1st Wolf Lancers (Clan Wolf)

1st Wolf Lancer
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname Steel Wolves
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy
Formed 3058


The First Wolf Lancers were present on Hoard during the Nova Cat Abjurement. As part of the fighting, they pursued the Fourth Garrison Cluster of Clan Nova Cat.[1]

On 10 April 3071 the First Wolf Lancers Cluster landed on Strana Mechty. They had made the journey from the Inner Sphere specifically to gathered up the entire genetic stock of exclusive Wolf Bloodnames and to escort it back to the Occupation Zone. By the time the other Clans had been notified, the Wolves were preparing to lift off. A direct order from the Grand Council commanded the vessel to stand down, but Star Colonel Ygrane Fetladral responded by stating "The Wolf follows no other commands but those of the Khan. We do not bow to a council of politicians and old men". Unwilling to fire on the DropShip as it lifted off, the Grand Council allowed it to leave. The Feral Penance joined up with the CWS Stealthy Kill. The Wolf WarShip jumped to Tranquil before moving to the Inner Sphere.[2]

During the Jihad the First Wolf Lancers assisted the defense of Skye.[3] In 3079 they were stationed on Quentin.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Wolf Lancers
Star Colonel Yrgane Fetladral 3059 - 3071[5][2]



Composition History[edit]



The Jihad fighting reduced the First Wolf Lancers to a third of their nominal strength.[4]




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