Winfield's Regiment

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Winfield's Regiment
Formed 2992
Disbanded 3050
Previous Designation(s) Winfield's Brigade
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LCAF

Winfield's Brigade was designed by House Steiner as a mixed-weapon line unit. Winfield's Brigade was destroyed during the first and second wave of Operation REVIVAL by Clan Jade Falcon.


Origin as Winfield Guard[edit]

The Winfield Guards were created by Alessandro Steiner as a mixed weapon unit in 2992. The 'Mechs of the Winfield Guards were usually of medium weight and high mobility. They were patterned after the Eridani Light Horse and one of the most famed Lyran units, The Stealths. In fact, the unit`s CO was a descendant of the former commander of the Stealths. The Guards quickly became one of the finest Lyran units, but they were decimated during the fierce fighting on the planet of Sevren due to severe intelligence failures in 3011. Though the 2nd Donegal Guards arrived to reinforce the unit, the 2nd Guards didn't know the local terrain. Two scouts from the Brigade offered to lead the Guards into position even though they were wounded and in seriously damaged 'Mechs. To honor these scouts, the scouts of Winfield's Brigade wear the tartan of the Second Donegal Guards as a lapel device.[1]

The unit was reorganized into a two-battalion-sized force and renamed to Winfield`s Brigade. Winfield`s Brigade was once more deployed to Sevren alongside with the 30th Lyran Guards and Hansen's Roughriders. The invasion succeeded in 3024, mostly because of the hard-striking Winfield`s Brigade.[2][3] The battle for Sevren saw a company from Winfield's Brigade fend off attacks from two lances of MechBuster aircraft before pushing forward to secure a strategically significant bridge, cutting off a battalion of forces from the Dieron Regulars from reinforcements. This in turn allowed the 30th Lyran Guards to assault the isolated Dieron Regulars in force; the company from Winfield's Brigade lost a total of eight 'Mechs destroyed or immobilized in exchange for one downed MechBuster in the push to capture the bridge, although the airfield from which the MechBusters were operating was identified and captured during their attack on Winfield's Brigade.[4]

Winfield's Brigade performed an important role during the so-called "witch-hunts" of Gypsum and Baker 3, an innovation of Archon Katrina Steiner. The top-heavy units of the LCAF had to hunt down the "witch", a highly mobile opfor-unit, which was usually displayed by Winfield's Brigade or the mercenary unit Mobile Fire.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During the Fourth Succession War, the Tyr Regiment, the 4th Donegal Guards, the 3rd Lyran Regulars and Winfield`s Brigade were assigned to liberate the prefecture capital of Kirchbach. The defending DCMS units, the 5th Amphigean Light Assault Group, Helmut's Hermits and the 17th Rasalhague Regulars, were forced to retreat off-world soon after the first engagement. [5] Hereupon, Winfield's Brigade was assigned to invade the world of Liezen, which was garrisoned by a veteran Combine 'Mech-Regiment, the 1st Altenmarkt Militia. Winfield's Brigade quickly seized control of the capital and other major cities. However, the larger Altenmarkt Militia 'Mech-Regiment faded away and staged a guerrilla war. Unfortunately, Winfield's Brigade lacked the man-power to garrison the cities and to hunt down the 1st Altenmarkt Militia at the same time. Thus, the Brigade was reinforced by the 4th Donegal Guards. Shortly afterwards, the Altenmarkt Militia had to retreat and Liezen was ultimately considered secured.[6]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Deployed on their homeworld of Winfield during the opening stages of Operation Revival, Winfield's Regiment was attacked by Clan Jade Falcon[7][8] in March 3050.[9] Fortunately, the Jade Falcons underestimated the capabilities of Winfield's Regiment and the Lyran unit almost overran the landing zone of the Jade Falcon's Fifth Battle Cluster. However, they had to retreat from Winfield after the Jade Falcons deployed a massive force of Clan Elementals, which were completely unknown to the Inner Sphere at the time. As skilled as Winfield's troops were, the Jade Falcon 612th Assault Cluster were too strong for them, with just two battalions mainly consisting of light armor and infantry managing to escape after the battle in the Territe Valley.[9]Before they retreated offworld in orderly fashion, they prepared the Winfield Militia to stage a guerrilla war.[7][8]

In late 3051 or early 3052 General Winfield persuaded Marshal Bob Bryant to allow him to raid Winfield, despite Bryant's misgivings. Although Winfield was primarily concerned with rescuing those prisoners still interned by the Jade Falcons, his justification for the raid was to target the Kerensky Munitions and Armaments factory that the Falcons had constructed by refitting the old Fairfield Munitions plant, and which if allowed to remain operational would allow them to not only support strikes into the Coventry Operational Area but also to starve out those still fighting in the Blackjack Operational Area. Although Bryant allowed the strike to go ahead, despite Winfield being deep inside the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, he made it abundantly clear that any political repercussions from the strike would fall squarely on Winfield.[9]

Winfield's forces arrived in the Winfield system in February 3052 via a pirate point, and Winfield immediately issued a batchall against the defending forces, which were drawn from Epsilon Galaxy. The Jade Falcons responded by bidding the 101st Defense Cluster, which was a Cluster largely equipped with medium OmniMechs. Winfield had every intention of deceiving the Falcon forces, and began by sending his infantry along his south flank and used his light armor forces to probe the center and north flanks of the Falcon forces. Winfield successfully lured the 101st into charging for his heavy 'Mechs. Winfield then retreated his forces steadily northwards with the 101st in pursuit, leaving just a few Elementals guarding the munitions factory.[9]

Winfield's infantry forces successfully crossed the Harrison River and infiltrated the munitions factory without being detected by the bulk of the 101st; the remaining Elementals attempted to engage the infantry, but by the time they attacked the infantry had already planted explosives. When the facility exploded the forces from the 101st pursuing Winfield's 'Mech forces turned to fight around the burning factory, allowing Winfield to strike at the prison and free the prisoners held there. The battle had lasted some twenty hours in total and was a stunning success for Winfield and his troops.[9]

The survivors of Winfield's Regiment faced the Fourth Falcon Velites on Butler shortly after. Vastly outnumbered, Leftenant General Davis Winfield decided to challenge the Falcon CO in single combat. He managed to gain the upper hand against his opponent, Star Colonel Evak Mattlov, until a lucky hit destroyed his 'Mech's gyro and he fell unconscious. Enraged, the rest of Winfield's Regiment attacked the Falcon force in a suicidal charge, which left the regiment all but destroyed.[7] [8]

Reformation as Mercenaries[edit]

The survivors formed the core for a mercenary group named Winfield's Regiment. During the Clan's Wolf / Jade Falcon War, Colonel Jeremiah Winfield conducted a small border raid against the world of Butler, which ultimately failed. As a consequence the unit left LAAF service and after a short time operating in the Chaos March they signed on to work for the Marian Hegemony in 3065. There the mercenaries defended against the Circinus Federation's counter-invasion.[10]

In Service of the Hegemony In the Jihad[edit]

During the next few years, the regiment trained with the IV Legio in anti-riot methods and other law enforcement tactics. In 3068, the Marian high command ordered the mercenaries to find and destroy the base of the Circinus Black Warriors. Colonel Winfield detailed two battalion-size task forces, with the third remaining behind as backup at Maximillian.

In 3069 on Corpus Mortuum, they captured a fugitive band of pirates who told them about massive Word of Blake bases in the Federation. Colonel Winfield saw this as a chance to acquire the necessary equipment for his long-term goal of liberating his home world from the Clans. On Circinus the mercenaries lost two full battalions to the Word of Blake. The third battalion was then attacked after their identity was somehow leaked.

The regiment was a shadow of its former self after the horrific events on Blantleff. The Caesar of the Marian Hegemony began citing the unit as being in possible breach of contract due to its pathetic fighting condition. The Hegemony forbade the regiment from recruiting from Hegemony citizens, however some Palatinate rebels joined the unit.[11]

Major Evan Burton, Commanding Officer from (3069 - Current): Former Third Battalion Commander of the Regiment, he was the last surviving ranking officer after the Regiment's failed Circinus raid of 3069.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Winfield Guard
Commanding Officers of Winfield's Brigade
Colonel Davis Winfield 3050[7][8]
Commanding Officers of Winfield's Regiment
Colonel Jeremiah Winfield 3050 - 3069
Major Evan Burton 3069[12]


The unit specialized in harassing and cavalry tactics. It also made use of ambushes and flanking maneuvers.


The technical staff can perform most of the unit's normal repairs. The unit possesses a Star Lord-class JumpShip (the Hartford) and two Overlord-class DropShips to transport the entire command. The Hartford's KF Drive was shattered from overuse after arriving back on Blantleff in 3069.

Composition History[edit]


Winfield Guards (2 Regiments/Elite/Reliable)[13]


Winfield's Guards (2 Regiment[1]


Winfield’s Brigade (2 Battalions/Elite/Reliable)[14][15]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Winfield.


Winfield's Brigade (2 Battalions/Elite/Reliable)[17]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Winfield. [17]


Winfield's Regiment (1 Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[18][19]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Winfield[19]


Winfield’s Regiment (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[23]

  • 1st Battalion/CO: Colonel Jeremiah Winfield
  • 2nd Battalion/XO: Lieutenant Colonel Freda Foh Shen
  • 3rd Battalion: Kommandant Evan Burton

Lighting Strike (1 Wing/Veteran/Reliable)

  • Wing Commander: Major Marina De Vega


Winfield’s Regiment (1 BattleMech Battalion)

  • CO: Major Evan Burton[24]
    • Note: Unit had only 3 Aerospace Fighters remaining of its Aerospace Wing after the raid on Circinus.


Winfield's Regiment (Regular/Questionable)[25]

  • CO: Colonel Jeremiah Winfield
  • At this point the unit was at 60% strength


Winfield's Regiment (Regular/Questionable)[26]

  • CO: Colonel Hul Winfield
  • At this point the unit was at 60% strength and stationed on Suetonius


  • During the battle on Winfield the Winfield Brigade forces that attacked the Kerensky Munitions and Armaments plant consisted of Winfield's Regiment, Third Battalion, First Company (Revenge Inc.), First Platoon (The Coffin Makers).[9]
  • The Jade Falcon forces defending the armaments plant on Winfield were the 101st Defense Cluster's First Military Police Trinary, Fifth Elemental Garrison Guards, Fourth and Fifth Points.[9]
  • The Lightning Strike unit was a former independent heavy command who stay by the Guards.



  • From March 3070 onwards Winfield's Regiment suffers a -3 Initiative penalty when facing Word of Blake forces.[27]
  • From March 3070 onwards Winfield's Regiment suffers a -2 Initiative penalty when facing non-Word of Blake forces.[27]


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