1st Volders Regiment

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First Volders Regiment
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command Rasalhague Military District

The First Volders Regiment was a planetary garrison within the Radstadt Prefecture of the Rasalhague Military District.[1][2][3]


The First Volders Regiment was a veteran combined-arms regiment and planetary garrison for the planet Volders in the Rasalhague Military District of the Draconis Combine. Approximately three months prior to the beginning of the Fourth Succession War the First Volders Regiment uncovered a bunker and small tunnel complex near the ruined city of Hopkins on Volders, and identified the structure as a former Star League Defense Force base. The First turned the bunker into the new nerve center for their headquarters, and the bunker was in use as such when the mercenary commands Snord's Irregulars and the Second Narhal's Raiders launched a planetary assault as a part of the First Wave of Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG.[1]

Narhal's Raiders initially made good progress against the First, with the Raiders heavy armor making advances near Hopkins while elements of Snord's Irregulars engaging and destroying the Third Volders Armored Assault Company to secure the left flank of the Raider's advance. The war turned briefly in favor of the First when two companies of the First's light 'Mechs managed to encircle the Raiders' armor in the ruins of Hopkins, but Rhonda Snord led her command company into the ruins, using the debris piled throughout the ruined city as cover to launch a series of fast and deadly ambuscades that routed the First's 'Mechs.[1][2]

The Narhal Raiders continued to push north against the First, while the Irregulars secured Hopkins and spent several days searching amongst the ruins; after four days, Rhonda Snord led the Irregulars north, in a deep probe that was intended to run parallel to the Raiders' line of advance, but which instead stumbled across the First's command bunker some forty kilometers behind the Raiders' position. Having identified the bunker's defending forces as a mix of infantry and a handful of light 'Mechs, the Irregulars attacked; hidden in tunnels near the bunker were the 'Mechs of the First's Regimental Command Company under the command of Tai-sa Veng Lo Ho. Veng Ho Lo engaged the Irregulars Second and Third Companies, and the First's Commanding Officer, Tai-sho Becker, attempted to retreat to safety in his Mobile HQ. Unfortunately for the First, the Irregulars infantry were trained in anti-'Mech tactics and joined the fray, where the Irregulars swiftly defeated the First's forces; Becker was captured along with most of his headquarters staff, and this led to the First's resistance to the invasion collapsing. Four days later, Volder had surrendered to the Lyran Commonwealth.[1][3]

Unknown to the First, Snord's Irregulars had joined the attack on Volders in pursuit of information chips believed to be hidden in a vault below Hopkins, and to investigate a SLDF facility that Cranston Snord believed had been hidden on Volders. From interviews conducted with the surviving officers of the First, Rhonda Snord learned of the discover of the bunker the First had converted into their HQ and investigated the tunnels around it, discovering an SLDF cache containing supplies and equipment including more than three dozen assorted Star League era vehicles and BattleMechs, which she recovered and shipped back to the Irregulars' base on Clinton in secret.[1][3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Volders Regiment
Tai-sho Becker 3028[3]

Other Officers[edit]


The First Volders Regiment was a combined-arms regiment; in addition to a Regimental Command Company of 'Mechs, the regiment included at least one and possibly more Armored Assault Companies equipped with a range of Combat Vehicles.[2][3]


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