clan Ghost Bear in 3068, the KungsArmé was integrated into the Bear's touman of troops. A new formation, the 1st Tyr Assault Cluster was raised among new galaxies formed with the KungsArmé integration.[21]


Game notes[edit]

When controlling player assigns 'Mechs for the 1st Tyr, special rules express to strictly roll on the Assault 'Mech table in Random 'Mech and Vehicle Assignment Table.[22] This to reflect it being still an all-Assault BattleMech force.


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