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20th Marik Militia

Twentieth Marik Militia
Nickname The Pit Bulls
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Marik Militia


First Succession War[edit]

Captain-General Kenyon Marik launched a mass invasion of the Capellan and Sarna Commonalities of the Capellan Confederation in February 2787, using ten assorted regiments of the Marik Militia, almost four times as many conventional and aerospace groups, and the bulk of the Free Worlds League Navy Second Fleet. The Twentieth Marik Militia was one of the ten Militia regiments deployed in the invasion. The Nineteenth's first deployment was as a part of the task force assigned to the invasion of Second Chance during the first wave of attacks. The first battle for Second Chance took place in space; the FWLM task force arrived at the nadir jump point, with the ground forces - led by the Nineteenth, Twentieth and Thirty-eighth Marik Militia regiments - being escorted by a substantial naval group that included the Atreus-class battleship FWLS Sorunda and the League-class destroyers FWLS Ospina and FWLS Otavalo, two squadrons of attack DropShips and three wings of aerospace fighters. In contrast with the other three systems hit in the opening wave, there was a substantial CCAF naval presence in the Second Chance system, as part of an ongoing patrol of the border. The Capellan naval presence was smaller than that of the FWLM task force, consisting of the Du Shi Wang-class battleship CCS Mica Liao and the Soyal-class heavy cruiser CCS Solstice, but both ships were at the zenith jump point when the FWLM task force arrived, and immediately began plotting an intercept jump.[1]

The Solstice managed to destroy the Ospina and a pair of DropShips before being destroyed, but both the Mica Liao and the Solstice were destroyed in short order by the League WarShips, which then advanced on Second Chance itself. The Twentieth was a new command with little combat experience; half of the Lancers were on exercises on Second Chance's northern continent when the FWLM task force appeared, and word of the swift destruction of the Capellan naval forces was a heavy blow to the morale of the Twentieth Liao Lancers, the planetary garrison... and that of the planetary government, who had little faith in the Lancers.[1]

The planetary government ordered the Lancers' support formations to deploy to Sevarias and Sweethaven, two major port cities; the support regiments were vehicle and infantry regiments raised locally, and the government planned to use them to cover the evacuation of high-level officials from the government and the major corporations present on the planet. The discovery that their attempts to rally to defend the planet were being blocked by the planetary government to cover their own evacuation was the last straw for many of the Lancers; by the time the League task force arrived in orbit, a third of the Lancers had already deserted. The League task force detected a number of DropShips warming up for liftoff at Sweethaven; working on the assumption that the DropShips represented a possible attack being launched, the captain of the Sorunda initiated a seven-minute orbital bombardment of the spaceport. The hellish firestorm destroyed four Union-class DropShips belonging to the Lancers, two armor companies and a regiment of infantry - and also killed both the planetary governor, Duke Maynard Stott, and the Security Minister, Haley Fernando, along with the majority of the planetary elite. When League General Matias Rosenkov called for Second Chance to surrender an hour later, Colonel Mila Palmer, commanding officer of the remaining Lancers and the senior military officer left on Second Chance, had little choice but to acquiesce.[1]

Anton's Revolt[edit]

During the Marik Civil War, the Twentieth Marik Militia remained on Concord to discourage adventurism by Lyran Commonwealth forces.[2]

Andurien Secession[edit]

Stationed on Uhuru, the Twentieth Marik Militia was attacked by forces based in the Isle of Skye. Though originally a raid, the conflict would last three weeks and cost each of the units involved a company of troops.[3]

In 3048 the Seventh Donegal Guards landed on Concord and attacked the Twentieth Marik Militia. After a month of battle, the Twentieth had been reduced to two battalions. They took the next few years to rebuild themselves and regain their proficiency.[4]

Operation Guerrero[edit]

During Operation Guerrero the Twentieth Marik Militia landed on Oliver with the First Orloff Grenadiers. The 3rd NAIS Cadet Cadre was on the world and fought bitterly to keep it in the hands of the Federated Commonwealth. Ultimately the 3rd was forced to leave the world.[4]

The Jihad[edit]

As part of Operation Broken Fist the Twentieth assaulted Giausar, eventually forcing the One-Eyed Jacks mercenary command off-world.[5]

In 3077 the Pit Bulls were assigned to Group III of the Free Worlds League front of Operation SCOUR. Group III was commanded by the deputy commander of the front, Khan Santin West of Clan Nova Cat, and when Group II found itself in trouble on Wasat the Twentieth supported Clan Nova Cat's Alpha Galaxy and the ComGuard Fourth Army in a followup attack on Wasat. There they relieved the 7th Pesht Regulars, the shattered Home Guard and the other units of Group II, joining forces in a combined attack that saw Wasat liberated by early March.[6]

On Dubhe the Twentieth Marik Militia and Alpha Galaxy quickly forced the defending First and Second Dubhe Protectorate Militia Divions off the world as part of a wave of simultaneous attacks on five Protectorate worlds.[7] Elements of the 20th faced a Word of Blake counterattack on Marcus and were destroyed, returning that world to the Word of Blake Protectorate.[8]

In the attack on Terra they were assigned to Task Force SICKLE and attacked Rio de Janerio with the Iron Guard and Fifth Crucis Lancers.[9] Under the command of Marshal Jon Davion, the Twentieth managed to seize three of the largest manufacturing centers on the South American continent.[10] The attack stalled outside the SDS command center on Grovesnor Island, but a battle armor company from the 20th Militia and 5th Lancers quickly captured the station, opening the way for Coalition Landings.[11]

After Terra was liberated, the Twentieth relocated to Zion to discourage adventurism by CCAF forces.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 20th Marik Militia
Colonel Mbangl Dombwesa 3025[13]
Colonel Albert Hilfiker 3050[14]
Colonel Jerome Stewart 3054 - 3067[15][4][16]


The heavy weight of the unit is well used in any engagement. The scouts provide the command with excellent information with two battalions forming the front, allowing the third to deliver the final blow with the support of the air wing.[4]

Composition History[edit]


Twentieth Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable).[17]

- At this point in time the Tenth was stationed on Vosloorus.[17]


Twentieth Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[18]

- At this point in time the Twentieth was a light-weight regiment operating at full strength and was stationed on Keystone.[18]


Twentieth Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[18]

- At this point in time the Twentieth was a Light-weight regiment operating at just below thirty-ninth percent strength, and was stationed on Corey.[18]


20th Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [19]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Graham IV with an operational readiness of 67 percent. [19]


20th Marik Militia (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable) [19]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Graham IV with an operational readiness of 17 percent. [19]


Twentieth Marik Militia (1 BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Mbangi Dombwosa

- Unit employs Assault BattleMechs in its Composition with Heavy Aerospace Fighters.[20] The unit is Regular Skilled and had a Reliable Loyalty Rating. The unit was stationed on the world of Concord as of 3025.[21]


20th Marik Militia(Regiment\Regular\Reliable)[22]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Concord. [22]


Twentieth Marik Militia (1 BattleMech Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[23]

  • CO: Colonel Albert Hilfiker. [24]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Concord. [24]


Twentieth Marik Militia (1 BattleMech Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[25]

  • CO: Colonel Jeromine Steward

- Unit Stationed on Concord


Twentieth Marik Militia (1 BattleMech Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Colonel Jerome Stewart
  • XO: Force Commander Maxime Broeske
  • First Battalion: Force Commander Cameron Clarkson
  • Third Battalion: Force Commander Travis Daigingo

Twentieth Militia Aerospace (2 Squadrons/Regular/Reliable)[4]

Twelfth Concord Light Cavalry (1 Squadron/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • Armor Commander: Force Commander Scott Empson

- The Twelfth favor the use of fast light tanks

Twenty-third Andurien Heavy Infantry (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[4]

- Reinforced to four Battalions, two each of motorized and jump troops


Twentieth Marik Militia (Regular/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Colonel Jerome Stewart

Twentieth Militia Aerospace Wing (2 Squadrons/Regular/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Lieutenant Commander Patrick Hogan

Twelfth Concord Light Cavalry (Squadron/Regular/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Force Commander Scott Empson

Twenty-third Andurien Heavy Intantry (Regimant/Regular/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Hettie Fleder


Twentieth Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[12]

- The Twentieth was reduced to about two-thirds of its pre-Jihad strength.[12]



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