1st Victoria Lancers

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First Victoria Lancers
Unit Profile (as of 2367)
Parent Formation Victoria Lancers


The First Victoria Lancers was a pre-Age of War military unit within the Federated Peacekeeping Forces. In mid-2367 the First was deployed on Capella by President Reynard Davion of the Federated Suns. In 2363 Prime Minister Seluk Tucas had declared war between the Capellan Hegemony and the Federated Suns, only for the war to go badly for the Hegemony - and the Tikonov Grand Union and St. Ives Mercantile League, two states temporarily allied with the Hegemony. The FPF made steady gains against the three states, prompting Tucas' removal from power, and ultimately, the formation of the Capellan Confederation under the rule of Chancellor Franco Liao. The turmoil in the region led Reynard to deploy what he referred to as "peacekeeping" forces on Capella - not just the First Victoria Lancers, but a number of other units including one of the First's sister regiments, the Fifth Victoria Lancers, as well as the Third Aragon Lancers, the Findas Motorized Infantry and the Illisen Commandos - the latter being elite infantry units.[1]

One of Franco's first orders was for the transport fleet that brought the FPF to Capella to be destroyed by the new Capellan Navy, comprised of elements of the fleets from the Duchy of Liao, Sarna Supremacy and the St. Ives Mercantile League, initiating a seven-hour battle. Franco then ordered the FPF units that had fortified within the capital city on Capella to surrender, an ultimatum the FPF commands refused, believing that there was no way Franco would fire on his own people. Two minutes after the deadline passed Franco initiated an orbital bombardment of the city, destroying it and the Third Aragon Lancers, the Findas Motorized Infantry and the Illisen Commandos. There are no records confirming if the two Victoria Lancers units were also destroyed in the bombardment, but none of the FPF regiments destroyed on Capella were ever reconstituted.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Victoria Lancers



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